IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2015-05-10

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pedroalvarezLooks like it wasn't a good idea to upgrade morph in mason after the release10:36
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persiapedroalvarez: Hrm?  If it wasn't a good idea to upgrade the morph in Mason, does that mean it wasn't really safe to upgrade morph for release?22:13
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ratmice__yeah i wasn't sure the implications either, e.g. is the thought that you should upgrade mason immediately prior to release, fix any potential issues then release?23:07
pedroalvarezpersia: nothing to worry about, I believe. But seems like there are some problems with the mason script with new versions of Morph23:08
persiaAh, so it is just a case of Mason bitrotting, rather than morph being bad.  Thanks for releiving my worry :)23:09
pedroalvarezIt doesn't wait for the build before start deploying..23:10
pedroalvarezNot sure what is going on, maybe a bisect will help23:10
pedroalvarezratmice__: some of us have local instances of mason to test changes on Morph. We don't want to use the public ones to "play"  though.23:12
persiaNot playing with production is a good idea, but perhaps we need a better staging area?23:13
pedroalvarezAlso, they are really useful to populate cache servers with development branch artifacts  :)23:14
persiai.e. some way to try Mason against something not yet landed, so see the effects of a change, and so avoid issues.23:14
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ratmice__pedroalvarez: didn't intend to imply playing, or even random development, but a process in which if updating mason works, the release can go ahead unchaged, or if it fails it can be postponed or morph/mason fixed before the release goes live23:16
pedroalvarezA special Mason that check for Morph changes, and if there are any, upgrade its version and kick a build23:17
pedroalvarezI guess we will have some discussion about it this week23:19
pedroalvarezratmice__: that makes sense23:21
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