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jjardonpedroalvarez: patch series to fix the issue sent to the list01:51
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pedroalvarezjjardon: wow, that was fast, thank you08:58
pedroalvarezjjardon: I hope you didn't think I was "angry" at you :/ I mean, the fix could have waited a bit09:02
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radiofreeIt's actually my fault09:05
radiofreeThis is exactly the error I said we wouldn't have to worry about when I gave it +109:05
jjardonNot at all, I wanted it fixed as well; that's the good think about the mason instance!09:06
pedroalvarezI'm now worried about genivi-weston, is it now the same?09:07
radiofreeGenivi Weston is the one I tested09:09
radiofreeIt's old enough to not enable the libinput backend by default09:10
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pedroalvarezAnd my last worry (due my lack of graphic stack experience) is: Will this old weston-genivi work with the wayland upgrade?09:13
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radiofreepedroalvarez: yeah, I use master Wayland with genivi Weston on my laptop. But I'll double check when I get in09:17
pedroalvarezradiofree: thank you very much :)09:17
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jjardonpedroalvarez: is the genivi system in mason? If not and the project cares about it I think it should be added09:57
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perrylhi, i'm currently running baserock in a chroot, and when i run ./check to test any changes i've made work correctly i get a couple of btrfs issues. is this an issue i will need to work around?09:59
pedroalvarezperryl: IIRC you need to enable btrfs support in your host OS10:00
ssam2could you paste the errors somewhere ?10:01
ssam2enter-baserock should run `modprobe btrfs` so btrfs should be enabled in the host kernel already10:01
ssam22 of the errors are due to missing extlinux/syslinux in the chroot10:03
ssam2weirdly enough I do have extlinux in my chroot10:03
ssam2ok, I see the problem10:04
ssam2devel-system-x86_64-chroot contains the 'bsp-x86_both-tools' stratum which contains syslinux10:04
ssam2but build-system-x86_64-chroot doesn't10:04
ssam2so morph's test suite doesn't actually work in the reference systems we release as images...10:04
persiaYet another reason we shouldn't trust humans to run tests.10:05
persiaCan we cause Mason to add running morph's test suite to the test sequence somehow?10:05
persia(for certain classes of system)10:05
ssam2persia: yes, but I don't think that's at all related to this10:05
ssam2as a developer, I need to be able to run the test suite manually10:06
ssam2also, I think it's a mistake that the 'bsp-x86_both-tools' isn't in the 'build' system10:06
ssam2since it prevents anyone using a 'build' system from deploying an x86 rawdisk system10:06
persiaYes, but I don't trust your developer-customised system to be a clean environment, or the process to create it to be documented.10:06
persiaSo this *particular* problem should be fixed (unrelated to Mason)10:06
ssam2I do think adding Morph's test suite into Mason is a good idea10:07
pedroalvarezssam2: then an arm system can't deploy a x86 rawdisk system?10:07
persiaBut *also* it would be good to have Mason run morph's test suite in a defined environment to protect against developers making mistakes in the future.10:07
ssam2I see your point now.10:07
ssam2pedroalvarez: yes10:07
ssam2so maybe we should, perversely, add 'bsp-x86_both-tools' to all chroots?10:08
pedroalvarezssam2: and to all devel systems (just in case only devel x86 systems have it)10:09
ssam2perryl: how do you feel about doing that, building a new chroot, and testing that it fixes morph's ./check ?10:10
perrylssam2: if there are instructions available i believe that should be fine10:10
ssam2cool. adding a stratum to a system .morph is just a matter of an extra entry in the 'strata': list10:11
ssam2deploying the new chroot can be done with `morph deploy clusters/release.morph build-system-x86-64-chroot` (will output a .tar file in your current directory)10:13
ssam2you can then move the .tar into your host OS and run `manage-baserock add chroot-new ./build-system-x86_64-chroot.tar` then `enter-baserock chroot-new` to enter the new chroot10:14
ssam2chroot-new is just a label, you can give it a better name if you want :)10:14
perryli'll give it a go :)10:15
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pedroalvarezHere we go, a Basic PoC of Openstack running on Baserock!
ridgerunnerradiofree: I've been through and cloned the repos you indicated. I ran ./ in cbootimage/ and tegrarcm/11:12
pedroalvarezThe morphologies needed to build it are in the branch baserock/franred/openstack. Is a WIP so don't expect it to work perfectly11:12
ridgerunnerradiofree: tegra-uboot-flasher/build-tools still fails. should the other repos be in a subdirectory of tegra-uboot-flasher?11:14
radiofreeridgerunner: build them manually and ignore ./build-tools11:15
radiofreeREADME.developer + .user should tell you what to do next11:15
perrylare there any steps i need to take between building and deploying a system?11:16
ridgerunnerok. Any idea how long itwill take?11:16
persiaperryl: It's often a good idea to double-check your cluster definition11:17
radiofreeridgerunner: not long, you basically just have to build u-boot and flash it (which ./build will do for you)11:18
radiofreedon't forget to export CROSS_COMPILE11:18
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perrylpersia: what for?11:18
perrylby which i mean is there anything in particular i should check in the cluster definition11:20
persiaperryl: Make sure you are deploying to the intended target, with the right parameters, etc.11:20
persiaI've become distracted building systems a few times, and ended up changing something such that I needed to alter my deployment parameters to avoid being disappointed.11:20
ridgerunnerradiofree: my CROSS_COMPILE is currently set to the version I was using when doing kernel patches a few months ago. Any ideas as to what it should be set to?11:21
bashrcwhat architecture are you compiling to?11:21
ridgerunnerTK1 BE.11:21
bashrcexport CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-11:22
perrylpersia: i'm following the instructions on the wiki; morph build systems/build-system-x86_64-chroot.morph, then the deploy command ssam2 mentioned above11:22
radiofreeWhatever you use for the kernel will be fine11:22
persiaperryl: If you're trying to follow instructions from the wiki, then just look at it, so you know what it will do.  Some of the reference clusters have placeholder variables that need to be adjusted.11:23
straycatthoughts on ?11:38
pedroalvarezstraycat: we are using PostgreSQL11:38
pedroalvarezWe will have to move to mysql if we want to move to the Openstack Kilo release11:39
pedroalvarezalthough maybe ceilometer will still support postgresql11:40
persiaIt won't be tested11:41
straycatI meant more about the recommendation to have the database on a dedicated host11:41
persiaOr rather, it won't be part of the gate tests11:41
persiaThat's a reliability thing: if usage is to be high, then it needs large resources.  Sharing resources with other things usually means lower availability.11:41
persialarge-scale IaaS environments may be able to provide the level of reliability required in a VM.11:42
ridgerunnerbashrc: Thanks, just recompiling the kernel using that setting, seems to be going ok. Will move on to U-Boot if the kernel completes correctly.11:43
straycatI guess if it needs to be dedicated that could be done at deployment11:44
persiaI think that's the right time for the choice to be made.  It really depends on the deployment needs.11:45
persiaFor test purposes, sticking on the same host as the services makes sense, whereas for large production environments, one needs to be able to point it at some HA DB cluster somewhere.11:45
franredpersia, I think at the moment all the services in openstack have their dedicated databases - one for each one11:47
franredstraycat, ^^11:48
persiafranred: Their own dedicated databases, or their own dedicated database servers?11:48
franredown databases - same postgresql server, I fear11:50
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persiaNo need to fear: I think that's the right answer.11:51
persiaBut I think that it needs to be a deploy-time decision, as there are reasons why one might want to have the DB server separate from the services server.11:52
persiaOr even to use different DB servers for different services (based on differing reliability requirements)11:52
straycat"The recommended Ceilometer storage backend is MongoDB."11:54
persiaInteresting.  That's different than most.11:55
perrylssam2: deployed the new chroot, still fails in the same manner :(11:56
ssam2perryl: what happens if you do `which extlinux` ?11:57
perrylno output11:58
ssam2right, so somehow syslinux didn't end up in your chroot11:58
franredstraycat, urgh! and fun11:58
ssam2i'll come have a look11:58
radiofreewhy do you need extlinux in a chroot?11:58
pedroalvarezfranred: no no no, no fun, he can still use postrgresql11:58
radiofreeif you use BOOTLOADER_INSTALL: "none" morph won't bother trying to run extlinux11:59
straycatI'm not sure what we want to do yet, but it might not be wise to ignore their recommendation. I'm going to follow their devstack install guide to get a better idea of how things fit together12:00
radiofreeunless you're trying to build a rawdisk image in a chroot, in which case you probably do want to run extlinux...12:00
ssam2radiofree: deploying to a rawdisk image, and also running morph's test suite (which tests deploying to a rawdisk image)12:02
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ssam2both things that the images we provide on should probably support :)12:02
radiofreeoh yeah you'll want a bootloader there12:03
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persiaIs there a working write extension to manage flash storage?  Something that manages UBI containers, or does squashfs with loopback, or similar?12:17
grahamfinney_do we have a top-level guide for baserock/morph? I don't mean a how-to, I mean a doc detailing what all the different parts do?12:18
radiofreeridgerunner: i meant README.* in uboot-flasher-scripts12:18
radiofreeread developer first, then user12:19
persiagrahamfinney_: There's some docs in the source code, both textual and as comments.  I don't know of anything else.12:19
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grahamfinney_thanks persia12:20
ridgerunnerAm reading developer. As far as I can see, the repos you said to clone already contain the tools etc that it talks about, am I right?12:20
ridgerunnerradiofree: ^^^12:20
ssam2grahamfinney_:  and may be of use12:21
grahamfinney_Nothing describing what the various components do?12:22
radiofreeridgerunner: yes, you've done that right? just read about how to use the flashing tools now12:24
ridgerunnerI've cloned those repos, yes.12:24
straycatpersia, I don't think there's a write ext for flash storage, no12:24
radiofreeyou need to build and install things12:25
radiofreeif you've cloned everything into the same folder, cd into uboot-flash scripts and run ./build-tools build12:26
ssam2grahamfinney_: the intention of 'moving-parts' is to describe what the various components do. In what way do you find it lacking?12:26
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ssam2i'm sure it is lacking (in detail, if nothing else) but it'd be useful to get feedback from someone fresh to the project12:27
rdalei'm getting 'No space left on device' errors in my baserock image, but when i do a 'df -h' command there is plenty of space12:28
straycatwhat's giving the 'No space left' error?12:28
ssam2rdale: are you trying to deploy a system with a too small DISK_SIZE ?12:29
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rdalei'm just trying to do 'morph build'12:31
ssam2are you using btrfs?12:31
ssam2for /src ?12:31
rdaleUUID=c14ddad4-3a11-417e-a567-7b35605876bd  /home  btrfs subvol=/state/home,defaults,rw,noatime 0 212:32
rdaleLABEL=src /src btrfs defaults 0 212:32
ssam2what does 'btrfs filesystem df /src' say ?12:33
ssam2btrfs breaks 'df'12:33
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ssam2it also handles running out of disk space very, very badly12:33
ssam2I recommend starting again with ext4 for your /src partition, if possible12:33
rdalei'll copy it off onto ext4 then12:35
ssam2I don't know how to interpret that paste. It seems like it should be fine, but clearly it isn't :)12:36
rdalewhat about btrfsck - does that exist?12:36
ssam2it does, it's apparently not that useful, but maybe it improved since I last tried it12:37
perrylwoohoo, extlinux is present, adding bsp-x86_both-tools to the strata fixes the btrfs issue12:39
ssam2does ./check pass for you now ?12:40
perrylyup :)12:40
ridgerunnerradiofree: ./build build fails: No such file or directory: '/home/robjones/develop/uboot/u-boot'12:41
perrylwell, except for bad copyright years in morphlib/exts/virtualbox-ssh.write but that's an easy enough fix :)12:41
radiofreeridgerunner: clone u-boot12:44
ridgerunnersure, where from?12:46
radiofreesure, upstream should work12:48
tiagogomes_hey jjardon, are you planning to update the openssh as well? I have updated it to 6.5 in a branch12:54
jjardontiagogomes_: maybe, why you didnt submit that already? ;)12:55
tiagogomes_jjardon, because is still wip, it was need for aarch6412:57
persiatiagogomes_: Please submit small separate patches, as anything else causes duplicate work (largely because people don't know what you are doing), or unacceptable delays (because people can't wait).12:58
jjardontiagogomes_: you should submit what is ready as soon as possible instead sending a mega patch when everything is ready (my opinnion)12:58
SotKstraycat: do you have time to glance over my v2 of "Speeding up construction of the build graph" to check that my changes are acceptable?12:58
persiaThe mega patches take forever to review as well, and there was already a post by a reviewer this month refusing to review a patch series because it was too big.12:58
jjardontiagogomes_:  6.5 is already 1 year old anyway, current version is 6.713:01
jjardonpersia: maybe you have some free time to reply to my question in the mailing list? ;)13:02
persiaThe one about CI?13:05
jjardongreen in :)13:05
jjardonpersia: the one about using morph offline13:06
persiaOh, ugh.  I meant to do that last week :(  I'll dig that up and try to reply to it today.13:06
jjardoncan I have another +1 for the GTK+ patches? Its not being used for any "official" system yet and Ive tested here without problems for x8613:07
jjardonpersia: np, thanks!13:08
persiaFound the mail: the quick answer is: "Use file:///${PATH} entries for repo:"13:09
* persia will send a longer response later13:09
ridgerunnerok, I've downloaded the u-boot source from but can find nothing to tell me how to build it for the TK1. Can anybody help?13:21
ridgerunnerIs this sort of stuff really "expected knowledge and expertise"?13:21
persiaTK1 BE is largely unexplored.  It has been done, but the wizardy has yet to be removed.13:29
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CTtpollardif I wanted to get access the setup file of the ikiwiki hosting w.b.o , who is the person to ask?13:35
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ssam2anyone on the ops team, in general. what do you need to do?13:40
persiaI thought that was hosted by branchable: does ops team have access?13:41
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ssam2persia: yes, all of us can get at the setup interface. As can Kinnison and liw-orc13:44
ssam2and richard_maw, I think13:44
persiaAh, cool.13:44
straycatSotK, *nod* yes I think so :]13:54
SotKstraycat: thanks :)13:55
CTtpollardit's in relation to internal codethink infrastructure, so I'm not sure how much I can discuss on here14:10
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: if it's codethink related, then ask to some people there :)14:12
CTtpollardI got pointed here :P14:12
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pedroalvareztiagogomes_: heheh you have sent an email to Riku Voipio <> :)14:43
Zaratoday I discovered the 'use ls twice in a row, just to check' technique:
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez ops, I tend to use suppress-cc=self, I should had used 'all' in this case. I am sure that he will not mind the noise and he'll be glad that his commit is being used :)14:46
persiaZara: Indeed: never trust the backing store to be stable14:46
SotKZara: did they actually produce different output or did your terminal cut the bottom line off the output from the first command when you re-ran it? (this happens to me sometimes)14:48
ZaraSotK: I'm not sure, I ran it again absentmindedly because I couldn't find the openstack-cluster.morph, and forgot that I'd just tried running 'ls', which makes me think it produced different output, but I guess we'll never know14:50
persiaFor me, it usually provides different output on two successive runs, unless I really didn't do anything at all in the meantime.14:51
CTtpollardty pedroalvarez , ssam214:53
ssam2perryl: seems that I gave you bad advise with the extlinux patch. could you do a second version that only adds that stratum it to the x86 'build' systems ?14:55
franreddoes someone knows which is the latest release in qemu? it looks like it is 2.1.3 but the previous version was 2.2.0??
perrylssam2: yup, no problem14:55
persiafranred: 2.1.3 is the most recent, 2.2.0 is the most advanced.14:56
persiaFrom my reading, 2.1.3 includes backport bugfixes to 2.1.2, whereas 2.2.0 has new features over 2.1.214:56
franredpersia, thanks, that clarifies it a little bit more14:57
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pedroalvarezfranred: I'd try with 2.1.3 for now14:58
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straycatpedroalvarez, have you tried baserock on the rasberry pi 2?14:59
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franredpedroalvarez, ok, I will give it a go15:00
pedroalvarezstraycat: I almost by one to try that15:00
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straycatpedroalvarez, shame a friend of mine seems to be going to a lot of trouble to get a minimal system for his pi 2, apparently minibian isn't small enough. I imagine one of the armv7 images could work on the pi 2, but I don't know what they need to boot etc15:04
persiaNone of the Baserock reference images are super-small either.15:05
straycatI thought the minimal system was?15:05
jmacsWhy does it need to be small?15:06
straycatNo idea, I assume he has good reasons15:06
straycatoh, minibian apparently hasn't updated for the pi 2 yet15:12
rjekJust a matter of the kernel, I'd have thought?15:14
rjekStock Debian armhf port should work quite nicely on it15:14
rjek(As it now has an ARMv7 CPU)15:14
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persiaI think our minimal is smaller than debootstrap's minimal, but it isn't that important, as one is more likely to choose Baserock vs. debootstrap, live-build, etc. based on familiarity with tooling and the need for reproducibility rather than the output of some random sample system.15:20
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rjekqemu-arm-static is some kind of witchcraft15:35
rjekdebootstrap --arch=armhf --foreign wheezy my-arm-chroot && chroot my-arm-chroot -> shell on an ARM system15:36
rjek(I have not mentioned the second stage debootstrap as that's not related to my impression of qemu's magic.)15:36
* persia prefers mk-schroot, but no longer believes that toolchain is useful due to reproducibility issues15:43
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pedroalvarezoh, yeah. readline again16:14
pedroalvarezI feel like we need to think about this problem16:14
nowsterwhat is the tool which updates refs in definitions based on the unpetrify-ref ?16:15
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pedroalvareznowster: there is no tool to do that I believe16:16
nowsterso what's the significance of unpetrify-ref?16:16
persiahistorical baggage.16:16
franredcan someone check this for a fast review ?16:16
SotKwe used to have morph petrify and morph unpetrify to do that16:16
persiaSome people use it as a comment field, because morph doesn't support comments.16:16
pedroalvarezfranred: for what exactly do you need this?16:17
nowstersounds like it could be (or have been) useful16:17
franredpedroalvarez "Add qemu submodule openhackware" to update to v2.1.3 - because our current version of qemu does not compile with the latest changes made in gcc (I guess)16:18
pedroalvarezfranred: I see. I guess you have verified that v2.1.3 compiles?16:19
persiaWhy don't we want 2.2.0 again?16:19
franredpersia, I valuated more bugfixing/fresher version over features - but I can be wrong16:20
pedroalvarezfranred: openhackware will be needed anyway, so +116:21
persiaI don't think 2.1.3 is fresher.16:21
persiaI think 2.2.0 is fresher.16:21
persiaI think 2.1.3 is an attempt to backport the bugfixes already in 2.2.0 to 2.1.216:21
persiaBut I suspect there were bugs they didn't know how to backport, because of other changes.16:21
franredpedroalvarez, I verified that compiles, I can hold the patch until I have the image tested16:22
pedroalvarezthat is a good argument to go to 2.2.0 instead16:22
franredpersia, 2.1.3 is from 22nd of January and 2.2.0 is from december 201416:22
persiafranred: Right, so it took three weeks to determine which bugs could be backported.16:23
persiaI still think 2.2.0 has fewer old bugs than 2.1.3 (although it may have more new ones)16:23
persiaIf you say "I want 2.1.3 because it is more stable", I'll stop promoting 2.2.0.  I just think 2.1.3 is the wrong choice if we want something "fresh" or "new"16:24
franredpersia, Im not against 2.2.0 - I always prefer latest tags - I will give a try and if 2.2.0 does not have any problems I will go with it16:25
persia2.2.0 is what most folk would call "latest" for that.  2.1.3 would be a "stable branch update"16:25
persiaOn an unrelated note, is the readline in the build systems still the GPLv2 readline?16:27
persiaAnd texinfo?16:29
radiofreehmm texinfo in core is gplv316:32
radiofreebut it gets stripped afterwards16:32
SotKI think it gets stripped from genivi16:33
persiaMy worry is wheter artifacs constructed by GPLv3 tools might end up carrying any obligations.  I hope that my fear is unfounded.16:33
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jjardonpersia: gcc is GPLv316:43
jjardonso I do not think its a problem16:43
rjekDepends on licence.16:43
rjekgcc has a specific waiver in its licence for the shared code that every produced binary includes16:43
radiofreeso can we not just strip readline afterwards, or is that going to break python + other things?16:44
* persia doesn't know16:44
rjekradiofree: By "strip", do you mean "remove the shared object form the system" ?16:44
rjekif so, then yeah; every binary linked with it will stop working16:44
radiofreei think that's what the strip extension does16:44
radiofreeand maybe it strips things built against it as well?16:44
rjekThen you rapidly end up with a system with no binaries in it :)16:45
persiaI think it's better to just not install things than install and then try to remove.  Being sure one got everything is tricky.16:45
jjardonthats why I explained in the review that the strip way will not work16:45
rjekI wrote something ABI-compatible with readline that is mostly just stubs that do anything apart from the actual readline() call that just proxies to fgets(), called fakeline16:46
rjekBut there was little interest in it.16:46
* rjek wishes people used libeditline instead, which a) is BSD licenced, and b) has an API that was actually designed16:46
jjardonthe problem is more general that expecifically readline16:46
rjekIndeed, but readline always comes up16:47
persiarjek: Is there a libeditline wrapper that provides a readline-compatible API?16:48
tiagogomes_I am planning to redo the readline update, but keep the texinfo one16:48
rjekpersia: You could probably write one, but readline's API is a typical GNU suppurating sprawling horror which is underdocumented and overabused16:48
rjek <-- readline API surface16:49
persiarjek: Understood, but such a wrapper solves my problem today, and I don't have enough cricket bats to cause people to stop using readline.16:49
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jjardontiagogomes_: before you spend time rewriteing the patches, I think we should think in a general solution for how integrate GPLv3 libraries16:50
rjekpersia: If you just wanted line editing but none of the tab completion, macros, history, etc, making fakeline call out to libeditline is probably a 10 minute job.16:50
* persia happily waits 10 minutes in hopes of receiving repo and ref data for the preparation of a patch16:51
rjekstart with bzr+ ;-)16:52
persiaAnd the ref including the libeditline callouts?16:53
rjekExists only in one of our possible futures.16:55
persiaAh, pity.16:56
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rjekActually, the situation's better than that; it exists in many of our possible futures.16:57
rjekProbably at least half.16:57
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*** grahamfinney is now known as 5EXAAGQLD16:59
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ssam2could anyone give a second review to my 'Add time-zone-database to foundation' patch?17:03
pedroalvarezssam2: +1, will send an email17:04
pedroalvarezI'm still wondering what problems does it fix17:04
ssam2not being able to set a timezone17:05
ssam2it was bundled in EGLIBC 2.15, but for 2.20 it's not bundled17:05
ssam2GLIBC 2.20 that is17:05
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pedroalvarezhm.. I'm trying to figure out from where can I get "/usr/sbin/dhcp_release".17:31
pedroalvarezlooks like it's included in dnsmasq-utils package in some distros17:31
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* pedroalvarez still can't find source code for it17:35
pedroalvarezaha, so it is in dnsmasq repo but is not being built (in baserock)17:40
persiaRight.  It's in the contrib/wrt directory, which complicates building.  Probably needs some magic hints during the build.17:42
pedroalvarezpersia: indeed, but looks like fedora is already doing these magic  hints :)17:46
persia also17:46
pedroalvarezsame magic17:47
persiaDebian also strips that binary in differently than normal ways.17:47
jjardonpedroalvarez: can you ask why you need that for? AFAIK in baserock dhcp is currently done by networkd17:57
pedroalvarezjjardon: openstack tries at some points to run the following command, and looks like it needs dhcp_release in the system17:58
pedroalvarez ip netns exec qdhcp-63399d35-f830-4972-86b5-fafaf4eca392 dhcp_release tapadbb6630-f5 fa:16:3e:5c:86:1417:58
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pedroalvarezjjardon: also, this is only going to be present in systems with dnsmasq, which is in virtualization.morph18:00
persiaMight be interesting to ask the neutron folk *why* they run that command.18:00
* straycat grumbles about python requirements that don't specify versions18:00
* persia suspects straycat would get along swimmingly with the current PEP curators18:01
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