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paulsherwoodhmmmm. i'm trying (which seems pretty nice, actually)....08:41
paulsherwoodbut failing to build stage1-gcc...08:41
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persiapaulsherwood: I'd check to see if MORPH_ARCH is being set correctly.12:54
persiaFrom the output, it looks like this is so, but the GMP configure is the bit being modified here, and I don't see any output that looks like ./configure is being run again after that modification.12:56
persiaSo, either something isn't logged, or I can't read, or something is wrong with the modification.12:56
persiaNote that this would differ from ARMv8 architectures, as in those the detection seems to work without adjustments (for reasons I do not entirely understand)13:00
rjekDo you mean aarch64?13:02
rjekARMv8 includes (optional) support for aarch32, varying only very slightly from ARMv713:02
persiaAt least when I was testing things, morph distinguished strongly enough between 32-bit ARMv7 and 32-bit ARMv8 that it couldn't reliably build one from the other.13:33
persiaThings may have gotten better (I haven't been following all the patches in this area), but given the time that ybd started development, I would be surprised if the equivalent patches landed in ybd, even if they did land in morph.13:34
persiaThe core toolchain seems especially sensitive to this: using cached core toolchain, I was able to build ARMv7 stuff under linux32 on ARMv8, but I never managed to build the toolchain that way, even with patched util-linux.13:35
persia(but I was doing this in November/December: things might be better now)13:36
rjektool chain build systems are awful14:26
rjekfilm at 1114:26
paulsherwoodthat build is supposed to be armv7lhf i think17:14

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