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paulwgood morning06:15
paulsherwoodpaulw: are you a baserocker now? :)06:16
paulwI've been here for months paulsherwood :)06:18
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pedroalvarezif I want to create cronjobs in baserock, should I create a systemd unit to run crond?09:09
radiofreepedroalvarez: use a systemd timer?09:09
radiofree(instead of using cron)09:10
pedroalvarezlet's say I need to use cron09:10
pedroalvarezI know we had configured in Trove deployments a cron job. I'm just wondering  how that was supposed to work09:13
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pedroalvarezI see, it was installed with busybox09:15
pedroalvarezfor the curious:
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radiofreei'm curious to why you can't use a systemd timer :)10:21
radiofrees/to/as to10:21
pedroalvarezradiofree: so I am about why you can't use current systemd ;)10:25
pedroalvarezthe cloudfoundry stemcells need to add some cronjobs when building the stemcell, and tbh I don't know yet if it's critical for the system10:28
pedroalvarezI would prefer to throw that away and depend only on systemd units and timers, but maybe the cron configuration is needed whenever you add things on top of the stemcell?10:29
radiofreemaybe, maybe you can send a patch to cloudfoundry as well :)10:31
pedroalvarezbut some of their stemcells don't have systemd10:34
pedroalvarezand I think that depending on cron is a sensible approach to make things less complex and more generic for all the OSes10:35
paulsherwoodedcragg: i see a lot of old patches from you... could you fix any merge conflicts and maybe bump here or on the list for reviews?11:45
* paulsherwood didn't mean to sound critical of the patches or of edcragg :)11:49
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paulsherwoodradiofree: 15-07-21 20:04:55 [20/20/262] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 00:07:1520:06
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paulsherwood15-07-21 20:15:38 [1/1/262] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 00:07:2820:15
paulsherwood15-07-21 20:24:28 [1/1/262] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 00:07:45 (max-jobs=20)20:24
paulsherwood15-07-21 20:37:12 [1/1/262] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 00:11:48 (max-jobs=10)20:37
paulsherwood15-07-21 20:47:41 [1/1/262] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 00:09:09 (max-jobs=15)20:48
paulsherwoodso it's pretty clear parallelising builds beyond 20 is not worth very much on this machine20:53
paulsherwood15-07-21 21:37:09 [1/1/262] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 00:20:03 (max-jobs=5)21:37
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