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paulsherwoodanyone know what the 'distbuild' configure extension is, please?10:50
paulsherwoodah... wtf! why are some extensions in definitions, and others in morphlib???10:51
Kinnisonthe dsitbuild extension (I believe) helps to configure a build system to be a distbuild worker or controller11:48
Kinnisonsome extensions are in morphlib and others in definitions because they were considered "standard" enough to live in morphlib11:48
KinnisonI'd like to see that reversed, but we can't until we've properly worked out how definitions works so we can go from there to a future version cleanly without confusing other tooling11:49
paulsherwoodKinnison: thanks12:03
paulsherwoodi fear working out 'how definitions works' is a bit futile - some corners seem to be rather messy12:10
KinnisonI fear that without working it out, all other things are futile12:38
* Kinnison notes that "Working it out" is an ongoing operation12:39
Kinnisonnot a one-off12:39
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paulsherwoodKinnison: i'm working it out, one line of code at a time. smiling at the stuff the 'just works' and facepalming at the wierdnesses :-)13:02
KinnisonI fear that's not a viable long-term strategy13:04
* Kinnison goes to mix his cabbages13:04
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