IRC logs for #baserock for Friday, 2015-09-18

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ssam2jjardon: did you get around to pushing your gnome-on-baserock branch anywhere ?09:35
jjardonYeah, but its an old branch; what I currently have compiles but still didn't have time to change the refs to point to sha; I will push what i have on Sunday (on holidays ATM, sorry)09:43
ssam2Sunday is a holiday too ! no worries09:44
richard_mawssam2: care to review ?09:58
ssam2looks fine to me10:03
ssam2good idea10:03
bashrc_how well supported is perl on baserock? Are there perl-related definitions?10:20
richard_mawssam2: it's Kinnison's idea, I'm just the one who implemented it10:21
* Kinnison hides10:21
straycatbashrc_, i have a perl-common stratum in progress10:24
straycatwe recently upgraded to the latest stable perl10:24
straycatwe have an import tool that seems to be able to import most things from cpan, but it's not been fully integrated into definitions yet10:25
bashrc_ok that's good10:26
straycati've been waiting to here back from the maintainer of List-MoreUtils before continuing with that integration though, if it's more urgently needed then we could probably just apply this delta,
richard_mawssam2, tlsa: install-files patch updated to include documentation10:28
ssam2richard_maw: thanks,my +2 stands10:29
richard_mawssam2: grand, I'll merge, and actually have it ready for the deadline I said it would!10:29
pedroalvarezstraycat: would removing .git as pre-configure command work? You might be able to get that merged quicker10:37
straycatthat might be better yes10:39
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