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paulsherwoodgah... somehow i've borked threading on
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rjekYou have?09:27
rjekpaulsherwood: Your message is part of the thread, but is in reply to a mail from jjardon that I do not have.09:27
rjekSo it might be jjardon's fault, not yours :)09:27
* straycat would like to lorry some suckless tools,
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paulsherwoodstraycat: merged14:47
straycatwell, i never thought we'd have the zebra in our trove but we do, how nice for us. so i didn't realise x was broken in baserock, luckily there's Xweston, so we'll give that a try i guess!15:50
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paulsherwoodstraycat: zebra?17:08
straycatzebra, who used to maintain dmenu, is an old friend17:17
paulsherwoodin other news, i timed building openstack-system: ybd 02:58:13, morph 02:58:0818:43
straycatwere you expecting a large time difference?18:59
straycatwow, 4.0.0, the last time i compiled a kernel was 2.6, i feel old >.>19:01
straycatalso, woohooyay partial builds19:41
paulsherwoodstraycat: last time i compared, on devel iirc, morph was significantly slower19:43
paulsherwoodso things have improved :-)19:48
jjardonstraycat: thanks for the ntp review! I commented in gerrit19:48
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straycatpaulsherwood, indeed :)19:52
straycatjjardon, ahh cool19:52
straycatjust tried to get weston to use the framebuffer backend, which did not work19:52
jjardonstraycat: what did you try? whats the error message?19:56
straycatjjardon, i tried enabling the cirrus fb driver and then running XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=.weston_runtime weston-launch -- --backend=fbdev-backend.so20:00
jjardonstraycat: check XDG_RUNTIME_DIR exitst, you have vga=788 in your KERNEL_ARGS in you cluster file and you launch weston like this: weston --backend=fbdev-backend.so20:00
straycatjjardon, btw biff20:04
jjardonTry also to create the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR in /tmp?20:04
jjardonstraycat: here, (using qemu) never need to explicity enable any fb driver20:05
straycathrm, i only did that because i had no /dev/fb0 device20:05
straycat(with libvirt, which emulates a cirrus video card by default)20:06
radiofreeif you have no /dev/fb0 then it's probably because you're lacking the vga=xxx kernel command line20:16
radiofreewhat does `cat /proc/cmdline` tell you20:16
straycati had no fb0 prior to adding FB_CIRRUS, but i wasn't setting vga=788 back then either, i've set it now, however i get
radiofreewhat are you using? qemu?20:19
straycatessentially, yes, but it's emulating cirrus by default, if the only reason fb0 was absent was due to a lack of vga= args then i could switch back to vesa and try that20:20
straycatok now it works20:20
straycatthanks :)20:21
radiofreestraycat: right click on the menu bar at the top of the screen for something fun and blade runner related20:21
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