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paulsherwoodit's all Geek to me too :)09:05
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* straycat_ points toward
straycat_straycat ^10:50
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straycat_(make_check_version_file return version)10:51
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* SotK organises patches for the xfce stuff12:18
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paulsherwoodSotK: is there a branch for that I can try somewhere? I'm happy to approve if i can test it.20:35
paulsherwoodis it me or is it harder to try branches from gerrit than it was with the ml?20:36
richard_mawpaulsherwood: you are correct. It doesn't help that different versions of the web ui change how you are expected to handle it20:43
richard_mawI believe the "old interface" had a button where it would tell you what repo/ref to fetch to try the change out20:43
richard_mawI believe this is why some recommend the command-line tools20:44
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: i see20:45
SotKpaulsherwood: I believe the git-review tool makes it easier to try commits from Gerrit21:02
paulsherwoodSotK: i'll try it soon21:03
paulsherwood(your branch)21:03
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SotKRegarding the `morph get-repo` mentioned earlier in the week, what ref would it make sense to checkout in the cloned repo? master?21:26
SotKMaybe just the SHA in definitions?21:26
paulsherwoodthe SHA from definitions is what morph edit would do, and i think that would be best. not sure if you can achieve that, though, since there may be multiple SHAs in definitiosn for a given repo21:32
SotKThat shouldn't be a problem if chunk names are unique I think though?21:35
paulsherwoodSotK: yes, but they aren't :-)21:36
paulsherwoodi'm about to submit a patch to remove the instances of foo being both a stratum and a chunk, but there are several other examples of chunks at different versions with the same name21:37
SotKis there a list of those somewhere?21:40
paulsherwoodi can generate one21:40
paulsherwoodbut i'm not sure we're going to *enforce* uniqueness, so probably you'll just need to spell out which morph file you got the sha from21:42
paulsherwood(as a message to the user)21:42
SotKmakes sense21:42
paulsherwoodorc, xorg-util-macros are two examples21:47
paulsherwoodlinux is another, and u-boot iirc21:47
paulsherwoodand gstreamer21:47
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SotKlooks like we made linux and u-boot unique at some point21:52
persiaI seem to recall using # as a marker for differentiation21:57
SotKwe used @ I think21:58
paulsherwoodthe examples i see are just dashes, eg linux-jetson-tk121:59
paulsherwoodi used @ for a couple of patches21:59
SotKI see "u-boot@wandboard"21:59
paulsherwoodyes, that was me iirc21:59

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