IRC logs for #baserock for Wednesday, 2015-09-23

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pedroalvarezWalkerdine: hey!08:40
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pedroalvarezmeh, latest util-linux fails to compile:
pedroalvarez`ld  /usr/lib/` in the staging area drops the same failure08:48
pedroalvarezI used that because the error says "collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status"08:49
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: that error is a lack of linking the curses library in at a guess08:49
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pedroalvarezha, same problem in my devel VM, so we have had this for a long time08:51
KinnisonPerhaps they're expecting to already have a DTNEEDED for or whatever it is these days08:51
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pedroalvarez`make SHLIB_LIBS=-lncurses` seems to solve the problem09:05
pedroalvareza few things to build before I can check it solves the problem in util-linux. I'll let you know09:12
pedroalvarezhere we go. That worked, thanks Kinnison!09:17
pedroalvarezPatches on the list!
pedroalvarezwell, on gerrit :)09:43
richard_mawpedroalvarez: interesting bugs to have09:44
richard_mawpedroalvarez: I know those patches were initially destined for an old branch, have these been tested on master?09:45
pedroalvarezthey have only been tested on master actually09:45
* richard_maw doesn't need to do his own test build then09:45
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pedroalvarezI probably need to test this in the old branch maybe :/09:46
richard_mawpedroalvarez: merged09:46
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: woot! thanks :)09:47
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ssam2I had a go at removing mention of the old branch and merge workflow commands from the wiki11:03
ssam2;a=commit;h=d3b6a1540cdb0c8dfa85103f166c7e5b5ba421c8 is the patch11:03
ssam2some proof reading would be appreciated. once this is done we can delete all those commands forever, and the documentation will be less Morph-specific11:03
ssam2i omitted guides/arm-howtos deliberately because I *think* those are still used by people who are stuck on baserock-15.1911:04
ssam2i guess I should add a note to that file at least, though11:04
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pedroalvarezreally nice cleanup, thanks ssam2!11:21
pedroalvarezeverything looked ok11:21
ssam2on a seperate note, seems that debug splitting is working, but GDB isn't loading the symbols from /usr/lib/debug correctly11:24
ssam2even though they are there and `show debug-file-directory` shows the correct path11:24
ssam2jjardon: I did some fixes to the gnome system in branch sam/gnome , do you want to pull and squash them into your branch at some point ?11:33
ssam2if so, i'll not rebase anything myself11:33
jjardonssam2: nice, thanks. I would prefer if you rebase; I do not expect massive conflicts at this point11:42
ssam2jjardon: do you feel strongly on whether the GNOME Baserock system should use Weston or X ?11:54
ssam2or would you be ok with either ?11:54
radiofreewayland please, more likely to work on a jetson then11:56
ssam2any further comments on my documentation changes;a=commit;h=d3b6a1540cdb0c8dfa85103f166c7e5b5ba421c8 ? after lunch I will push to master, if nobody minds11:59
* richard_maw reviews12:03
richard_mawssam2: +112:04
franredssam2, looks fine, thanks for the work12:09
jjardonssam2: I added weston for testing purposes, it should not be needed12:19
jjardonssam2: the idea is to only depend in wayland, but xserver is still needed for some stuff (the same as GL (so GLX)). Im trying to detect and report those issues using baserock ;)12:24
jjardonthere is a bug open gor the GL one, I think I make a comment in the comit message12:25
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ssam2jjardon: cool, ok.12:57
ssam2i wondered how you'd feel if someone else picked up the work and made it use X, is all12:58
ssam2agree that Wayland is the future12:58
ssam2wiki updated :)13:00
jjardonssam2: im completely fine with that if it keeps the things going :)13:20
straycatX would be nice to have, given a lot of wms haven't been ported to Wayland yet :)13:23
jjardonstraycat: we have xserver, its build in x-generic13:30
straycatokay that's cool then, last time i wanted to add dwm i couldn't for lack of X13:34
pedroalvarezok, this is the error I get when trying to deploy an image to aws ec2: "ClientError: Unsupported: Incomplete root disk. No /etc directory found"13:36
ssam2does it have an /etc ?13:36
pedroalvarezheh, I will have to take a look13:36
richard_mawyep, in /systems/factory/run13:36
pedroalvarezthis makes a lot of sense now13:39
pedroalvarezbut... meh13:39
* pedroalvarez loves edcragg for the partitioning patches13:39
* richard_maw was also very happy that he was working on them13:43
pedroalvarezI wonder if edcragg is around13:57
pedroalvarezI'm missing more examples of partitioning13:58
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richard_mawstraycat: can you take a quick look at my changes to ?14:16
straycatrichard_maw, sure, that change was a long time ago, so give me a few moments14:23
richard_mawno worries ☺14:24
straycatrichard_maw, i'm not sure i follow what's setting those config options in the first place?14:36
richard_mawstraycat: a previous run of lorry. If the first time you ran you set those options, then subsequently you removed the config from the lorry file, it would otherwise still have the branches and tags set14:37
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pedroalvarezhm... after specifying an ext4 partition, morph logs: "Creating btrfs filesystem"15:10
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pedroalvarezso, the partitioning thingy forces you to use btrfs if you are creating a partition for /15:26
radiofreewhy would you want / to be anything other than btrfs?15:29
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radiofreei thought the point of partitioning is that you had /boot on an ext4 partition for bootloaders (i.e u-boot)  to read from15:29
radiofreeleaving you free to have / as btrfs so you can use the upgrade functionality of baserock15:30
rjekYou want reliability? :)15:30
rjek(or your backing store is unsuitable for btrfs)15:30
pedroalvarezradiofree: AWS complains because it cannot find /etc in the btrfs partition15:31
radiofreesorry, i know nothing about AWS15:32
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pedroalvarezI'm ok with btrfs, but  the layout is not compatible with the (stupid) AWS checks15:32
radiofreethe point (at least to me) of partition was to read the kernel from a partition the bootloader knew how to understand, leaving you to boot into your btrfs partition15:32
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radiofreei suppose it would be useful to be able to specify partition format then :)15:34
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richard_mawpaulsherwood: reviewed your locking changes to prevent simultaneous builds. Found a race condition. If GitHub review works properly you should see my explanation of what I could think of that would trigger it, some musings on how likely it would be, and some untested code that ought to stop it15:53
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tiagogomes_was the partition stuff already merged?16:15
ssam2it's on gerrit16:16
pedroalvarezone of the blockers is that is not python3 compatible16:19
pedroalvarezand the other one is that the flashing scripts for the jetson will break16:19
tiagogomes_I wouldn't block it because it is not python3 compatible16:22
ssam2it's not about being python 3 compatible, it's about having the correct shebang. so it's a 1 line fix16:23
pedroalvarezaah, ok sorry :)16:27
pedroalvarezmeh: "Unsupported: No grub directories found"16:56
pedroalvarezputting this system in ec2 is not going to be easy if there isn't an spec about what is needed16:56
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WalkerdineDoes anyone happen to be around23:21
WalkerdineI feel like I'm the only one in the US trying to work with baserock23:22

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