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perrylis there a guide on the wiki for setting up a cache server? i had a look in the guides section but found nothing09:00
ssam2there's no specific documentation for that09:00
ssam2what do you want to do?09:01
ssam2you can run morph-cache-server on a machine for testing just by running `python ./morph-cache-server --no-fcgi-server`09:02
perrylssam2: i've been looking into creating a cache server that can be used by ybd09:02
perrylthanks, i'll test the morph cache server and see how my ybd one differs09:03
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straycati've submitted a lorry to upgrade docbook-xsl to a later version,
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straycatalso could do with another review10:16
straycat(another lorry)10:16
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straycatthanks pedroalvarez :)10:18
pedroalvarezstraycat: yw! Lorry moved to the top of the queue! :)10:19
straycatoh, awesome :)10:19
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straycathello again, i've been working towards upgrading perl in baserock from 5.14 to the latest stable release 5.22, as a consequence i ended up upgrading nasm to the latest stable release, since current nasm uses perl scripts that fail with 5.22. nasm no longer distribute pre-generated man pages so i ended up needing to pull new stuff into to generate the man pages, to validate some of the docbook xml offline we need the DTDs, i've created a repo conta13:52
persiastraycat: You got cut off.13:52
straycatmeow, where?13:53
SotKstraycat: after "repo conta"13:53
persiaHave you looked at Debian's solution to this issue?  Does it work for your needs?13:53
* persia has seen a variety of useful solutions for DTD validation in Debian to deal with building without network access from the build environment13:53
straycata repo containing a docbook dtds with an install script adapted from lfs,
ssam2docbook dts is something we needed for a while and have been avoiding..13:53
ssam2I seem to remember there's no 'upstream' repo for them13:54
persiaIt's tempting just to have a repo somewhere, indeed.13:54
ssam2so might make sense to have a baserock:baserock/docbook-xml repo13:54
straycatssam2, i was thinking the same :)13:54
straycatpersia, i haven't looked at debian's solution no13:54
ssam2seems a little wrong, but this is quite a special case13:54
* straycat was expecting a link to a debian version of his docbook xml repo, rather than a nasm source repo13:56
ssam2I believe that distros package the docbook-xml files as normal packages13:57
persiaI'm looking up how Debian builds nasm docs without the DTD lookup.13:57
persiaI posted the starting link in case anyone else wanted to follow along.13:57
persiaThe lazy are welcome to wait until I find what I seek :)13:57
straycatoh okay :)13:57
ssam2Fedora builds the docbook-dts package from the various .zip files they are released as:
persiaheh, it seems Debian adds the manpages as patches (
persiaSo presumably the build process believes them already built, and doesn't need to do the DTD check.13:58
persiaI like the solution of having docbook-xml repo better.13:59
persiaIf upstream ships zip files, could we just lorry from them, like is done for tarballs?14:00
ssam2i have a feeling that for 4.5 they didn't even ship a .zip file, just a set of files14:02
straycatwe can't lorry zips currently14:02
ssam2we could teach lorry to handle it, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort unless someone can find more projects that do this14:02
straycatotherwise i'd have done that14:02
straycatthe files in the repo i created come from
ssam2oh, so there is a .zip at least14:03
straycatindeed, it would be useful to be able to lorry zips, not just for this but also for importing packages from pypi since some python distributions are released as zips-only14:03
ssam2we don't seem to have a policy documented for repo creation, but in the absence of one, I suggest proposing the repo creation on the mailing list, and waiting for two +1s14:04
ssam2i'll give one14:04
straycatok cool :)14:05
straycatoh, although i think i should rename since those commands are run after we install the dtds into place14:10
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persiaI'm really more in favour of teaching lorry to use zip files, but as I'm not volunteering to do that, I don't feel that my opinion carries much weight (except if it happens to inspire someone else to modify lorry)14:21
paulsherwoodi'm considering modifying it... i'd like it to support shallow clones14:22
persiapaulsherwood: To support zip files?14:23
paulsherwoodwell if i get into lorry code, i could probably try to add zip while i'm there?14:24
straycati'm not sure but i think Kinnison suggested this may involve modifying the lorry.tar-importer14:24
straycat(which is written in perl)14:24
persiassam2: straycat: any idea of the effort involved?14:24
ssam2not trivial I think14:25
straycatyeah, i'm not sure *exactly* what needs to be done without looking more into it14:26
ssam2 is incredibly specific to the .tar format14:26
ssam2probably we'd need to write a separate that did a similar thing for .zip files14:26
ssam2python has a zipfile module that could do most of the work, so if you understood the 'fast-import' format which it needed to output, it'd be a day or two's work, at a guess14:29
ssam2if that works, it's probably not so difficult ;)14:31
straycatcool :)14:31
straycatif it's that simple, does that change our earlier decision?14:33
persiaSimple != someone doing the work.  If it is easier to use that than to create a new baserock:baserock repo, than I think so.  If not, I think it doesn't unless someone volunteers to do it.14:34
ssam2i'd be ok with either to be honest14:38
straycatif that just works then it should be pretty simple, i can try it this evening14:46
straycatoh, would be handy if we could merge :315:04
straycatthanks :)15:06
paulsherwoodthank you :)15:06
pedroalvarezpushing to is taking too long15:47
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straycat adds zip support to lorry16:21
straycatalso, the tests in master don't seem to pass :/  we should probably fix that one day16:24
pedroalvarezOh, I remember Fran looking into the tests, but ages ago16:24
ssam2cool, thanks16:27
ssam2we may need to update g.b.o soon because of an openssl vulnerability.. if I end up doing that upgrade I'll try to ensure this change to lorry is part of it16:27
ssam2if not, will try to get it deployed there soon anyway16:28
straycatawesome thanks :)16:28
straycatalso thanks for finding that frontend, i thought it would be way more difficult than that16:28
ssam2me too16:30
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pedroalvarezhas anybody tried to integrate Go in Baserock?16:37
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pedroalvarezoh! thanks17:00
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: it worked, as did docker iirc19:17
paulsherwoodi even made a video19:18
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