IRC logs for #baserock for Wednesday, 2015-07-29

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ssam2_anyone have thoughts on using YAML to store a JSON-Schema schema?12:32
ssam2_I'm thinking that the benefits of not having to write JSON outweigh the costs of being a little non-standard12:32
* richard_maw agrees12:34
richard_mawwhile I normally think we should follow the existing convention, you can't put comments in JSON12:34
rjekJSON is not designed for humans to write, so yes12:34
ssam2_cool. the Python jsonschema module actually operates on in-memory Python data structures in any case, so I don't see it causing /us/ any problems12:35
richard_mawat least if we discover a good reason why we can't use yaml, we can destructively convert yaml->JSON12:38
richard_mawplus, old code will likely still work with new schema, since json is mostly a subset of yaml12:39
ssam2_describing the Baserock definitions format without using variants of the word "define" three times per sentence is becoming difficult12:52
* Zara has flashbacks to philosophy essays12:54
tiagogomes_ shouldn't had been merged before
ssam2_why not?13:10
tiagogomes_nah, nevermind :)13:16
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ssam2_seems that we didn't update the version of Morph supplied with the reference systems for a while!
ssam2_oh, some of those are duplicated :(14:30
ssam2_there are still quite a lot of changes though14:31
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* persia vaguely remembers Kinnison recommending a YAML scheme validator written in python where the schema of the schemas was also YAML16:55
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persiaUnfortunately, I have too many hits for "validate", "YAML", and "Kinnison" in my history to find the specifics easily, so I'm hoping someone else remembers with more details.16:56
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ssam2_i'm having no problems with writing json-schema as YAML so far.17:02
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persiaIf it isn't an issue, then finding the prior solution is unimportant :)17:06
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