IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2015-02-21

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jjardonI think I found the problem that make the 3d acceleration not to work. Getting close now ...13:45
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radiofreejjardon: libsoup failed to compile for me14:21
jjardonYeah, probably some recent update14:28
jjardonI think it was the commit that add coverage support14:29
jjardonTry latest tag, seems to work fine14:29
radiofreeafter petrifying the refs morph won't build it anymore14:30
radiofreecache key generation "maxium recursion depth exceeded"14:33
persiaAnd it did build with the same definitions, excepting the refs were logical, rather than SHA2s?14:36
persiaErrr SHA1s14:36
radiofreeyep, only thing in the dif is changing ref: master (etc...) to the sha14:37
radiofreeERROR: Failed to list tree in ref master of repo upstream:librsvg oO14:42
radiofreethat's after reverting the change and manually changing one ref14:42
radiofreesigh ERROR: Failed to list tree in ref 2.40.7 of repo upstream:librsvg14:45
radiofreejjardon: gnome refers to python3.0 which isn't in your branch14:48
* radiofree wonders how it built before14:49
* radiofree gives up trying to build the branch since it's obviously not working14:51
radiofreei wonder how i got to the point where libsoup failed though...14:58
radiofreei cherry pick python3 + remove ogg and vorbis from gnome.morph, and it's at least started to build again14:58
radiofreeafter fixing that, petrified versions work15:01
radiofreei suppose it was because there was multiple ogg and vorbis chunks in the system?15:01
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jjardonradiofree: I building python3 in my branch, just before gnome-shell16:00
jjardonAre you sure you are using the correct branch?16:08
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radiofreejjardon: you forgot to add the morph file18:39
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