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sebastian1928392good evening00:29
sebastian1928392i was following the guide for a native baserock install an the tegra chromebook CB5-311 which compiles fine but cannot get it to work. Maybe somebody can help me out here00:31
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Kinnisonjjardon: it took 24 minutes to clone, but seemed to work for me (emacs)08:12
jjardonKinnison: mmm, wonder why the latest commits doesn't appear in08:21
KinnisonCould be a conversion issue08:23
persia has a schedule now08:38
petefothwtf is a BoF?08:40
persiaBirds-of-a-Feather meeting.08:41
petefothpersia: thanks08:48
rjekPeople with similar interests group together and have a chinwag.08:48
persiaNote that the list of topics is just stuff that came to the top of my mind today: it is quite possible that we'll end up discussing entirely different things :)08:49
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jjardonmmm, I think my attemp to try to build a wayland+only xwayland system to run GNOME was too optimistic; think I will need a complete xserver after all09:07
* jjardon keep investigating09:07
rdalei would prefer a build of qt5 with a complete xserver as we had before, and maybe another build for wayland. but your latest xcb patches has fixed the build with a minimal xwayland server09:09
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jjardonrdale: Id like to too, but AFAIK baserock definitions doesnt have the ability to define conditionals09:10
persiaWasn't there a proposal and patch series on the list for that?09:11
rdalei think the patches were for discussion purposes, we didn't quite reach a definitive conclusion09:12
jjardonmaybe its better to build the complete xserver and simply enable xwayland for now, the build of the generic system is going to take more time though09:13
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tiagogomes'''The automake/autoconf/libtool holy trinity.''' :)11:23
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rjekTwo interesting blog posts about btrfs and ZFS:
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dabukalampersia: what happened to the alternative languages discussion? Its not on the agenda...12:43
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SotKdabukalam: I believe that is now "Compilers, toolchains"12:48
petefothdabukalam: 13:45 - 14:30: BoF Sessions 4 Compilers, Toolchains12:48
petefothand what SotK said :)12:49
dabukalamOh OK, thanks12:51
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Zaraapparently a docker-esque tutorial would be easy to implement, so that might be the way to go (re: the 'big red button' I suggested a while ago)13:03
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lachlanmackenzieI'm currently looking at substituting glibc with musl (in a dev branch) and I've been trying to get to grips with the morph configuration files (glibc.morph for example). When I try to compare the standard build output from a glibc build against the products listed (and the include paths) they don't seem to translate to what glibc normally builds. As a newbie I might have got completely the wrong end of the stick about wha14:29
lachlanmackenziet the morph file actually does and what the include paths are (for example) so was hoping for some clarification.14:29
mwilliams_ctlachlanmackenzie: I'll have a bit of a look through to see if I can help but this is a bit out of my experience. a lot of the main Baserock developers are away today at the Baserock meetup but I'm sure they'll be able to help if I can't when they get back14:33
lachlanmackenziemwilliams_ct: Thanks14:34
mwilliams_ctlachlanmackenzie: so to check I understand the question, the artifacts listed in definitions/strata/build-essential/glibc.morph are a subset/different set compared to building on a normal system?14:35
lachlanmackenziemwilliams_ct: My reading of the configuration is (for example) that for the glibc chunk there is something described as being a "glibc-nss" artifact which includes etc/nsswitch.conf and all files under (usr/)?lib/libnss.* - If I do a build of the glibc I get nothing build which is of the form "libnss." - and when I check on a system where it's installed there is nothing of that form either.14:39
mwilliams_ctlachlanmackenzie: I'm sorry I don't think I'm able to help with my experience of Baserock. as I say, most of the devs should be back later or tomorrow14:41
lachlanmackenziemwilliams_ct: Thanks.14:42
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Zaradocker tutorial source is on github, will look tomorrow for ideas:
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pedroalvarezZara: I've been researching about that. And I managed to get their source working, but is everything harbored in the source and every change in morph will imply a change in the tutorial18:11
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