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ssam2what serves tarballs on a Trove system ?09:12
ssam2i'm totally confused09:12
ssam2as in, tarballs of Git repos09:12
ssam2neither lighttpd nor morph-cache-server seem to do it09:12
Kinnisonthe git tars are served by the httpd09:14
ssam2which ?09:14
KinnisonOr at least they used to be09:14
ssam2there's morph-cache-httpd, git-httpd, or lorry-controller-webapp-httpd09:15
Kinnisonerk, three? odd09:15
ssam2and none of them have the path '/home/lorry/tarballs' anywhere in their config files in /etc/lighttpd09:15
ssam2but tarball fetching definitely works...09:15
ssam2they are served on port 80, so I guess it must be the git-httpd09:16
ssam2but no idea how09:16
ssam2ah... symlink in /var/www/htdocs09:17
KinnisonMakefile:       ln -s /home/lorry/tarballs "${DESTDIR}/var/www/htdocs/tarballs"09:17
Kinnisonlooks like we got there at the same time09:17
straycatis gbo running with now ?09:20
ssam2no, didn't update Lorry yet09:20
ssam2I can do it soon09:20
ssam2straycat: lorry is updated now09:26
straycatawesome thanks09:33
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ssam2does anyone mind if I take down for the length of time it takes to make a snapshot of the system image?10:07
ssam2will be no more than 30 mins (hopefully less)10:08
ssam2will do it at 11:30 if nobody objects befoe10:08
ssam2(10:30 UTC)10:08
paulsherwoodssam2: so given your answer on the list, what is RepoCacheServer actually doing? i'm confused10:15
ssam2what's RepoCacheServer ?10:17
paulsherwoodsomething in m-c-s, i thought?10:18
perrylyeah, its the class instance in morphcacheserver/ iirc10:18
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ssam2oh, there's a RepoCache class in there10:18
paulsherwoodwhat is it used for? i think ssam2 said it speeded up git somehow10:18
ssam2it provides helper functions for querying certain things from a Git repo on disk10:19
ssam2it basically wraps `git rev-parse`, `git ls-tree` and `git cat-file`10:19
paulsherwoodso it's unrelated functionality...10:19
paulsherwoodnot cache at all?10:19
ssam2it's used by the morph-cache-server process to provide certain API calls, which expose that information over HTTP10:20
* paulsherwood wonders at other folks' views that his code is oddly coupled10:20
ssam2morph-cache-server provides the /sha1s, /files, and /trees methods which allow you to effectively run `git rev-parse`, `git ls-tree` and `git cat-file` in a remote Git repo, without having to clone it10:21
ssam2and yes, it's a bit weird having that in the same file as the code which provides an interface over the artifact cache10:21
KinnisonI think it was an attempt to unify the code after the (frankly poor decision) to glom the code together into the morph repo10:22
ssam2it was written pretty quicky, in the days when we had the idea of 'Trove' as 'server that does everything you need to use Baserock tools'10:22
paulsherwoodso, back to the idea of a cache server... it shouldn't need that functionality?10:24
paulsherwoodand do we know of use-cases where that functionality is still needed? ybd asks for trees, but copes if it can't get them10:24
KinnisonI believe morph's distbuild relies on the git cache server for efficiency10:26
paulsherwoodi think this boils down to whether we expect a user to be able to trigger builds/deploys without having the relevant git repos locally (in the event that builds and deploys can happen from built artifacts)10:26
paulsherwoods/a user/a user or a server, eg distbuild server/10:26
ssam2I think that functionality will still prove to be useful10:26
ssam2there are cases where you might want to work out cache keys, but not want to build10:27
ssam2in which case, it's annoying to have to clone all the repos, just to resolve the tree SHAs10:27
ssam2or we could use commit SHA1s in cache keys, as we discussed before, but then merge commits mean you have to rebuild things10:27
ssam2I wonder if we could use cgit to get that info, though ...10:28
ssam2probably more work than keeping the existing code around, for the moment10:28
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ssam2perhaps an ideal solution is for cgit to grow a query API, in addition to the HTML web interface it currently describes. but that requires writing a lot of Perl10:29
ssam2i'm going to take a down for a moment10:31
ssam2creating a snapshot of a 40GB image on this cloud still takes a long time, it seems10:57
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ssam2ok, is back11:06
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paulsherwoodgreat... does this mean we'll now get latest and greatest storyboard on an ongoing basis?12:29
paulsherwoodssam2: i think your reasoning is correct... just calling it RepoCache is a bit confusing12:30
ssam2no, it means we have a snapshot, so if someone wants to do that work, they have a starting point12:31
pedroalvarezhahah not "now" I guess12:31
paulsherwoodssam2: aha, ok :)12:31
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paulsherwoodssam2: do i take it your migrations are serious patches, for inclusion if reviewed +2 ?13:41
paulsherwoodssam2: ok, i've never reviewed anyone's python before (except in general terms)... i'm happy to try, but i expect there may be more problems with my reviews than the code... is that ok?13:42
* paulsherwood at least can write working python now, but is still a n00b13:43
ssam2go for it13:43
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paulsherwoodout of space?14:13
SotKnah, wget repo must have a submodule I think14:14
SotKindeed it does14:15
paulsherwoodybd is cheating14:19
pedroalvarezbecause 46 +21 is not 55?14:19
paulsherwoodno.. because it's using chroot, letting the network calls out14:22
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pedroalvarezcan anybody helpme to find out how ubuntu/debian/fedora install 'runit'?15:38
rjekWhat is runit?15:39
pedroalvarez"runit - a UNIX init scheme with service supervision"15:41
rjekapt-get install runit?15:42
pdarpedroalvarez: so it is needed then?15:42
pedroalvarezmy question was about how they generate the package15:42
rjekapt-get source runit15:42
rjekThat'll get you a copy of the upstream sources and the patches/packaging instructions15:43
pedroalvarezpdar: don't know yet, just trying to do some research around it15:43
pedroalvarezrjek: brilliant, thanks!15:44
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persiaIf one isn't running recent Debian (or a derivative), is another way to look at the code.16:14
persiaI believe that everything there is also exposed as git, which may make life easier for some.16:15
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pedroalvarezpersia: thanks!17:05
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pedroalvarezI should bookmark that page and stop wasting time looking for debian packages17:05
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pedroalvarezhm.. if it's in git, I'm failing to find out the clone urls17:14
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persiaI might be wrong about the git: I thought I remembered someone referencing that, but can't find it now.  Looking at the debsources source, I don't see any gitification.17:33
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