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tiagogomes_anyone knows a way to have the full build log (including ,env vars, installed chunks in the staging are) in the build log file?09:41
tiagogomes_currently it only has the commands defined on definitions09:41
ssam2with Morph ?09:47
ssam2code doesn't exist to do that, but it'd be easy to fix09:47
ssam2 is a patch for env vars which I never finished09:48
ssam2probably works though09:48
tiagogomes_cool, but what would like *all* the log, since a build was initiated, including fetching artifacts...09:57
pedroalvarez--verbose --debug ?09:58
pedroalvarezI've never tried these tbh09:58
tiagogomes_yes, but those options will not cause to have the full log in the build log file created in the artifacts dir09:59
pedroalvarezah, no10:01
pedroalvarezmissed that bit10:01
ssam2you want Morph to put *all* its logging output in the chunk .build-log file ?10:01
ssam2the Python 'logging' module is super flexible, so it's no doubt possible10:01
tiagogomes_yes, that's correct10:04
ssam2I guess, create a second logging.Handler instance that writes to the .build-log file10:06
tiagogomes_but the logging configuration is not being done by cliapp?10:06
ssam2it does some configuration, but you can still do it yourself with the Python 'logging' module as well10:06
ssam2cliapp just sets up a sensible configuration on inut10:06
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pedroalvarezssam2: I just tried to run ./check --full with changes:
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ssam2will look into that. I've seen it before10:57
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nowsterpaulsherwood: (or anyone) Are there any objections to doing this for clarity?
nowster(this is ybd code)13:47
ssam2i like that change, personally13:50
* SotK too13:51
nowsterOK. I'll push it to my repo and send off a pull request to the curmudgeon13:52
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