IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2015-01-31

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pedroalvarez Upgraded! I think that now we are ready to change its name to irclogs.baserock.org16:39
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persiapedroalvarez: which timezone does it use?16:45
persiaSpecifically, is it fixed UTC, or "UK Time"?16:46
pedroalvarezHm.. That's a good question.16:47
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pedroalvarezI'll investigate and give you an answer16:49
persiaMy personal preference is to move it to, as the new split-per-day and interface is lovely.16:50
persiaBut I remember another log server that was set to UK time that got very confused when BST started.16:50
persiaSo I think we should avoid that, if we can :)16:50
pedroalvarezSo, given that it's running  in baserock, the logs are going to be in UTC16:51
persiaExcellent.  Are the definitions in that git repo ssam2 posted about?16:52
pedroalvarezBut, all the logs present at the moment are from my quassel client. So I'll have a look at them16:52
pedroalvarezpersia: yes, same repo :)16:52
persiaPerfect.  I'm really impressed with the way the infrastructure is developing.16:53
persiaMore services, then better services, then published definitions for services for easier maintenance.16:53
pedroalvarezYeah, looks like we are on track16:55
pedroalvarezI'm happy now, I wanted to do this months ago16:58
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