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radiofreeso good news, 15.10 can build 15.1000:10
radiofreeand 15.10 can build master, with morph master00:11
radiofreewhat i don't know is why i have a board that fails to do that....00:12
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* paulsherwood is tickled by the quote 'Troubleshooting is not rocket science. For all issues you may blame yourself. You are most likely the reason of failure.'05:30
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rdalemorph is telling me i've no space to build anything: /src/tmp requires 4000000000 bytes free, has 157706649607:45
rdalebut i have loads of space: /dev/sdb                 29.4G     11.0G     16.9G  40% /src07:45
Kinnisonmorph demands 4G of free space and the mechanism it's using said there's only 1.5G left07:46
Kinnisonrdale: is that the output of 'df /src/tmp' ?07:46
rdaleah ok i see: tmpfs                     1.5G         0      1.5G   0% /tmp07:46
Kinnisonodd that /src/tmp is a tmpfs07:48
Kinnisondid you mount one there specially?07:48
Kinnisonnormally we recommend /src/tmp so that we're using the space in /src07:48
rdaleyes, i didn't do anything to create /src/tmp and so i'm not sure what has happened07:49
rdalei'm using an image i built from the definitions master with morph from the master branch yesterday07:52
petefothI believe all 5 references to 'PYTHONPATH="$morphpath"' on w.b.o are now correct and all unnecessary references to pylru have gone, so all tests on the documentation should now pass :) Though there's clearly some refactoring that could be done to avoid duplication!07:55
Kinnisonrdale: is /src/tmp a symlink to /tmp or something odd?07:56
rdalethe contents are the same as /tmp07:56
rdalebut it isn't a sym link07:57
paulsherwoodrdale: i bet /etc/morph.conf is not linked to /src/morph.conf ?07:58
rdaleit seems to have the proper link:
Kinnisonrdale: can you pastebin the output of 'mount' ?08:00
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paulsherwoodrdale: cat morph.conf ? does it specify tmpdir correctly?08:01
Kinnisontmpfs on /src/tmp type tmpfs (rw,relatime)08:02
Kinnisonso there is a tmpfs explicitly mounted there08:02
Kinnisonrdale: is that in /etc/fstab ?08:02
rdalethis is /etc/fstab:
KinnisonOkay that's sane08:04
* Kinnison wonders where on earth that spare mount for /src/tmp came from08:04
rdalethis is morph.conf:
Kinnisonyour configurations look sane08:04
Kinnisonwhat's odd is that /src/tmp is *mounted* as a tmpfs despite that not being in fstab08:04
paulsherwoodrdale: why is your label src2 ?08:05
rdalebecause i had another partition that i used to mount as /src which had a label of src08:05
paulsherwoodrdale: this is a good one. i don't know :/08:10
rdalemy morph is from the master as at fri 6th march08:11
Kinnisonrdale: I say again, all the general configuration is sane, I'm confused as to where that tmpfs mount came from08:12
paulsherwoodrdale: ah... that tmpfs is locked at 1.5G, wihch is not enough for morph08:12
paulsherwoodie /src/tmp08:12
Kinnisonrdale: short term, umount /src/tmp08:13
Kinnisonrdale: and then morph should work08:13
paulsherwoodi don't know what set that, but i don't have it08:13
Kinnisonrdale: longer term, next time you reboot, see if /src/tmp is mounted as a tmpfs again08:13
Kinnisonrdale: if it is, we need to work out why08:13
Kinnisonrdale: if it's not, then bogons ate your hamster and you can continue baserocking :)08:13
rdalei'm just trying booting my 'factory' kernel instead of 'development' and will see how /src/tmp is mounted08:13
paulsherwoodrdale: my current (very recently updated, if not master) system has
rdaleyes, i might have some small bogons hidden under my desk08:14
rdaleafter rebooting it is gone - perhaps i created it by accident, but i can't think how08:16
* paulsherwood wipes his brow, turns off the siren and the flashing lights08:17
* petefoth created!/story/26 to cover the --no-git-update issue08:27
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SotKpetefoth: do you still plan to send patches for that? :)08:47
petefothSotK: not in a hurry. I was planning to look into the second task on that story 'Check if there are other calls that should honour this parameter but don't' to try and work out what shoudl and should not be possible when working offline. If you've got a patch you're happy with, then don't let me stop you :)08:50
jjardonpetefoth: maybe that should be a task of a more general story (like "improve offline mode in morph")?08:52
petefothjjardon: maybe. I don't feel strongly. I just wanted to investigate how morph *should* behave before submitting patches to change how it *does* behave08:54
petefothBecause if you dig into what should be possible when working offline, you might discover that 'morph edit' is something that should onl work when you are online, in which case you'd have to revert any patches you made to allow it to work offline.08:56
petefothI was wondering about 'morph checkout', but at the moment I don't know enough about what that command is supposed to do and what it is for - that's why I was going to dig08:57
SotKI feel like we should make as much as possible work offline, on the proviso that you only want to work with things you have in your repo cache08:58
* SotK disappears09:00
petefothSotK: that's my gut feeling too, I just don't like changing code until I know what I'm trying to do (which is probably why I don't do a lot of coding these days)09:00
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jjardonSotK: exactly. Its not like we are keeping up to date with changes09:04
jjardonI mean, we are not tracking branches in our components, but fixed sha's09:05
bashrc_that seems reasonable to avoid breakage09:05
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bashrc_if everything was on HEAD I imagine that chaos would reign09:06
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bashrc_I like SotK's hotfix idea. That sounds something like an upgrade. In most cases recreating and deploying an entire new image is not really a practical update method09:12
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* straycat thinks that having ps1 set to '% ' and using git push origin HEAD is a bad idea09:31
* straycat also thinks that morph should do as much offline as possible09:31
jjardonbashrc_: depends on your use case, some people may be interested on detecting bugs as soon as possible, so they can fix them as soon as possible as well09:32
straycatjjardon, having refs everywhere meant that anyone who wanted to do anything needed to run morph petrify first if they didn't want to have everything changing underneath them09:33
* petefoth had a converation with paulsherwood this morning about why 'no-git-update' should be the default, and suspects that the 'correct' answer depends on how an individual chooses to use morph and what they use it for09:33
petefothIs it something that can be added to morph.conf?09:34
* robtaylor thinks you should pull when you want to pull..09:34
robtaylorbut we seem to be losing morph pull :/09:34
straycatwhat is morph pull?09:35
straycatOh i see09:35
petefoth'This is a wrapper for the `git pull` command. It also deals with09:35
petefothpulling any binary files that have been added to the repository using09:35
* straycat never uses that09:36
robtayloryeah, its probably wrong for what i mean, so just as well it's going away in in its present state09:37
petefothstraycat: what do you use baserock / morph for?09:37
* petefoth wants to understand why people use it, and what for because that's how you work otu what it *should* do09:38
jjardonstraycat: yeah, I know the reasons why we use sha, not arguing against that. But making a point that we should be able to work offline because we do not need to pull the repos so often09:38
straycatrobtaylor, yeah what i understood by your use of 'pull' was 'update repo caches'09:41
jjardonstraycat: BTW, sadly,  'morph petrify' is gone09:41
straycatjjardon, *nod*09:41
straycatjjardon, oh yes that happened too >.>09:43
straycatpetefoth, i don't really know right now tbh09:44
petefothstraycat:  :) I suspect you're not the only one!09:44
straycatp.s. i meant that don't know how to usefully discuss this point further right now and should be doing something else, not that i don't know what i use morph for, obviously09:46
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jjardonDo anyone know if the manifest proposal for definitions is documented anywhere? (A mail with a brief explanation would work)09:58
SotKjjardon: the "store all the shas in one file" thing?09:59
ssam2there was a thread on baserock-dev a while back where robtaylor proposed the idea. maybe a few actually10:01
ssam2I don't think anyone's taken the time to write it up on the wiki10:01
jjardonSotK: yep10:01
jjardonssam2: thanks i will take a look to the ml10:01
richard_1awit was also revisited at the baserock meet-up10:09
richard_1awoh, excuse me10:09
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petefoth!/story/26 is now entitled Improve offline functionality in 'morph' and fixing `morph edit` is now just a task within that story10:09
richard_mawthat's better10:09
radiofreessam2: btw used 15.10 to build 15.10 and master last night10:09
radiofreeso now i have no idea what's going on...10:09
pedroalvarezradiofree: good news :)10:09
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jjardonpetefoth: thanks10:17
ssam2radiofree: thank heavens for that10:17
ssam2did it build master with a clean cache?10:18
ssam2i suppose that wouldn't matter probably..10:18
radiofreeyep, morph master worked on master as well10:18
radiofreei'm trying to reproduce the issue i had on my main board10:18
radiofreebut i'm guessing i won't be able to now...10:19
petefothSotK: I am going to try to submit a patch to fix the 'morph edit' taks10:19
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ssam2radiofree: do you still have the broken staging area? you could compare it against the staging area from a sucessful build10:20
ssam2(except you'll have to make the successful build fail at the last minute so the staging area is kept)10:20
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SotKpetefoth: great, I won't write one then :)10:20
radiofreeit probably would have been sensible for me to keep a copy of it right10:21
* radiofree doesn't have it10:21
ssam2that gives us a reason to be happy if we see the issue again :)10:23
paulsherwoodradiofree: actually, given your symptoms, maybe it was just corrupted cache?10:26
radiofreebut i deleted /src/cache each time10:27
paulsherwoodnot, then10:27
radiofreeand of course i can't reproduce it now10:32
jjardonHi, Is anyone here building baserock system with multiuser support? I ask that because, even I do not know almost nothing about pam,  the configuration of it in our baserock systems seems to be incomplete / broken10:50
KinnisonI think pam is only present because it was build-depended on by things.  I don't know of anyone actively using it yet10:51
jjardonKinnison: maybe, but I think some components can be broken / misconfigured; for example: systemd is in charge of creating XDG_RUNTIME_DIR through the systemd_pam module; currently XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not created because pam is not correctly configured to be aware of that module (AFAIU)10:55
Kinnisonjjardon: Quite likely10:55
jjardonAs I said I do not know anything about pam, only suspect this after reading about it yesterday. I was wondering if someone with more experience could take a look10:56
KinnisonHopefully someone will be able to -- sadly I can't help since I'm also a fairly newbie person when it comes to pam10:56
jjardonI created a storyboard with some of the tasks I think we should do, if anyone interested:!/story/2110:58
pdarplease excuse me10:58
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tlsaI want to make `morph build` detect when a chunk ref is not anchored, and warn the user in that case11:16
tlsacurrently my plan is
tlsabut that has the side-effect of making unpetrify-ref manditory11:16
tlsawhat do people think?  Any better ideas?11:17
persiaSo, I'd like unpetrify-ref to be obsolete, rather than mandatory.11:18
Kinnisonthe git operations will slow things down -- try not to do that11:19
Kinnisontlsa: I'd go with "Warn if ref: doesn't look like a sha"11:19
tlsaKinnison: I sent a patch to the list for that11:19
Kinnisontlsa: you could temper that with "and also isn't the current system branch name"11:19
KinnisonBut I don't know if system branches remain 'a thing'11:19
persiaFor the approach, I worry that only validating the unpetrify-ref means that things break if that happened to be a branch, and the commit the user is tracking happens to have been tagged.11:19
* Kinnison knows there has been lots of talk about whether the workflow stuff works11:19
persiaMost of the folk who talk about it seem to say "I only run morph {checkout|branch} once per devel system", which implies they aren't using it.11:20
paulsherwoodafaict expert users eventually just use git (and i count myself as one of those, radiofree as anonther)11:20
KinnisonRight, so the system-branch thing can be ignored11:20
persiapaulsherwood seems to be against it, yet has shared that he has tens of system branches.11:20
paulsherwoodpersia: not any more.11:21
paulsherwoodi had hundreds, until i  realised it was the wrong way to work11:21
persiapaulsherwood: My apologies: I thought I remembered backscroll of you explaining system branches in the last couple weeks.11:21
Kinnisontlsa: so you have a review asking you to consider if the cmdtest tests you updated would be better expressed as yarns or just deleted11:21
Kinnisontlsa: noone seems to dislike your idea though11:22
tlsaKinnison: yep, but I have been asked to look at reproduciblity guarantees11:23
persiaI don't think morph can provide those.11:23
tlsaand to ensure its reproducable, we can't accept a referenceing a dangling commit11:23
jjardontlsa: unpetrify-ref only have informative value (Its basically a comment of what ref: means), I do not think making it mandatory is a good idea11:23
persiaThe best we can do is report whether we expect a given definition commit to be unreproducible if someone runs `git gc`11:23
Kinnisontlsa: That's got to be not part of 'morph build' though IMO11:24
Kinnisontlsa: If you do anythign which slows builds, people will be most unhappy11:24
tlsahmm, ok11:24
* Kinnison wonders if his order of fresh fingers is in yet. These ones are getting tired11:24
tlsaso it would be something like `morph validate-refs`?11:25
persiaThat seems right.11:25
paulsherwoodpersia: i have one system branch on each baserock machine i operate11:25
persiaAnd have it check to make sure every ref is anchored: it need not be HEAD of a branch11:25
paulsherwoodthen i reset the state of that to whatever i need to work on eg git reset --hard jrandom-branch11:26
persiapaulsherwood: That makes more sense, considering your statements that branches don't help anymore :)11:26
persiaAlthough I'd prefer the workload to involve `git checkout ${BRANCH}` and `git checkout -b ${BRANCH}`, but that means morph not caring anymore.11:26
paulsherwoodbranches were just filling up space, and i was losing track, and having to cd all the time11:26
paulsherwoodpersia: agreed, if what you mean is, can morph just work in a checked out git repo please11:27
paulsherwoodwith some standard for where it looks for checked out versions of chunks vs that directory11:27
persiaThat is what I mean by "not caring", but I also think that any workflow that recommends `git reset` is likely to cause a user to shoot themselves in the foot.11:28
persiaI actually don't want that to be standard.  I arrange my local checkouts in a variety of ways.  The location is best determined by the repo: field.11:28
persiaWe might recommend users typically put stuff in some standard location, but morph should not scold them if they decide something else works better for them (if nothing else, not checking to determine if scolding is necessary is faster)11:29
* jjardon still doesnt understand the usefulness of morph checkout/morph branch after the first time you execute them, neither the need of workspaces11:33
ssam2i'd like `morph build` and `morph deploy` to not require a workspace, but don't have time to do a patch for that any time soon11:33
jjardonstoryboard! ;)11:34
ssam2heh, thanks11:39
radiofreessam2: i looked at that a while ago11:39
radiofreeran away screaming though11:39
radiofreethere's a lot of code there that depends on it being in a i) git repo ii) workspace11:39
ssam2the temporary build branch stuff would have to be disabled in this case, I think11:39
ssam2and it would still be in a git repo11:39
radiofreeyeah git repo is fine, i was looking at it because i wanted to do morph deploy image.raw, in which case it wouldn't really need to care about it being a git repo11:40
radiofreesorry morph upgrade image.raw11:40
ssam2oh yeah11:40
radiofreewhich i suppose is morph deploy --upgrade...11:40
radiofreeis 30G enough for a /src directory?11:42
KinnisonI'd recommend 50 to 10011:42
Kinnisonbut 30 might be enough if you're mostly playing at the leaves11:43
radiofreeah, ok11:43
radiofreei stumbled upon some 30GB ssd's11:43
radiofreei tried upgrading a system that has a /boot and / partition, but using the old deploy cluster (with only ROOT_DEVICE set, incorrectly)11:50
radiofreeit works... the boot menu doesn't get updated though11:50
radiofreeprobably should warn there?11:51
radiofreeif you wanted to upgrade the kernel it wouldn't work, because that wouldn't get copied over to /boot/11:52
radiofreebut you'd end up booting into the new rootfs because /systems/default will point to it on the btrfs partition11:53
radiofreei think erroring would be nicer than having something that "kinda worked"11:53
ssam2yeah, if it can detect that the user hasn't given the right settings then it should do so11:55
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radiofreei suppose any deploy where ROOT_DEVICE != whatever / is should be treated as an error?12:02
radiofreei can't think why anyone would want to set that incorrectly12:03
ssam2why do we make people specify ROOT_DEVICE if we can detect it ?12:03
radiofreei think it's only for morph + rawdisk12:03
radiofreei don't actually use ROOT_DEVICE in system-version-manager, i just think it would be a good way to check "you need to change your upgrade cluster now"12:03
radiofreei suppose i could just check for BOOT_DEVICE actually.... which i already do12:04
radiofreessam2: for rawdisk morph defaults to /dev/sda (i think), so you need to set it there12:04
radiofreeit's probably not needed for an upgrade cluster, i think it's better to leave it in though, for clarity12:04
ssam2I think if we can make it optional maybe we should, but still let the user pass it, and check if the specified value is wrong12:08
ssam2it'd definitely be confusing to say 'don't specify this for upgrades but do specify it for some other things'12:08
kejiahuHi, a newbie question. what kernel parameter should be used to specify initilazation process when netboot baserock?12:34
tiagogomes_kejiahu, `root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot=$rootfs_nfs_url`12:37
kejiahutiagogomes_: thanks, but the rootfs was on a local partition. what I am missing is something like 'init='. I don't know what that should be for systemd12:38
tiagogomes_you shouldn't need to change init=12:39
kejiahutiagogomes_: but if I didn't specify anything, I got 'Kernel panic - not syncing: No working init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel'12:40
tiagogomes_root=/dev/sda then, or root=/dev/sda2 for moonshot12:40
persiaOn ROOT_DEVICE: if we can detect it is wrong, and we're checking it, why do we want the user to provide it?12:40
kejiahutiagogomes_: actually I can boot a cross-bootstarap rootfs with 'root=/dev/sda2 inti=/tools/bin/sh', but for a proper baserock rootfs, I've no idea what it should be12:42
tiagogomes_kejiahu, just remove the init line then12:43
kejiahutiagogomes_: then the error: 'Kernel panic - not syncing: No working init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel'12:43
tiagogomes_kejiahu, mmm, is your /dev/sda2 a btrfs partition? Try try add this if so:  try add this then  `rootfstype=btrfs rootflags=subvol=systems/default/run`12:47
kejiahutiagogomes_: that works, thanks12:57
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petefoth I'm getting out of my depth with the --no-git-update bugs. morph branch doesn't do the right thing either. I've added a comment to the story, and I'm going to walk away :(14:38
* paulsherwood is not entirely surprised... he walked away himself, too :)14:40
ssam2anyone used `git-review` before?14:42
ssam2i'm trying it out for submitting a branch to Gerrit, but everything I try just tells me No changes between HEAD and gerrit/master. Submitting for review would be pointless.'14:43
ssam2which is not true at all14:43
petefothssam2: I played with it a while ago (when we did some work on gerrit) but never used it in anger14:43
SotKssam2: do you have Change-IDs in the commit messages?14:43
ssam2no, I don't14:44
mwilliams_ctis w.b.o down for anyone else?14:44
ssam2I'd hoped git-review would do that for me14:44
SotKmaybe it does14:44
* SotK has never used git-review14:44
De|tayes mwilliams_ct14:44
ssam2it seems that it gives me that message because `git log --color=always --decorate --oneline HEAD --not --remotes=gerrit` returns no output14:44
mwilliams_ctDe|ta: Groovy thanks for confirming14:44
ssam2but I'm not clear what that command is doing or what it should be doing14:44 is hosted by Branchable so there's not much we can do about it being down, except ask Branchable what's going on14:45 is also not loading here so I guess they're having problems14:45
ssam2does anyone here speak git manpage?14:47
ssam2the git log manpage has this for --remotes:14:47
* SotK learns about git log --decorate14:47
ssam2"Pretend as if all the refs in refs/remotes are listed on the command line as <commit>. If <pattern> is given, limit remote-tracking branches to ones matching given shell glob. If pattern lacks ?, *, or [, /* at the end is implied."14:47
SotKI *assume* that command is showing all commits not from/on your remote called gerrit14:49
ssam2hmm, I guess the branch I want to send for review *is* in gerrit... just not in 'master'14:49
SotKif I run that command in something without a gerrit remote I get a big log, if I run it with remote=origin I get nothing14:50
ssam2maybe I need to patch git-review to pass `--not --remotes=gerrit/master` rather than `--not --remotes=gerrit`14:51
ssam2heh, now it's trying to submit every single commit. I guess that wasn't right either14:52
ssam2`git log gerrit/master..HEAD` makes it do what I want.14:54
ssam2but it still didn't add a change-id. seems it'll only do that for me if I only have one new commit in my branch.14:59
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radiofreei updated the flashing instructions for the jetson, feel free to test it!15:07
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pedroalvarezi think they were duplicated though15:16
*** sambishop has joined #baserock15:16
radiofreepedroalvarez: ?15:20
radiofreethe instructions?15:20
pedroalvarezjetson board flashing instructions15:20
radiofreeduplicated where?15:20
radiofreeoh :\15:21
radiofreethis seems a bit silly, but ok15:21
ssam2i didn't realise gerrit forces each change to be a single commit ... that's pretty annoying15:22
pedroalvarezradiofree: hey, you don't have to fix that ;/15:22
pedroalvarezradiofree: and I do appreciate the flashing guide update :)15:23
petefothssam2: can you group changes using 'topics'?15:24
ssam2I don't know15:24
ssam2this time, pushing a branch with 2 commits created two change requests that were linked by a topic15:35
ssam2which is cool, except one of the commits already *had* a change request, and now there are two for the same thing15:35
petefothssam2: are you using the gerri ui or git review?15:36
petefothI'm sure I recall gerrit allowing multiple commits in a single change15:36
pedroalvarezhmm.. anyone knows about selinux and how could we support it in baserock?15:40
bashrc_is gerrit really all that useful? The UI looks rather klunky15:40
petefothssam2: ah OK15:40
petefothbashrc_: the UI *is* cluncky, but gerrit's functionality is *very* useful IMHO15:41
pedroalvarezI agree15:41
bashrc_can you use it from the command line?15:42
KinnisonReasons why Baserock is *really important* number 14576:
KinnisonWe need to make that kind of crap better15:42
petefothbashrc_: git review (which ssam2 is looking at) is a command line ui for gerrit I beleieve15:44
* petefoth sees the word 'emacs' and walks away :)15:45
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bashrc_speaking of which, has anyone made a definition for emacs?16:17
jmacsIt's been attempted before but not finished AIUI16:18
jmacsI imagine it depends on all the software16:18
bashrc_yes I imagine16:19
KinnisonIIRC emacs "just works" when built, but it's a long build so it was never added to a standard system16:19
jmacsI'd very much like emacs in baserock, if anyone has the time16:19
KinnisonIt's already lorried IIRC16:20
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jjardonindeed: , but seems there is something wrong with the repo: it doesnt show tags/latest changes16:24
Kinnisonlooks like it hasn't lorried for a while16:25
pedroalvarezbecause:  error: could not lock config file .git/config: No such file or directory16:26
pedroalvarezgiven that is a git mirror, I'm tempted to remove its working area16:27
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: that's a worrisome error16:27
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: I wonder what ate the working area16:27
pedroalvarezI'm not sure if we are carrying these kind of errors since we had /home as btrfs16:28
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pedroalvarezjjardon: emacs lorry fixed. Thanks for pointing that out16:50
*** jonathanmaw has quit IRC17:03
jjardonpedroalvarez: thank you for fix it! ;)17:13
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*** mdunford has joined #baserock17:15
mdunfordHi Baserock! Can anyone help me understand if Baserock will run given specific memory on the hardware? I've got some details...17:18
ssam2specific memory... are you talking about a type of memory chip?17:20
ssam2i don't know too much about hardware17:20
mdunfordAs in they have 4Gbit DDR2 RAM and 2Gbit Flash17:21
jmacs4Gbit? Do you mean 4Gbyte?17:21
mdunfordI was quoting. If Gbit makes zero sense it was probably a typo :)17:22
jmacsIt's unusual, but not unheard of, to quote memory and storage sizes in bits17:24
ssam22GB of flash sounds reasonable to store a Baserock rootfs of a small size17:24
paulsherwoodmdunford: is this some kind of tiny device?17:24
ssam22Gbit is about 256MB which is pretty limited (possible, but would need some work to shrink systems)17:24
mdunfordpaulsherwood: yes it will be a tiny device17:24
ssam24GB RAM is fine to run Baserock, 4Gbit is 512MB I guess which again is small but not impossible, depending on what the device needs to do17:25
pedroalvarezyeah, don't expect that device to run a Trove17:27
*** mdizzle has quit IRC17:36
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mdunfordThanks for the help. I'll try to confirm bit/byte17:46
ssam2anyone want to be an early adopter tester of
ssam2i'm still getting mirroring working, but would be good tomorrow to have a few people try to push changes through it and see all the places where the config I've created is broken17:48
jjardonssam2: o/17:49
ssam2thanks! ok, let's have a temporary #baserock-gerrit channel to avoid spamming this one17:50
ssam2(and to avoid highlighting the numerous mistakes i'll have made in public :)17:50
bashrc_I've been mucking about with gerrit.baserock.org17:51
jjardonstyle question: do you prefer the copyritgth line being update in the commit that change that file or in the end of the patch series? (You can argue that a change in the copyrigth is not related with what the commit is changing)17:52
* straycat tends to just squash it into the patch that changes the file17:52
straycatwhile we're doing this can we start replacing (C) with ©17:53
straycatyou may make the second line # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- for python files17:53
straycatassuming the first line is a #!17:53
jjardonstraycat: sure, but not sure you can type that in a baserock system ;) (no utf support)17:55
straycatahh >.>17:58
straycatwe should fix that17:58
*** zoli__ has joined #baserock18:01
*** bashrc_ has quit IRC18:07
straycatwhat was the url for the storyboard i lost a ton of browser stuff18:16
jjardonstraycat: yeah, its the bug I noticed when start using baserock, I can not type my name to set up git! ;) unfortunately didnt have time to take a look to it!/story/418:17
straycatahh cool thanks18:18
*** ssam2 has quit IRC18:25
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richard_maw\o/ first code in systemd:
richard_mawit got merged 10 minutes after I left the office22:30
jjardonrichard_maw: congrats!23:03
* jjardon sends his first branch for review using gerrit23:38
*** zoli__ has quit IRC23:52

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