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straycat_think this is probably reasonable now, is it ok if i put a link to it in 'guides'?08:54
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ssam2please do09:19
ssam2looks good at a glance09:19
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straycat_ok done thanks09:23
* ssam2 spots a bunch of CPAN import related things on gerrit.baserock.org09:25
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jjardonhi, by mistake, I've pushed a normal branch to gerrit I now Im not able to push to HEAD:refs/for/master because it says there is not changes. I tried to remove the branch but it says its not allowed, can anyone help me with this?10:17
ssam2you should be able to remove the branch...10:18
ssam2could you show me the command and output for when you try to do that?10:18
bashrcis there any such thing as "power saving" in baserock, and if so how would it be enabled?10:20
ssam2bashrc: what do you mean by "baserock" ?10:21
bashrcuname -a10:21
bashrcLinux baserock 4.0.610:22
ssam2that's your hostname10:22
ssam2so, it depends on what software your machine is running10:23
ssam2jjardon: I see. pretty clear error10:25
ssam2I guess I should add a rule at allows force push to refs/heads/$username/*10:25
ssam2*that allows10:25
ssam2jjardon: i deleted that branch for you, will look at fixing the ruleset later today10:26
straycat_thanks for losing my draft comment gerrit...10:38
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jjardonssam2: thanks10:59
SotKjjardon: thanks for sending a new version of those old xfce patches, my weekends ended up busy :(11:30
jjardonSotK: np :)11:33
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paulsherwoodfwiw, after some tuning and fixing a race bug, ybd builds x86_64 artifacts from ci.morph in approx 90 minutes14:08
radiofreeyikes, on AWS?14:09
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paulsherwoodthe race bug was crashing a couple of the workers. nowster spotted what was going wrong14:09
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radiofreeit would be interesting to see the performance of mason on the same hardware14:11
paulsherwoodradiofree: ybd on mason hardware, single instance was 9 hours, vs morph 30 something last time it ran. i don't know what's up with that14:12
paulsherwoodgetting morph onto AWS requires getting baserock onto AWS iiuc14:12
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SotKI think we noticed that morph was still exhibiting the "build everything 4 times" bug we thought was fixed14:14
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ssam2it would be really nice to sort out our CI14:15
ssam2replacing it with this YBD arrangement would be fine by me14:16
ssam2as long as it didn't lose features (well, it really only has one feature)14:16
SotKI don't think ybd's artifacts are compatible with morph's yet (ever?), so we'd lose that provision I guess14:16
ssam2oh shit, yeah14:17
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paulsherwooddoes anyone have java running in baserock so far?16:20
ssam2 is all I know of16:20
ssam2well, also runs Java in Baserock16:21
ssam2using the binary Java distribution that Oracle provide16:21
paulsherwoodah, ok16:21
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