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straycatssam2, could use additional review (I just realised you may not have been notified)13:05
* SotK gives it a +113:08
straycatthanks SotK13:09
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straycathello locallycompact :)13:31
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pdarheya, i cannee build the thing Im trying to build, the error is here:
pdardoes anyone have any words of wisdom that might help?16:22
SotKcan you paste the chunk .morph for that please?16:23
Zara_hm, does it need $DESTDIR before /usr/share/locale16:23
pdarIt looks like this
SotKtry changing the `make install` to `make DESTDIR="$DESTDIR" install`16:24
pdarI had that before, but I removed that to see if it changed things for the better16:26
paulsherwoodwin 116:27
SotKpdar: With the same error?16:27
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SotKhm, I guess it ignores DESTDIR then16:29
* SotK doesn't know how to get around that16:29
pdarooh, it has ROOTDIR16:29
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pdarAhh, ok, there was no DESTDIR in the makefile, it appears to use ROOTDIR instead. Is this a normal thing?16:32
SotKI'm not 100% sure, but I think its a not-unheard of thing16:32
pdarWell, ive heard of it now too, or just misunderstood what i was reading. Either way, it builds now!16:34
pdarThanks SotK!16:34
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