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* paulsher1ood reads
paulsher1oodand wonders if ybd should move from github after all12:43
paulsher1oodis there actually a credible free alternative? i pushed for gitlab at one point, but didn't get much traction12:45
wdutchGoogle Code is no longer an option, and of the others github has always seemed to best to me13:06
wdutchmaybe that's just because it's popular at the moment13:07
ratmice___paulsher1ood: curious if you somehow managed to bypass the gittorrent post?13:09
paulsher1oodratmice___: no, i saw that. it's what prompted me to read the other one13:10
ratmice___I guess it doesn't currently qualify as a credible alternative yet13:10
paulsher1oodratmice___: the gittorrent article looks *really* interesting though!13:10
paulsher1oodwdutch: yup. no doubt github is winning the ease-of-use and popularity contests, but i'm finding the free tools argument compelling13:12
wdutchpaulsher1ood: is selfhosting not an option? I assume there is a good reason it's on github in the first place13:14
paulsher1oodinteresting question. i haven't considered self-hosting13:16
paulsher1oodwill think13:16
paulsher1oodi guess i could/should formally request that ybd gets added to baserock upstream13:16
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ratmice___one thing about gittorrent I think, it doesn't (as described) seem to handle the gitlab model (where you can do a local install or a hosted one), with urls like gittorrent://hash/, so i'm not sure it really supports partitioning the network, and it certainly doesn't seem to be what people who can't justify hosting would reach for over something like gitlab13:54
paulsher1oodagreed, as it stands gittorrent seems more like a way to guarantee distributed availability of repos - no concept of user/workflow14:01
paulsher1oodstill, some very interesting ideas in there14:02
paulsher1ood'mount: only root can use "--types" option'... but i'm root!?14:24
paulsher1ood(on AWS)14:24
ratmice___paulsher1ood: curious why gitlab never got any traction, was that part of the whole 'ruby gems are a mess to keep from installing stuff from the network' thing?14:37
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paulsher1oodiirc the main issue was no support for specific free browsers17:28
paulsher1oodratmice___: ^^17:28
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