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ssam2is anyone aware of any issues in the last Baserock release (14.46) ?09:34
ssam2need to advise someone what the best version is to upgrade to09:34
paulsherwoodisn't a new release due nowish for genivi?09:36
ssam2pedroalvarez was planning on doing a genivi-only release09:37
pedroalvarezis people still happy when a release cames out?09:38
* paulsherwood doesn't understand09:38
pedroalvarezme? :(09:38
paulsherwoodi mean, what's the issue with just doing a release that includes genivi? isn't it mainly just tagging/writing a rleease note now?09:39
* paulsherwood guesses theres much more to it that he keeps forgetting09:39
pedroalvarezthere is a couple of things more, but yes, not too complicated09:41
pedroalvarezokay, lets do a baserock 15.02 release!09:42
ssam2part of the reason I think it's complicated is that releases tend to imply "this is super stable"09:42
ssam2so I want to double check that everything works before I do one09:42
ssam2automated testing helps with this, but no amount of automated testing is going to make me 100% trust a piece of software09:42
paulsherwoodssam2: agreed09:43
pedroalvarezoh, and another thing that I always forget about: x86_32b. I never get aroun to create a mason for that architecture09:49
DavePage_With sufficient harness you can test installing your release on some bare metal and running some functional tests on the installed system ;)09:50
pedroalvarezhehe, we have already something implemented to deploy to openstack/kvm and run some tests, which is pretty similiar to what you are suggesting09:53
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* straycat frowns at busybox wget10:37
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straycati was expecting -O - to print the received page to stdout, it doesn't, you also have to add -q for that10:38
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straycatssam2, I'm thinking about the case where manual intervention is needed to help the import along, and wondered whether the tool would benefit from an --exclude option to allow the stratum to be generated with the understanding that the user would manually add the chunks they'd specified in --exclude ? I guess the workflow if this option doesn't already exist is to get the user to manually generate the lorry and foreign-deps files and put them into 11:41
ssam2--force-stratum-generation does that I think11:42
* straycat really needs to disable meta+shift+q11:43
straycatthat is the 3rd time this week i've accidentally quit xmonad >.>11:43
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straycatneat, the import tool just lorried in the pylint website instead of pylint >.>12:11
straycatIt's not exactly a bug, since is a hg repo too, and the import will lorry from the homepage_url of a python package if it finds that it's cloneable.12:16
Zara_I'm following the rubygems tutorial to the letter, but getting errors early on. They don't match up closely enough with those in the tutorial for me to be able to follow it anyway (rather than conflicts in the 'rails' stratum, there's nothing in it), so I suspect the tool has changed in ways that affect using the tutorial since I last tried to use the tutorial.12:17
rdalethat's just saying it is missing the arel gem12:18
rdalei don't think the rails 5.0 master is ready yet12:20
Zara_I tried to import the same version of rails specified in the tutorial (4.1.8)12:22
rdalemaybe the master has switched to rails 5.0 since the tutorial was written12:23
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Zara_(btw, I should make it clear that I'm testing the tutorial rather than the tool itself, although they go together. So I'm expecting errors, just not these ones! :P)12:26
rdalei see - i think we should change the command to get a specific version of rails, such as the last stable 4.x12:27
Zara_it should already do that, but for some reason it's ignoring the 4.1.8 and trying to get master each time12:28
Zara_(I'm copying the command verbatim from the tutorial, and Krin got the same errors yesterday, which suggests it's not just my setup)12:29
Zara_here's the full paste with command-- thought I'd included that last time; sorry!
rdalei've just tried the same command, and i don't get the error you had. but it does try to get the rails 5.x gems12:42
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rdalei think rails is a bit complicated to use in a tutorial12:44
jjardonHi! is it correct to think that system-integration filed is the correct one to run pango-querymodules (for pango) or glib-compile-schemas (for glib)?12:45
paulsherwooddoffm: looks good. have you published your definitions anywhere?12:45
Zara_rdale: that looks more like the output I'm expecting, though; where/when did you get your version of the import tool? (Yes, I think there should be a quickstart tutorial for more straightforward gems, and a separate in-depth one for rails)12:47
rdalei did a pull from master just before i ran the command12:47
rdalemaybe you need to clear everything to do with rails from your definitions dir before trying the tutorial12:48
paulsherwoodgit clean, git reset --hard HEAD12:49
* paulsherwood wonders why the importer has to pollute the definitions dierectory12:50
straycatAre you referring to the foreign-dependencies files?12:50
pedroalvarezjjardon: is that something that has to be run when then entire system is constructed?12:52
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paulsherwoodi think so. i just know that i played with the importer in a branch, then did git reset --hard to where i wanted to be for something else, and things misbehaved because the importer had created lots of files which didn't get removed by reset12:52
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Zara_(this is the url on the tutorial git:// )12:53
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: `git clean -xdf` is what I use to remove unwanted files12:53
jjardonpedroalvarez: yes, gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders as well12:53
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Zara_I've cleared everything multiple times now. Still no luck. I might try in a new vm.13:27
ssam2sorry, I missed a chunk of IRC there. is this still about the import tool? did you try adding the 'print' statement?13:31
ssam2actually what I said could have been lost altogether13:31
ssam2did my comment about debugging what's going wrong show up?13:31
* SotK doesn't see it13:32
ssam2<ssam2> might be this line of python in '' going wrong:13:33
ssam2<ssam2>         goal_version = args[1] if len(args) == 2 else 'master'13:33
ssam2<ssam2> could you add a 'print goal_version' statement after that in and try again? then we can see if it's ignoring the argument or if things are going wrong further down13:33
ssam2you'd thinking switching between wired and wireless networks would be a solved problem by now, but apparently not :(13:33
Zara_yeah, I missed what you said13:34
Zara_oh, though I think that's in reply to ripsum about something else13:34
Zara_oh wait no that was something else, sorryyyy13:35
Zara_I'll try that now13:37
Zara_hm, it says 4.1.8, so that seems right13:39
ssam2ok, so something else is wrong13:39
ssam2see the line below it13:40
ssam2        loop = baserockimport.mainloop.ImportLoop(13:40
ssam2            app=self,13:40
ssam2            goal_kind='rubygems', goal_name=args[0], goal_version='master')13:40
ssam2not sure how that slipped in, but obviously that's the problem :)13:40
ssam2do you think you could do a patch to fix this?13:40
Zara_do I just need to delete "goal_version='master'"?13:41
ssam2change it to 'goal_version=goal_version'13:42
Zara_ok, I thought that'd be redundant so I'm glad I checked!13:42
ssam2it's passing a keyword argument to the ImportLoop.__init__() function13:43
ssam2if we didn't pass anything there, ImportLoop.__init() would use whatever the default value of the 'goal_version' keyword parameter is13:43
ssam2(which is probably 'master' :)13:44
ssam2actually, there's no default, so it'd just throw an exception13:44
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rdalei think   gem_version = args[1] if len(args) == 2 else 'master', and then passing 'gem_version' is clearer13:46
ssam2or goal_gem_version ;)13:46
Zara_(out of curiousity, why doesn't the goal_version=args[1] affect the goal_version value in the loop? is it a python scope differing from js scope thing?)13:47
ssam2one function can't see local variables from a different function13:47
ssam2franred: i'm curious if you've tested the Apache SVN import before proposing it for lorrying13:48
ssam2given it has 1650055 revisions, I wonder if it'll need special treatment13:48
ssam2we've had problems with huge SVN imports before, I think they can overload git.baserock.org13:48
ssam2I guess email would have been a better place to say this13:49
Zara_ssam2: I'm guessing I'm not familiar enough with python; they look like they're in the same function to me)13:51
* straycat may have misresolved the conflict13:52
franredssam2, no, I haven't tested it13:54
ssam2franred: ok. I think it'd be safer to use a tarball or an existing git mirror to be honest13:54
ssam2although I guess if it does cause problems you have the powers to fix them :)13:55
ssam2so +1 if you want13:55
ssam2might but at least be nicer to wait til the g.b.o migration is done in case it does screw up g.b.o13:55
pedroalvarezyeah, I'll apreciate if new lorries can wait13:56
franredssam2, do we have a baserock-clone server where could I test if we have errors trying to lorrying from the svn official repository?13:56
ssam2franred: I think baserock-clone still exists in our tenency, yeah13:56
pedroalvarezfranred: the baserock-clone (aka trove is still running but its performance is really slow13:57
ssam2I found: git://
ssam2apparently it's a read-only git mirror13:57
ssam2I suggest using that since it exists13:57
pedroalvarezyeah, that makes sense. What do you think franred?13:58
franredpedroalvarez, ssam2, it is fine by me, also they have another mirror:
pedroalvarezyeah, I've seen that, but the github one is a mirror of the one14:00
franredyep :)14:00
franredI will -1 my patch and I will try to use from the git repo directly - and when g.b.o finishes to be migrated I will submit another patch14:01
franredssam2, pedroalvarez ^^^14:01
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pedroalvarezfranred: I'd be ok with a reply to sam's mail with the new lorry.14:06
pedroalvarezah, but true, you can use the git mirror for now in your development :)14:07
franredyeah, that's what I mean, so I don't disturb your migration ;-)14:08
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pedroalvarezthanks :)14:11
tiagogomeswhat is the best way to update GCC? I cloned the GCC repo from, added a new remote pointing to the GCC upstream; and fetched the master branch from GCC upstream. But I cannot rebase my branch (branched out from build-essential) on top of upstream master, as they don't have common commits. Should I branch out from upstream master instead, and cherry-pick the build-essential commits?14:13
KinnisonThe gcc repo on is a tarball import because upstream gcc is a massive repo which takes too long for lorrying14:14
KinnisonI'd suggest updating the lorry to the new version, and then worry about rebasing from there14:14
tiagogomesKinnison, rebase will not work, because build-essential commits don't have common commits with master on upstream14:15
persiaYou may be able to cherry-pick14:16
Kinnisonrebase can work with zero common history if wielded correctly; however a new tarball import will maintain common history because of the way lorry imports tarballs14:16
tiagogomesthe first commit on build essential is "Tarball conversion", which is not on upstream master14:16
Kinnison14:14 < Kinnison> The gcc repo on is a tarball import because upstream gcc is a massive repo which takes too long for lorrying14:17
Kinnison14:15 < Kinnison> I'd suggest updating the lorry to the new version, and then worry about rebasing from there14:17
tiagogomesI tried a rebase, the operation took more than half an hour and I got lots of merging conflicts14:18
KinnisonDid you first update the lorry for the new gcc and let it do the tarball import?14:19
tiagogomesKinnison, no, but I don't see how that will solve the problem. I'll send the patch14:20
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paulsherwoodtiagogomes: ???14:38
Kinnisonthat git repo is hyooge14:39
Kinnisonand slow14:39
KinnisonHence we went for tarball-import for Baserock14:39
persiaBy "slow" do you mean "unreasonably large for git to handle" or "a bad pack choice on top"?14:39
Kinnisongcc still maintain an SVN as their primary repo14:39
Kinnisonand they are a long-lived GNU project14:39
Kinnisonas such, they are git's nemesis in several ways14:39
tiagogomesI tried the repo 3 times, one time it stalled when was downloading for a while, and the another 2 times I think it was the root cause for my freezed machine14:40
paulsherwoodah, i thought that was the svn version you had problems with, tiagogomes 14:41
paulsherwoodwould the github mirror be faster?14:43
KinnisonNot if it's a clone of the same git repo14:44
KinnisonThe git mirror generated from the gcc svn is pathologically bad for git14:44
paulsherwoodwhat about git shallow clone?14:45
pedroalvarezThe upgrade to a newer gcc is not going to be easy, maybe we could start doing that.14:45
straycatrichard_maw, SotK, I mentioned the other day what's the plan?14:46
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: I believe tiago is attempting exactly that14:46
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: for the project tiago and I are working on, we will need binutils 2.25 and gcc 4.9.2 at minimum14:47
richard_mawstraycat: sorry, I don't have time to look at that right now :-(14:47
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: fortunately it seems glibc 2.20 is already done :-)14:47
* straycat nods14:47
SotKstraycat: I'll take a look, I imagine it will be a +1 still from me :)14:47
pedroalvarezKinnison: that means upgrades!! \o/!!14:48
pedroalvarezKinnison: I started looking at the gcc upgrade, and I crated this branch
pedroalvarezjust to test things before creating heavy lorries14:48
Kinnisonupdating the tarball lorry shouldn't be heavy per-se14:49
* Kinnison worries that 2.25 doesn't appear in the binutils repo on git.baserock.org14:49
pedroalvarezand I actually would +1 a patch to upgrade it to 4.9.214:49
tiagogomesKinnison, it seems not :'( Do they have a newer repo?14:53
Kinnisontiagogomes: I'm not sure what URL we're lorrying from for binutils -- I gave you a URL which contains 2.2514:53
pedroalvarezlooks like it has changed to: git://
paulsherwoodi repeat - what about a shallow clone for gcc instead of tarball? i just did a clone of last 10000 commits in ~ 10 mins, 1GB14:57
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: but.. doesn't that means that we have to change lorry source code?14:58
KinnisonLorry has no support for shallow clones14:58
paulsherwoodok... but could it? shouldn't it?14:59
Kinnisonalso I don't know how well they'd interact with morph14:59
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tiagogomesbinutils also takes some time to clone15:03
tiagogomesis it safe to update the URL in a lorry15:03
pedroalvarezit could work, but it doesn't seem to me like the right thing to do. I think of Trove as a mirror of repositories, and if one of them doesn't have all the commits then I don't know if we can still call it "mirror"15:03
ssam2tiagogomes: updating URL isn't safe, but it is sometimes OK15:05
pedroalvarezin this case, some commits of master of the current mirror in g.b.o are not present in the new repo15:06
pedroalvarezI mean, the commits are present, but the sha1's doesn't match15:08
tiagogomesfrom the morph PoV, having different SHA1s is the same as not being present15:08
tiagogomesI'll create a new lorry then, but it is ugly to see different versions of a repo in a trove15:09
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: forcepushes are sadly common in the outside world, even on master15:09
ssam2tiagogomes: yes, and we haven't really thought about how to delete dead repos from either15:10
pedroalvarezKinnison: even tags from more than a year ago have different sha115:10
persiaOr how to define "dead repos" for that matter.15:10
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: hmm, odd15:11
doffmCould anyone do a quick review of a lorry addition?
straycatlooks ok to me15:17
pedroalvarezWARNING: lorry controller is still disabled15:18
ssam2oh yeah15:19
ssam2doffm: +1 anyway15:20
doffmssam2, straycat: Thanks.15:21
doffmpedroalvarez: What does that mean for getting things lorried? :/15:21
tiagogomesthat they won't :(15:21
doffmI thought as much.15:21
tiagogomespedroalvarez, any estimate when lc will be up when running again?15:22
tiagogomesthanks for merging the patch ssam215:23
pedroalvarezI hope that by 19:00 pm UK time today15:23
pedroalvarezbut this migration is a bit heavy and delicate, so I my estimation can be wrong15:23
DavePage_pedroalvarez: I'll need to reduce DNS TTLs for domain names pointing to any IPs that are moving; if the current TTL is >3 hours then they won't have migrated by 19:00 today :)15:24
bwhpedroalvarez: seems to explain what happened15:26
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DavePage_pedroalvarez: OK, they're all set to 1h away; I'll lower the TTLs for now, we'll aim to migrate at say 1645?15:26
bwhThey've done a full migration from cvs to git which is a bit different from the incremental conversion they were doing previously15:27
pedroalvarezDavePage_: but TTLs was already reduced, wasn't it?15:27
straycatssam2, Don't seem to be able to amend local lorry files and continue to import, the tool complains that it differs with the output provided by python.to_lorry15:28
DavePage_pedroalvarez: Like I say, the highest existing TTL is 1 hour15:28
DavePage_pedroalvarez: I'm reducing them from 1 hour to 1 minute :)15:28
pedroalvarezbwh: indeed, and that makes a lot of sense15:29
pedroalvarezDavePage_: thanks, I was going to ask you that15:29
persia*which* timeout was reduced?15:30
persiaFor expiry, waiting the timeout works.  For refresh, it is probably good to wait 3*  If nxdomain, then the others need adjustment.15:31
straycatssam2, Is there flag or something I'm missing or is this a bug of sorts?15:32
straycat*a flag15:32
pedroalvarezI'm thinking about the imminent migration of all our servers to the new IP addresses, and I think that the migration will be easy if we  use the HAProxy for all of them15:36
ssam2straycat: sounds like a bug ...15:39
paulsherwood+1 for haproxy15:39
DavePage_But then your haproxy becomes a single point of failure for the entire infrastructure...15:39
KinnisonDrop all of the TTLs to 1 minute15:40
* Kinnison uses 1 minute TTLs when migrating services15:40
DavePage_Kinnison: Already done15:40
DavePage_ is now known as DavePage15:40
KinnisonNot that anyone even noticed the IP changes when he migrated the email and list service :-)15:41
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pedroalvarezDavePage: do you think that moving them to the haproxy is a bad idea?15:43
DavePagepedroalvarez: I'm not sure what problem it solves, and it does introduce a single point of failure.15:44
pedroalvarezif all the instances where using the haproxy, then we would only have to migrate 1 ip15:45
DavePageChanging one DNS entry instead of changing 10?15:46
DavePageThere's not a lot in it TBH15:47
DavePageI mean, it's up to Baserock what Baserock wants to do; I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm just saying that there's a slight risk that when the haproxy goes down, all of Baserock goes down.15:47
paulsherwoodbaserock could live with that i believe15:48
DavePageIt would save a relatively trivial amount of money on public IP addresses from Baserock's hosting provider15:49
KinnisonWhat value does having the HAProxy give us?15:49
* paulsherwood should just shut up15:50
ssam2ties us less to floating IPs. in my experience they seem to float away fairly regularly.15:50
tiagogomesecho repo: $(git remote -v | grep "fetch)$" | sed s#ssh://git@#git://# | awk '{ print $2 }' )15:51
tiagogomesecho commit: $(git rev-parse HEAD)15:51
tiagogomesecho branch: $(git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --abbrev-ref HEAD)15:51
ssam2and I don't see why a haproxy instance is any less likely to go down than the instance15:51
ssam2or any more likely to go down15:51
tiagogomesthat should work for > 90% of the cases15:51
ssam2if any instance goes down randomly, it sucks15:51
* Kinnison does not pretend ot know about the pitfalls of floating IPs so will bow to your superior experience15:53
DavePagessam2: I've not had any problems with them floating away - and the point of this migration is to put the project on a faster, better-connected transit network15:54
DavePageI'm tempted to suggest that maintaining the status quo with new IPs is the simplest option; no reason Baserock can't put more of its instances behind haproxy at a later date.15:54
ssam2I think we should do whatever is simplest, and if changing 10 DNS entries is simple, that's fine15:56
pedroalvarezI'll go with that15:56
DavePageWell, it's simple for pedroalvarez because I'm doing it ;)15:56
DavePageBut it's also pretty simple for me ;)15:57
pedroalvarezI think that it doesn't matter if any of the services in DC are down for some minutes15:57
pedroalvarezanybody disagrees?15:57
* pedroalvarez takes that as a "no"16:01
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tiagogomesCan people review my patch to lorry bintutils from the newer repo? I'd like to have this thing lorried tomorrow morning16:24
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tiagogomesThe are some morph files in binutils repo, are those still need?16:36
pedroalvarezI don't think so16:37
tiagogomescool, I think that will minimize the delta to just be a commit to disable c++ stuff16:39
tiagogomesKinnison, are we going to need a c++ compiler?16:39
Kinnisontiagogomes: You can't build a devel system without one16:40
Kinnisonso yes16:40
pedroalvarezalso, newest gcc needs c++ to compile (afaik)16:40
pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: some services (all except will be down for some minutes starting at 16:45 UK time16:42
straycatssam2, Oh it looks like it's my fault, I hardcoded the goal-kind in some part of the extensions, so the importers not adding the products field, which is why it can't find the lorry16:44
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pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: are up and running again16:54
tiagogomesssam2, I am a bit confused by a commit that you have done in bintuils "ef4ff5c Import binutils-2.22 tarball". Do you remember why you imported a tarball?16:54
pedroalvarezs/.services/.org services/16:55
pedroalvarezsome repos are difficult to build from git, and easier from a tarball. I guess he found some problems when building binutils from git and had to import the entire tarball16:56
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kejiahuI installed a baserock on wandboard, but the ethernet link is keeping up/down, could anybody teach me where should I check to figrue the problem?16:57
kejiahufec 2188000.ethernet eth0: Link is Down16:57
kejiahufec 2188000.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 100Mbps/Full - flow control rx/tx16:57
radiofreedoes it do that continually?16:58
radiofreewhat does it say in ifconfig16:58
kejiahuseems the service was failed16:58
kejiahu~ # ifconfig16:59
kejiahueth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1F:7B:B4:02:60  16:59
kejiahu          inet6 addr: fe80::21f:7bff:feb4:260/64 Scope:Link16:59
kejiahu          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:116:59
kejiahu          RX packets:6142 errors:0 dropped:76 overruns:0 frame:016:59
kejiahu          TX packets:15 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:016:59
tiagogomesthanks pedroalvarez16:59
kejiahu          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 16:59
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radiofreekejiahu: next time :)16:59
radiofreethat's an old baserock release16:59
persiapedroalvarez: Also lorry controller?16:59
radiofreethough i don't know why it would keep going up and down like that17:00
radiofreeis it stable after you do "udhcpc"?17:00
pedroalvarezpersia: no, is still on maintenance17:00
* pedroalvarez hopes he has used the right words17:01
kejiahuradiofree, yes, it is17:01
persiaI would probably have used "under" or "in" rather than "on", but otherwise I think so.17:01
kejiahuifup@eth0.service         loaded failed     failed       ifup for eth017:01
radiofreewhat version of systemd is on there? "systemctl --version"17:02
rdale_can a 'zip' command be changed to a gzip command, or are the compression schemes/file formats always different?17:02
ssam2tiagogomes: probably because of the build-essential work17:03
kejiahu~ # systemctl --version17:03
kejiahusystemd 20417:03
ssam2tiagogomes: building stuff from git requires a lot more dependencies than building from a tarball17:03
radiofreekejiahu: ok, upgrade to a newer version of baserock17:03
radiofreesadly we don't have a rootfs tarball on the website17:03
ssam2tiagogomes: so some stuff in Baserock is built from tarballs17:03
ssam2tiagogomes: including everything in the build-essential stratum17:03
radiofreekejiahu: you can download the jetson image from the site though, and mount that, then copy it over to a sd card17:03
radiofree"mount jetson-devel-whatever-armv7lhf.img /mnt"17:04
ssam2tiagogomes: I should probably have explained this before when you were talking about importing GCC from git ... we need to use tarballs of GCC too17:04
radiofree"sudo cp /mnt/systems/default/run/* /path/to/your/sdcard"17:04
radiofree"sudo cp -r /mnt/systems/default/run/* /path/to/your/sdcard" even17:04
ssam2tiagogomes: i just noticed pedro already answered this ;)17:04
pedroalvarezssam2: but I didn't know that we needed also tarballs for gcc, so useful info anyway17:04
persiardale_: It depends on the tool, but most "zip" implementations are different than most "gzip" implementations, sufficiently that they do not automatically detect the alternate format.17:05
rdale_yes, gzip seems to be able to decompress zip, but not compress it as far as i can see17:05
tiagogomesssam2, so to upgrade binutils, should I extract the tarball on the top of the build-essential branch?17:06
ssam2tiagogomes: yeah17:06
kejiahuradiofree, thanks17:06
ssam2tiagogomes: in fact, you should do this:17:06
pedroalvarezlooks like the migration can be done today17:06
ssam2tiagogomes: 1. git rm -r * && git commit -m 'remove old version'17:06
ssam2tiagogomes: 2. unpack the tarball, git add .; git commit -m 'add new version'17:07
ssam2tiagogomes: 3. squash the last two commits together17:07
ssam2that way, any files that were removed in the new version will be gone17:07
pedroalvarezin this case, makes any sense to lorry the new binutils repo?17:07
ssam2hmm, probably not :)17:08
tiagogomesssam2, I see, but I'll loose your patches that are on build essential. The patches to add morphs I guess that are not necessary anymore, but maybe I'll need to replicate the one to "Remove AC_PROG_CXX from LD's"17:10
persiaWhat does that do?  Is there a reason to have it in Baserock, but not upstream?17:11
tiagogomes"This is only needed for a few of the tests, but causes 'configure' to fail if not disabled because during stage 2 of the bootstrap we don't have a C++ compiler available. (Or, worse, the host C++ compiler is available and we get errors later on)."17:12
tiagogomesbut pedroalvarez thinks that I need a c++ compiler to build the newer version of GCC, is that right?17:13
ssam2indeed. the bootstrap will need changing a bit to build GCC 4.8 or 4.917:13
ssam2it might make sense for you to first add 4.9 as a 'stage 4' chunk17:14
ssam2i.e. build it after 4.7 gets built17:14
Kinnisonwe need 4.9.2 at stage 117:14
KinnisonNew architecture :-)17:14
ssam2that'll be harder though17:14
ssam2so surely it makes sense to do the easier thing, then the harder thing ?17:14
KinnisonNot as hard as trying to compile for aarch64 with a gcc which doesn't know what that is17:15 may help on this17:15
*** rjek [~rjek@gateway/shell/pepperfish/x-eqdboqxanhvqrfmm] has joined #baserock17:16
ssam2the thing to do is build libstdc++ as its own chunk in stage 217:18
ssam2but I last looked at this 2 years ago, so the details are hazy17:18
* tiagogomes sobs17:20
straycatI also never made python.to_lorry generate a products field, which seems to be needed by the function that searches for lorries :/17:23
straycatI don't follow why that field is needed, I might have to come back to this later17:23
ssam2straycat: it's to associate a lorry entry with a 'package'17:24
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ssam2sadly this stuff has been pushed out of my brain by other stuff now, but there was a reason17:24
*** jonathanmaw [] has joined #baserock17:24
straycatssam2, I thought that was what the key was for.17:24
ssam2the thing is, one git repo may contain more than one package17:24
ssam2e.g. rails.git contains 10 different gems17:25
ssam2each of those are listed as products17:25
straycatI was confused because I only saw products fields used for specifying dependency information, so thought there were no longer any uses for products fields17:25
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pedroalvarezI'm tempted to announce a maintenance window for git.baserock.org17:26
*** CTtpollard [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]17:27
pedroalvarezbut not sure if people will be happy with me if I announce it 15 minutes before it happens :/17:27
*** CTtpollard [] has joined #baserock17:27
DavePagepedroalvarez: Better than not being happy with you because it wasn't announced at all IMHO17:28
DavePagepedroalvarez: Just mention that you're improving long-term stability and maintenance in the announcement :)17:28
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pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: will be down for around 20 minutes, starting at 17:45 UK time. This will improve long-term stability, and it will restart the lorry-controller.17:29
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jjardonpedroalvarez: Ive just came here because I had problems fetching ;)17:48
*** locallycompact [] has joined #baserock17:48
pedroalvarezjjardon: sorry about the short notice. It will be up soon17:48
jjardonso thanks for the announcement ;)17:49
tiagogomesI was trying to build binutils 2.25, and the build failed. I chrooted and ran `sh -c make`:
tiagogomesany idea why is failing?17:51
tiagogomesat first glance, it seems a binutils issue17:51
tiagogomesmain() { return 0; }18:01
tiagogomesmain() { return 0; }18:01
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tiagogomesmain() { return 0; }18:01
tiagogomesmain() { return 0; }18:01
pdarHiya, am having some trouble starting a baserock vm in virtual box. I found there was already some troubleshooting help for the error on w.b.o, at . After following the suggestions the problem persists, and the .vbox file is returned to the same state. Has anybody else experienced this?18:01
pedroalvarezallright, has been migrated \o/18:08
pedroalvarezit looks like it's everything up and running18:08
jmacspdar: Never seen that one before, sorry18:09
kejiahupdar, check virtualbox-file-preference-network, is there any host-only network exists?18:25
*** tiagogomes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]18:26
pdarkejiahu: thanks, checked, and there are 3 present.18:29
kejiahupdar, oh, sorry, I though you were asking about the 'Nonexistent host networking interface' issue.. thus my suggestion is uncorrelated...18:33
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pdarkejiahu: ahh, thanks for trying to help though :)18:34
* pdar gives up till tomorrow18:40
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straycat "In addition to allow arbitrary strings as project URL labels, the new metadata standard also defines a recommend set of four URL labels for a distribution's home page, 21:29
straycatdocumentation, source control and issue tracker."21:29
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