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* SotK sheepishly sends to finish fixing the mess he made :)08:48
paulsher1oodSotK: was the problem that you didn't have an environment to test the original work in?08:53
SotKmostly yes08:53
paulsher1oodmaybe better to flag that and get help in future08:54
SotKupgrading rawdisks was broken because I forgot that it was possible to upgrade rawdisks when I was testing08:54
SotKpaulsher1ood: probably :/08:54
paulsher1oodSotK: i've done the same, don't worry :)08:54
paulsher1oodSotK: so please can you amend your patch to state what testing has been done, and then reviewers can take a view on whether they need to review, or test and review?08:59
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tiagogomes_That would be a nice addition to the cover letter, ah wait....09:02
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paulsher1oodis there a cover letter somewhere? am i missing it?09:03
* SotK leaves a comment on the patch09:04
tiagogomes_paulsher1ood no sorry for confusing you. It was a way of saying that gerrit doesn't support cover letters, so you'll have to drop that kind of information in the commit message09:06
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ssam2or a comment09:13
ssam2SotK: given quite a few .write extensions in definitions.git seem to be broken in the baserock-15.25 tag, could you do a baserock-15.25.1 tag once is merged ?09:19
SotKssam2: sure09:19
SotKwait, which are broken in 15.25?09:20
ssam2oh, actually in 15.25 the branch to remove morphlib and cliapp wasn't merged, was it?09:20
ssam2so I guess if people are following the instructions on the wiki they won't hit any of those issues09:20
ssam2never mind then!09:20
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ssam2mmm, strata:
ssam2I guess that diff looks so bad because we still have a different .morph file for each architecture..09:22
pedroalvarezThe distbuild bug of 'building many times the same chunk' is still alive. Does anybody know anything about it?09:49
ssam2no, haven't investigated beyond running `systemctl status mason.service` on a Mason09:50
SotKonly that I've never seen it except on Mason09:50
ssam2which shows that scripts/release-build runs 4 `morph distbuild-morphology` instances in parallel. But distbuild has code to handle that situation and only actual build each chunk once09:50
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pedroalvarezssam2: I'm not really good at tests yet, but I've managed to reproduce the problem without having a mason. I've created a fake stratum with fake 100 fake chunks, and when I kick several parallel builds of a system with this stratum, somem chunks get built twice12:47
ssam2i've done a patch but I think it doesn't work12:54
pedroalvarezssam2: have you found any cleverer way to test it?12:54
nowsterHi all. Is there any reason why morph might go daft with artefact splitting and make a ${name}-misc chunk containing everything in /${name}.inst/ but not putting anything in, say ${name}-libs or ${$name}-devel chunks?14:12
pedroalvareznowster: there are some default rules for artefact splitting14:14
rjekThis may be of interest
nowsterit splits most things but doesn't seem to do "attr" properly14:15
* nowster pulls in most recent morph14:15
nowsterand purges old chunks14:15
nowsterThis is what I'm getting:14:19
tiagogomes_nowster that could happen if the chunk didn't install any library or header files14:20
pedroalvarezwell, the "attr.inst/" prefix doesn't look good14:21
ssam2rjek: yes, good news14:22
ssam2nowster: double DESTDIR ?14:22
ssam2what commit of definitions.git are you building?14:22
pedroalvareznowster: I think i fixed that issue in b1fe8c5459e0fc193f656f4a8547c710b855487614:24
nowsterpedroalvarez: of morph?14:24
pedroalvareznowster: were you hitting a different problem when you decided to start looking at attr artefact?14:26
nowsterI'm working off a branch which is very unlikely ever to be merged back.14:26
nowsterand it's all rdale's fault :)14:30
nowsterI've tweaked a few things and will see if it still builds wrong14:30
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pedroalvarezgreat, Sam has fixed distbuild:
pedroalvarezreviews from people familiar with the code, welcome15:19
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* SotK reviews it16:26
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pedroalvareznearly there :)16:38
pedroalvarezthanks for reviewing!16:38
pedroalvarezon a parallel universe, mason has fiished building16:39
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* SotK finishes reviewing it, looks good16:42
SotKthanks ssam2!16:42
* pedroalvarez has a patch to add more feedback to mason16:47
* pedroalvarez tests it
pedroalvarezlooks like I missed something though16:57
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