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jmacsThe last error in the log from my Jetson YBD build is: [m4-tarball] ERROR: command failed in directory /src/tmp/staging/tmpLnsuXt09:13
straycatfranred, yep not supported right now, but not too difficult to add09:18
Kinnisonjmacs: Perhaps there'll be something slightly more useful *before* that error09:19
jmacsI couldn't say what is useful and what isn't09:20
KinnisonI suggest pastebinning as much of the log as you think you can to for paulsherwood then09:22
KinnisonOr uploading it somewhere if it's huge09:22
jmacs is all I have in scrollback09:23
KinnisonWow, that's confusing as all get out09:26
* Kinnison thinks ybd's simulated distributed build needs some marshalling of results09:26
Kinnisonjmacs: Could you pull out and pastebin /src/cache/ybd-artifacts/ please?09:27
jmacsI'll try and figure out how to do that after this meeting09:30
KinnisonI think that'll be more use09:31
nowsterAnyone else seen this gdb build failure?
nowster(or similar009:31
Kinnisonlooks like some kind of inlining failure09:32
KinnisonOr perhaps a linker hiccough09:32
rdalea system i've just built won't start because /systems/default/kernel is missing - is that a known problem?09:32
nowsteryeah, that's what I thought.09:32
nowsterinlining bug of some sort.09:32
Kinnisonrdale: sounds like you built/deployed a system which doesn't have a kernel09:33
Kinnisonrdale: In that the write extension should put any kernel available into place09:33
Kinnisonnowster: In future, please don't use Codethink internal pastebins on a public channel though :)09:33
Kinnisonnowster: exists :)09:33
nowsterI know.09:33
SotKrdale: what system did you build?09:34
rdalean openwrt system09:34 annoys me because it randomly selects a highlighter and horizontally-wide things are obscured09:34
rdalemaybe i've removed the kernel by mistake09:35
jmacsI can't figure out how to get a file into, but I suspect the last few lines will be all you need:
Kinnisonyep, ./config.status: line 1: awk: not found is pretty much it09:38
Kinnisonimplies that somehow the staging area is missing some of the build-deps09:38
DavePageSounds awkward ;)09:38
nowsterwtf do non development strata require strata/tools ?09:39
pedroalvarezrjek: if you know a better pastebin engine, I can give it a try09:45
tiagogomes_nowster which non development strata?09:45
nowsterlots of things import statrata/tool.morph09:46
SotKI assume there is something in tools which they need09:47
rjekpedroalvarez: seems pretty good.09:47
pedroalvarezrjek: opensource?09:48
rjekpedroalvarez: Is there a need for it to be?09:48
rjek(Why do we need to run our own when there are hundreds of others already?)09:48
pedroalvarezI see09:49
nowstertiagogomes_: strata/apache-httpd-server.morph09:49
pedroalvarezthen, if you don't like, use another :)09:49
nowster.... lighttpd-server.morph09:49
nowster... lua.morph09:50
nowster... erlang.morph09:50
rdalei noticed that with the erlang.morph - it builds against build-essential09:53
franrednowster, they may require some packages included in tools.morph to build09:53
rjekpedroalvarez: It's more that other people keep using it :)09:54
pedroalvarezrjek: hahah true :)09:54
nowsterperhaps tools.morph should be split? Certainly gdb doesn't need to be made for those?09:54
tiagogomes_looking at tools, the only one that may be needed is `file`09:54
tiagogomes_I also think that `file` is essential and shouldn't be on tools09:55
Kinnison'file' is an odd duck -- nominally it ought to not be build-depended on09:55
KinnisonBut for some reason some things do09:56
tiagogomes_some of chunks on those strata might need vala as well09:56
franredI wouldn't say that vala is a tool :S09:56
nowstervala more like what c++ was like 30 years ago10:07
rjekDare anybody use the six-letter c-word?10:09
* rjek shall: cfront!10:09
nowsterrjek: where are the fish and chip shops? :)10:11
straycat2 things i'd like gerrit to do, 1) enforce dependency ordering in the 'related changes' list, 2) the ability to mark that you're reviewing something10:12
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SotKI thought it already did the 1st?10:12
straycatalmost but not quite, apparently10:13
* straycat invokes richard_maw10:13
nowsterstraycat: where did you get the 4cc of mouse blood?10:13
* richard_maw understood that it did it in change number, which is not the same if you insert a new change between two you previously had10:13
straycatnowster, you ask a cat where he finds mouse blood? :)10:14
SotKI've seen it get really confused when stuff is updated without updating the whole topic, but its always been in dependency order for me I think10:14
pdarstraycat: I think you can add yourself as a reviewer to show that you are reviewing something too?10:14
SotKperhaps I just ahven't noticed it10:15
straycatpdar, that's a good point10:15
* straycat wonders whether we might adopt a convention that we *try* to wait for approval from all members of the review list10:17
straycatthat would avoid some random -1ing i ended up doing when I was testing things a while back10:17
pedroalvarezhow would that work?10:19
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pedroalvarezso, whenever you want to review something, you add yourself, and nothing can't be merged until all reviewers have a +1?10:19
straycatgenerally, i don't think we could unconditionally adopt that policy because sometimes merging is urgent and people aren't always around10:19
straycatbut it would avoid the problem of having something merged mid-review10:20
* SotK wonders what happens when someone gives a quick review on v1 of something, then doesn't review v2, v3, v4 but is still in the reviewers list10:20
pedroalvarezSotK: is not a bad Idea that someone that has -1ed a previous verison has to check if the reasons of the -1 were removed10:21
pedroalvarezbut as straycat said, this will slow down the process10:22
petefothI don't think we want to add any more friction in the review process10:22
straycatSotK, good point, i'm not sure, you could prod them for a vote but a lack of a response could actually result from them being mid-review10:22
SotKpedroalvarez: I agree with that, but I'm more concerned about someone giving a +1 at a glance before someone giving a deeper review finds a reason for a -110:22
petefothSotK: is that something that has happened  often enough to make it worth worrying about?10:23
straycatoh well, i guess this is why i wanted a way to indicate that i'm actively reviewing a change10:24
* SotK has seen it a few times10:24
SotKstraycat: a "I am reviewing" button would be really useful10:25
ssam2anyone know what '/var/lib/machines' is for?10:26
petefothSo we should discuss whether the benefits of fixing it outweigh the possible problems it would cause, make a decision based on the discussion, and add something appropriate to 'Policies'10:26
ssam2and why I get 'operation not permitted' when I try to remove it?10:26
ssam2this has broken `system-version-manager remove`10:26
richard_mawssam2: it's a subvolume10:27
richard_mawssam2: hmm, `system-version-manager remove` will need to be recursive subvolume aware10:27
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straycatSotK, yes it would be nice10:28
ssam2richard_maw: seems that since it's in /var it shouldn't be being removed by system-version-manager at all10:29
pedroalvarezwho creates that subvolume? :/10:29
ssam2this may be a symptom of the deeper problem we have that we mount the /var subvolume after systemd has already done a bunch of stuff in /var10:29
ssam2(i'm guessing systemd creates it)10:29
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richard_mawpedroalvarez: systemd does10:31
richard_mawssam2: hmm, good point, that would be a better fix10:32
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franredumm, what do we have in git.git ?
richard_mawfranred: do you recall when we had a duplicate lorry file for a component, and the source repository key was accidentally left empty?10:42
richard_mawfranred: well, the result was that the target repository expanded to delta/.git10:42
richard_mawfranred: which the git server interpreted as delta/git.git10:42
franredrichard_maw, I vaguely remember it, yes. so, we are still in process to fix this10:44
pedroalvarezwe could add a check for empty keys10:45
pedroalvarezso that this doesn't happen again10:45
richard_mawwe've gotten rid of the duplicate unit that did the push, but I'm not sure of the best way to clean it up10:45
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franreddo we have a back up of the git stagin area of days/weeks before this issue? - even if we have a previous trove we can roll back to that point10:47
pedroalvarezalso, to fix the master branch we could either change the lorry file to allow force pushing of that branch, or just remove it and wait for lorry-controller to lorry it again10:49
franredpedroalvarez, will that add the 4/5 baserock branches that we made in the past?10:52
franred- if we want to keep them for backwards compatibility/ reproducibility -10:52
pedroalvarezfranred: sorry, I meant remove the master branch10:52
pedroalvarezI was aware of the baserock/ branches, although only one doesn't look a personal branch10:53
franredpedroalvarez, yep, you are right10:54
petefothSeems you don't need an OpenID to edit the wiki. As described in you can use a 'local' login where you register with a username and password :)10:55
pedroalvarezI assume that removing the master branch is not a good idea though10:55
pedroalvarezpetefoth: I'll try to remember that page whenever someone asks how to edit the wiki10:56
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pedroalvarezpetefoth: and thanks!10:57
petefothpedroalvarez: I'm gopign to tweak mny recent changes to the 'COntributing' page to link there10:57
petefoths/going to/have just/10:59
* petefoth wishes we had a spec for what we want w.b.o to contain, instead of it being a container for 'whetever we think of at the time'11:03
KinnisonWikis always contain "whatever we thought of at the time"11:03
Kinnisonthat's part of their charm11:03
DavePagepetefoth: Surely that's the point of a wiki :)11:03
petefothDavePage:if that is the case then the main BAserock website should *not* be a wiki.11:04
petefoth It's like having a major suite of opensource tools and resources without any specifications. Oh wait....11:05
jmacsThe main page of w.b.o. is fairly well laid out, I think11:05
jmacsYou could make a spec for some specific pages11:06
petefothjmacs: agreed. Thank you for the suggestion.11:07
paulsherwoodjmacs: thanks!12:08
paulsherwoodKinnison: i expect this is the make-depends-explicit problem, jmac is using an old set of definitions12:11
paulsherwoodie i think his checkout does not include
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: aah12:17
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I figured he'd have used a recent checkout after you told him he didn't need a workspace12:17
* Kinnison spanks himself for assuming things12:17
paulsherwoodKinnison: what did you mean by marshalling?12:18
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: the logs for the builds are interspersed12:18
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: they could do with being grouped up12:18
paulsherwoodthey all end up in the artifacts dir?12:18
Kinnisonthe console output12:19
Kinnisonif you look at what jmacs pastebinned -- there's lots of confusing statements in there12:19
Kinnisonit's very hard to discover what relates to what and how12:19
jjardonpedroalvarez: about the issue that bootstrap system can not deploy locally (as mkfs.btrfs is not on them).  Maybe we should move btrfs-progs to core so it will be present in the cross- systems?12:20
paulsherwoodi prefer it that way (i'm learning what the *-commands are by osmosis) but i take your point. anyway the actual log is stated to be in the artifact cache, ie...2015-05-12 19:07:36 [m4-tarball] ERROR: log file is at /src/cache/ybd-artifacts/
pedroalvarezjjardon: hm.. do we want to support all kind of deployments from the cross-bootstrap image?12:21
Kinnisonyes, but scanning through the console output to decide if there's > 1 log worth examining was hard12:21
paulsherwoodi need to make the context managers silent on error12:21
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: ^^12:21
paulsherwoodKinnison: i'm aiming for | grep ERROR12:22
pedroalvarezjjardon: I think that we shouldn support that, and just suggest to build a build-system with that image and use that instead12:22
paulsherwoodbut again i take your point12:22
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: Grep for ERROR is only handy if you *expect* a failure12:22
paulsherwoodi do :)12:22
pedroalvarezjjardon: note that the cross-boostrap image that you are using hasn't been built very cleanly12:23
paulsherwoodanyway, i think i'm getting close to actually releasing ybd.12:24
paulsherwoodi wish deploy was less of a can of worms though12:24
pedroalvarezjjardon: alternatively you could have cross-bootstrap-ed a build system12:24
jjardonpedroalvarez : ok, but that would require another step in the And build systems are around ~170 components, that you will have to compile again12:26
jjardonah! yeah, that would work I think. But whats the point of having cross-* systems then?12:27
pedroalvarezthey have the minimal ammount of things to have morph to do builds12:27
pedroalvarezso that you face less problems with some chunks when building in some architectures, and  you wait less the cross-bootstrap process to complete12:30
jjardonyeah, but for sure you want to deploy those system at some point; and seems that you have to build a build- system at that point anyway12:33
paulsherwoodwe need to simplify this12:34
pedroalvarezmoving to a new architecture is not easy12:34
paulsherwoodmaybe all build-systems should do cross-bootstrap? :)12:34
pedroalvarezYou can cross-bootstrap even a opentack system12:35
Kinnisonthe result of the second stage of cross-bootstrap is not "clean"12:35
pedroalvarezbut it's going to take a lot of time, to end up with a snowflake12:35
Kinnisonit was splodged together unpleasantly by cpio and badgers, stoats *AND* weasels12:35
KinnisonUse it to then *nicely* build a proper build-system12:35
Kinnisonno more12:35
* pedroalvarez concurs12:38
* jjardon only have 1 failure building a build system for armv5, better than what I was expecting!12:39
pedroalvarezonce fixed that, deploy as a tarball, and enjoy your clean environment :)12:41
pedroalvarezand mkfs.btrfs, etc12:41
pedroalvarezwow, I've just started investigating why suds is not lorrying, and it doesn't appear in the lc-status page!!12:47
* pedroalvarez is confused, but he will have to figure out himself12:47
Kinnisonbad .lorry file?12:48
pedroalvarezKinnison: that should be it12:48
pedroalvarezpython-packages.lorry with 712 lines :)12:49
Kinnisontime to jsoncheck that sucker12:51
* pedroalvarez checks the logs to see if there are more problems12:53
pedroalvarezonly that one, JSON error confirmed12:53
pedroalvarezfound the comma12:58
pedroalvarezmaybe tiagogomes_ wants to review it ^13:02
franredpedroalvarez, +213:03
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez -113:03
tiagogomes_I had put the comma there intentionally13:03
* SotK once again feels the urge to finish his "yaml lorries" patch13:04
straycatwould be nice for sure13:04
franredSotK, +113:04
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez is it breaking the lorries? I may have confused json with python13:04
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: indeed, json is broken with that comma13:05
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez, ops :)13:05
tiagogomes_yeah, yaml for lorries please13:06
* pedroalvarez submits13:06
pedroalvarezthanks! :)13:06
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez no, thank you13:07
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* pedroalvarez continues investigating suds13:17
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* pedroalvarez joins #suds and finds only one person13:23
pedroalvarezI hope he is one of the maintainers, otherwise I think I can't do anything else than lorry the tarball13:23
rjekIs it you?13:23
pedroalvarezrjek: hehe, no, we are 2 now13:23
franredpedroalvarez, have you seen ?13:27
pedroalvarezI'm wondering how did I miss it13:28
pedroalvarezbecause in their project page they point to another bitbucket repo13:29
pedroalvarezfranred: thanks! having a look at it13:29
franredpedroalvarez, no probs :)13:29
pedroalvarezfranred: looks like that's one of the 7ish forks of suds present in pypi13:32
franredpedroalvarez, pfff :S :/ have you check that Openstack does not have its own one?13:33
pedroalvarezIt has to be this one (6166 downloads in the last day)
pedroalvarez"Uploaded on 2010-09-15" That makes me sad13:35
pedroalvarezah! looks like the version 4.0 is in the repo, but not tagged :)13:40
franredpedroalvarez, have you checked if that version is in the svn repository?13:40
franredpedroalvarez, true, so maybe worth to point to the HEAD master?13:41
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pedroalvarezhm.. does anybody know why we don't have urllib3 in baserock?14:18
pedroalvarezlooks like we lorried it for openstack, but we don't have a definition for it?14:18
ssam2I think it's part of 'requests'14:24
pedroalvarezssam2: thanks!14:36
pedroalvarezssam2: then, should i be able to import urllib3 in a system that has requests?14:37
pedroalvarezurllib3 source it's indeed inside requests, but that import didn't work14:39
ssam2'import requests.packages.urllib3'14:41
ssam2may be using that embedded copy isn't appropriate for what you are doing though14:41
pedroalvarezit's a runtime dependency (python requirement) for something else14:42
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* pedroalvarez adds it14:43
pedroalvarezthanks Sam!14:43
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*** petefoth_ is now known as petefoth14:43
richard_mawooh, systemd added support for overlayfs in nspawn:
*** perryl_ is now known as perryl14:45
richard_mawif we don't need to support chroots, we could replace most of our containerising code with calls to nspawn14:46
pedroalvarezbut we do :/14:49
Kinnisonrichard_maw: coo14:50
* SotK grumbles as he forgets that Gerrit doesn't save half finished replies14:54
* Kinnison wonders how hard it'd be to write a tool which uses git review, git format-patch etc to send to the ML a patchset from a gerrit linked changeset14:56
SotKKinnison: probably really easy14:57
KinnisonI may do that then14:57
Kinnisonbecause I find it really hard to review effectively in gerrit14:58
SotKI thought the rationale behind gerrit was to stop patches from being on the ML?14:58
Kinnisonwell, part of it14:58
SotKssam2: is there any chance you could answer richard_maw's comment on ?15:01
pedroalvarezThe more I use gertty, the more I like it15:01
pedroalvarezeverything is less messy15:02
ssam2SotK: a slim chance, if I can figure out the answer :)15:03
SotKheh, thanks15:04
pedroalvarezmeh, we are using python-prettytable from master15:32
pedroalvarezand I have this requirement PrettyTable>=0.7,<0.815:33
pedroalvarezfranred: any reason to use master instead of a tag?15:34
franredpedroalvarez, none, just that 0.7 is 2 years old and master 10 months, so I assume that using master would be good - also I can not see 0.8 in the ctgit for pretty-table15:36
pedroalvareznope, but I assume that master is going for a version greater than 0.7.2, that could be 0.815:37
franredpedroalvarez, did that requirement change from previous versions of the Openstack package you are updating?15:38
pedroalvarezfranred: no, same requirement in the version of keystoneclient that we are using15:39
franredpedroalvarez, then I suggest you to keep the version we are using... I haven't seen any error with pretty-tables using master15:40
pedroalvarezwell, that's relative15:41
pedroalvarezI've seen hundreds of errors15:41
richard_mawssam2: biff re morph-distbuild script15:41
pedroalvarezfranred: they may not be caused by this chunk, but I think doing that is not a good decision15:42
pedroalvarezothers may disagree15:42
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franredpedroalvarez, feel free to change it if you don't feel happy with master in that chunk - IMHO, if tags are pretty old and master has some commits which are bug fixes we should think to use master instead of the latest tag, but it is just my opinion15:49
pedroalvarezbut, seriously, how do you know that the master is compatible?15:50
* pedroalvarez points out again the requirement "PrettyTable>=0.7,<0.8"15:51
richard_mawjjardon: please run the test suite before submitting changes15:51
pdarssam2: i was looking at ypu patches for workspaceless baserocks. I saw your comment here and wondered what subsytem deployments are. I dont know morph too well, are there any docs on it?15:52
franredpedroalvarez, prettyTable, does not have 0.8 release, only forks do - so you are safe using master15:52
pedroalvarezfranred: how do we know?15:52
franredpedroalvarez, we have intensively tested15:53
richard_mawIt looks like I'll have to review ssam2's branch some other day15:53
ssam2that's ok, i'm still finding issues with it myself ;)15:53
pedroalvarezfranred: what kind of tests, and all of them passed?15:54
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ssam2pdar: I've checked `morph help deploy` and the wiki, and it doesn't seem there is any documentation on what the 'subsystem deployment' feature is15:54
franredpedroalvarez, if you want to use 0.7.2 change it - nothing else to comment about this15:54
pedroalvarezI take that as it wasn't really well tested15:55
ssam2pdar: here's an example though:
*** petefoth has joined #baserock15:55
ssam2pdar: in that system the initramfs is effectively a 'subsystem': basically it's a blob of data created by Morph that goes inside another system15:55
*** petefoth has quit IRC15:56
franredpedroalvarez, in 9 months I haven't seen any error in prettytables non anyone else who reports error when visualizing tables in Openstack using master... so as I said before, it was intensively tested - after that you can use/think whatever you want15:58
pdarcool, thanks sam16:01
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ssam2wow, I have a nasty feeling `morph deploy` is broken in master of morph, and also in the 15.19.1 release16:36
SotKbroken in what way? :/16:36
ssam2 (this is list-artifacts, but it's the same error I saw for deploy)16:36
SotKoh dear :(16:38
ssam2I'm confused though, I would have thought ./check would catch this16:38
SotKit should do if its broken in deploy I'd imagine16:38
SotKafaik there are no tests for list-artifacts though16:38
ssam2ah, I see, deploy does work16:39
ssam2but in my branch deploy was broken because I'd changed how it worked16:39
ssam2I think the problem is that if you call create_source_pool(filenames=[a,b]) then it's fine16:39
* SotK sees the bug I think16:39
ssam2but if you call create_source_pool(filename=xx)  then it's not16:39
SotKmorphlib/, line 61916:40
SotK"if filenames is None and filenames is not None"16:40
SotKs/filenames is not/filename is not/16:40
Kinnisoneww more16:40
Kinnisona function with 'filename' and 'filenames' as variable names :-(16:41
SotK(the substitution being the fix)16:41
ssam2yes, it's not nice16:41
Kinnisona better fix would thoroughly rename one of those variables16:41
ssam2a better fix would remove one of those variables, I think16:41
ssam2in fact, I know for sure16:42
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ssam2Sotk: are you going to do one, shall I?16:42
SotKssam2: I can send a quick one, but I was planning to leave in about 2 minutes16:44
ssam2i'll do the proper fix then16:44
ZaraHi, I'm getting an error I'm not sure about: . This is the system I'm trying to build: (we thought adding coreutils would fix the error, but it didn't)16:45
pedroalvarezZara: groupadd is being built by shadow16:47
pedroalvarezadding core should solve the issue, but you might want to avoid that16:48
pedroalvarezZara: also you can just remove ntpd stratum from your system16:49
ssam2this error does seem to show up in ./check, weird16:49
ssam2I'm sure I ran that before making the 15.19.1 tag16:49
ssam2this is with commit eda5cb29d0200ee55c0ed50d2afe1a17dbd7577a of morph16:50
ssam2I am quite dumb so probably ran ./check in a totally different checkout of Morph or something16:50
Zarapedroalvarez: adding core worked, thanks :) (we think we need ntpd in the system atm)16:50
Zarassam2: It looks a bit like a very strange error me and mwilliams_ct were getting the other week, which was something to do with git HEAD (we never did work out exactly what was going wrong)-- but could be totally unrelated.16:52
ssam2Zara: that error is quite common in Python, where some code expects a list but gets None instead16:53
Zarayeah, that just reminded me because it was very strange (a set of definitions that worked fine locally gave a build error that only occurred if we got the remote repo with morph checkout, not morph branch.)16:57
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ssam2Fix for the issue mentioned above:
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franredssam2, I've run the test for eda5cb29d0200ee55c0ed50d2afe1a17dbd7577a in morph and they passed :/17:08
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richard_mawdamn, sorry I introduced the filenames bug, I'm perplexed how it could have slipped through given I also ran ./check before submission19:08
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SotKI guess the test suite doesn't actually test anything that would cause the error19:52
SotKyep, most stuff uses BuildCommand.create_source_pool, which avoided the bug19:53
SotKbut certify, list-artifacts and generate-manifest-csv use sourceresolver.create_source_pool, which doesn't avoid the bug19:55
SotKand none of those three even have yarns19:55
SotKs/even //19:56
* SotK disappears19:56
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