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paulsherwoodhmmmm. any autotools/gcc whizzes able to guide me on please?08:19
paulsherwood(moonshot failing to build gcc)08:19
KinnisonYou're building aarch64 there, is that intended?08:24
paulsherwoodi believe so... that's wht the moonshot is?08:25
KinnisonIt is, yes.  Okay.08:25
Kinnisonconfigure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile08:26
Kinnisonthat's the error08:26
KinnisonIf you still have the build tree then look for config.log in ..../*/libgcc/08:26
Kinnisonthat may contain the actual error08:26
Kinnisonmy guess is that something has put either the stage2 libc or stage2 linkloader somewhere odd08:26
KinnisonOr possibly the stage 3 libc is squiffy08:27
KinnisonIt's hard to guess08:27
Kinnisonesp. given it has compiled somethings08:27
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KinnisonI'm now going to guess that the log it pastes is not the full log08:30
Kinnisonbecause there's no way that's all the build log there is, not if it's using xgcc already08:31
paulsherwoodit's 200 lines08:32
paulsherwoodi'll put the full log up08:32
KinnisonOkay, so yes, xgcc was built but nothing seems to be exercising it strongly08:34
Kinnisoncan you please look for the config.log I mentioned?08:34
* Kinnison looks08:40
Kinnison/ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:41
KinnisonThat's odd08:41
Kinnisonthat implies that the proper zlib isn't present in the right way08:41
Kinnisonbut it was built according to your log08:41
KinnisonCould you pick apart the artifact for zlib.417fa73fa8876c0f59ac9723e408b06ca97de1e578ec4277a4fd3a09073bc15d and pastebin a file listing?08:42
Kinnisonokay that looks not unreasonable08:44
Kinnisonare those files present in your assembly for building gcc?08:44
paulsherwoodi think so08:46
Kinnisonand can you please check what usr/lib/ is08:47
paulsherwoododd thgin is this built previously. this was my second run08:47
paulsherwood0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Sep 16 05:59 usr/lib/ ->
paulsherwoodroot@ciat-large-0:/src/tmp/tmpiV02co# ls -ls usr/lib/
paulsherwood104 -rwxr-xr-x 3 root root 104280 Nov 11  2011 usr/lib/
Kinnisonokay so there's no reason that wouldn't work08:48
* Kinnison hrms08:48
KinnisonWhat's interesting is that it managed to link the cc1 against that library08:49
Kinnisonand yet it can't run it08:49
Kinnisonokay, final question08:49
Kinnisonin your build tree, is there an /etc/ (and if so what's in it) and is there an /etc/ (and if so, does strings /etc/ | grep libz list the library?)08:50
paulsherwoodroot@ciat-large-0:/src/tmp/tmpiV02co# cat etc/
paulsherwoodinclude /etc/*.conf08:51
radiofreei had this exact same problem paulsherwood08:51
paulsherwoodroot@ciat-large-0:/src/tmp/tmpiV02co# strings etc/ | grep libz08:51
paulsherwoodradiofree: did you find out the cause?08:52
radiofreepaulsherwood: it ended up just working, i suspect if you start the build again it will work08:52
KinnisonThat's not very heartening08:52
paulsherwoodradiofree: i'm sure it'll work. so i'm not re-running it yet...08:53
KinnisonI have no more ideas I can query you for information for08:53
Kinnisonthat's very odd08:53
Kinnisoneverything looks like it should have worked08:53
Kinnisonradiofree: were you building aarch64 at the time?08:53
paulsherwoodgiven this has never been seen on x86 (and i must've run the build a few hundred times so far) i'm thinking it's something specific to this box/chip08:54
paulsherwoodKinnison: he was, same soc08:54
* Kinnison goes to ask some linaro/arm peeps08:54
radiofreeKinnison: yep08:54
radiofreeare you sure libz is in your build dir?08:55
radiofreeah, yes it is08:55
KinnisonSteve McIntyre doesn't think they've seen anything like that before08:56
KinnisonIt's interesting that it only seems to happen on aarch6408:56
paulsherwoodKinnison: i expect that if i re-run the commmand, it will work. i could make a copy of the tmp dir for forensics, maybe?08:57
Kinnisonplease hive it of (just mv it out of the way)08:57
KinnisonI may get some time to take a look or I may tell you to abandon08:58
* Kinnison has a meeting now, sadly08:58
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ratmice___paulsherwood: if you can try with LD_DEBUG="files" or "all", that might show something, or if you have the output of 'readelf -d' on the binary/lib could be relevant09:29
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richard_1awpaulsherwood: you could get that ENOENT of not being able to find the library, even when the file is in the search path and being loaded, if the library itself depends on something that it can't find, i.e. are you sure the libz you have is linked against a libc that you can find in your search path?11:04
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richard_mawif it's an intermittent failure, my guesses are 1. dentry cache corruption, I heard that was happening in some of the early ARM64 kernel versions, 2. dodgy page tables from similar bugs, 3. you could have corrupted files in your staging area/assembly.11:08
richard_maw3. can happen from bit-rot, running builds without full sandboxing in the staging area, or accidentally making changes to a staging area when debugging failed builds11:09
paulsherwoodi'm currently discounting 3 - afaik this has only ever been seen on aarch6411:28
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