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radiofreemustang built complete armv7 devel image (jetson) in [TOTAL] Elapsed time 04:30:0710:13
radiofree15-08-28 17:43:10 [18/280/282] [gcc] Elapsed time for build 00:11:3110:14
radiofreeseems pretty quick10:14
radiofreepaulsherwood: regarding build assembly times for
radiofreeit doesn't seem to bear any relation to the timings for glibc10:21
radiofree15-08-28 17:25:06 [14/280/282] [glibc] Starting build10:22
radiofree15-08-28 17:30:03 [14/280/282] [glibc] Elapsed time for assembly 00:24:1710:22
radiofreewhy isn't it 4minutes 57 seconds?10:23
rjekPerhaps it's counting CPU time not wall clock time?10:24
radiofreeah so reading pauls answer it is the time glibc + things needed to build glibc... maybe10:25
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WalkerdineHello! I'm currently trying to figure out how to build my own baserock image with the genivi platform but I'm having trouble finding what I need to do so18:33
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WalkerdineAm I not able to compile a jetson image from a x86 machine or do I need to set up a jetson to compile for the jetson?19:37
paulsherwoodWalkerdine: baserock is native only, i'm afraid19:58
WalkerdineSo I do need a jetson to compile for a jetson?19:59
paulsherwoodideally yes20:00
radiofreehmm.. maybe if you used ybd, and the cache was populated, you wouldn't need to use a jetson...20:01
WalkerdineI was trying to use the chroot method but apparently thats not supported yet20:02
radiofreenope, we don't cross compile20:02
paulsherwoodWalkerdine: are you wanting to work on ketson specifically, or something else? what's your actual target device?20:02
WalkerdineMy target is the jetson20:03
paulsherwooddo you have one jetson or several?20:04
WalkerdineIf I need another I can get one20:04
radiofreeyou can do it all on one20:04
radiofreeinstall the devel image on one, build the gdp, deploy to self20:04
radiofreeif you use the baserock-flash-script mentioned in the wiki you *must* use util-linux fdisk and *NOT* gnu fdisk20:05
paulsherwoodWalkerdine: it's probably actually faster working on the one, so long as you have plenty of ssd20:05
WalkerdineYeah I got it flashed with the genivi demo image right now20:06
radiofreeah that's good, it's a pitty i didn't make that devel image20:06
radiofreethen you wouldn't have this problem...20:06
WalkerdineWhy no support for cross compiling? How was the original image made then20:07
* radiofree feels there should be a section of the wiki explaining that20:08
paulsherwoodthe original image was built on a jetson (or maybe several) running baserock20:09
WalkerdineI wish I had a hard drive handy so I could do that20:09
paulsherwoodhow much storage on your jetson?20:09
WalkerdineThe default 16 gb20:09
WalkerdineYeah its got a sata connector on it so I'll just grab a hard drive on monday20:10
paulsherwoodbasically we can reduce our complexity and our delta vs upstream by staying native20:14
paulsherwoodat the cost of needing performant arm hardware for working on arm targets20:15
WalkerdineHow do I edit the source code20:17
paulsherwoodfor one of the components, or for the overall integration?20:18
WalkerdineI have a simple goal right now of getting one of the GPIO pins to wiggle20:19
paulsherwoodradiofree would maybe be better placed to guide you20:20
paulsherwoodbroadly our workflow is to do stuff directly on the board, build there, then boot into a new partition with the built changes20:20
WalkerdineYeah I read through how moprh is used to deploy new builds20:22
WalkerdineI made it as far as trying to build on my computer before I realized that there is no cross compiling support20:22
paulsherwoodright. maybe you you could experiment with the workflow on your computer first, til you get storage for the board?20:23
WalkerdineThat sounds like a good idea20:23
WalkerdineI don't know where the source is though20:24
paulsherwoodthe definitions are pretty well isolated, so it's only really the bsp that's different between the jetson systems and the x86_6420:24
paulsherwoodall the source is at when you run morph, it clones/fetches what it needs from there20:25
WalkerdineSo I can just clone the entry that says genivi demo platform?20:25
paulsherwoodwhat do you mean by 'entry'?20:27
WalkerdineSorry I'm not sure what the terminology exactly is but there is 20 pages of .git files and I don't know what I'm looking for20:28
paulsherwoodlol :)20:28
* paulsherwood takes a note that baserock is not clear enough for new user20:29
* paulsherwood goes to work out what links will help Walkerdine best20:29
paulsherwoodok, do you have a laptop with kvm or virtualbox?20:31
paulsherwood(and at least 30GB free?)20:31
WalkerdineI do not20:32
WalkerdineI am on ubuntu though if that means anything20:33
paulsherwoodit does. how much free space do you have?20:33
Walkerdinemore than 30gb20:34
paulsherwoodwell the issue is that the default baserock tooling is self-hosting, so needs to be run on a baserock machine rather than ubuntu20:35
paulsherwoodhence the default instructions for x86 start by getting folks to download a virtual machine20:35
WalkerdineEven with the chroot and doing enter-baserock?20:37
paulsherwoodah, i'd forgotten about that20:37
paulsherwoodhave you followed those instructions to setup a chroot on your system?20:38
* paulsherwood confesses he's never used the chroot20:38
WalkerdineYeah I got as far as trying to build an image for my jetson but thats when I discovered I can't cross compile20:38
paulsherwooddid you setup workspace, checkout/branch definitions etc?20:39
WalkerdineI'm pretty sure20:40
WalkerdineI did the whole morph init geniviwork20:41
Walkerdinemorph checkout baserock:baserock/definitions baserock/james/genivi-demo-platform-0.1-rebase20:41
paulsherwoodok, well from there you could at least try building an x86 version of the gdp?20:42
paulsherwoodthe definitions will be in geniviwork/baserock/baserock/definitions20:43
paulsherwoodin there you'll find systems/genivi-demo-platform-x86_64-generic.morph20:44
WalkerdineI'm sure it will build20:49
WalkerdineI just want to make a custom one20:49
paulsherwoodok, so to modify something, you edit the definitions files20:56
paulsherwoodeither directly or by using morph edit20:57
WalkerdineSo there is 6 folders in the definitions folder where are the files I would be editing20:58
paulsherwoodhow do you plan to 'wiggle the gpio'?20:59
paulsherwoodthe files you'll be working with are probably in strata21:00
WalkerdineI was hoping there would be a function thats called periodically so I could xor the pin21:00
paulsherwoodso the overall workflow for changing things is described at
* paulsherwood has to hit the sack now21:03
WalkerdineOkay Thank you for all the help!21:04
WalkerdineI would have been stuck trying to figure out how to build an image from my computer forever21:04

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