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bashrc_so is 2015 the year of baserock on the desktop?09:08
* CTtpollard thought it was hoverboards09:10
pedroalvarezI've seen hoverboards in 2014!09:16
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ssam2seems Firehose has been working away over the weekend, but the branches it was pushing were all unable to be merged:
perryl_it's alive?!09:28
ssam2i alived it on Friday09:36
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perryl_ahh, awesome! 09:37
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pedroalvarezalthough looks like firehose is not generating patches against latest master :/09:39
ssam2yeah, seems there's a bug there09:40
perryl_i'm assuming it's also sending duplicate patches09:41
perryl_ooh hellooo, i just noticed i have a tail09:41
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ssam2perryl_: you're right, some of the patches seem to be duplicates of each other09:46
ssam2e.g. and
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mauricemoss_How can I add a new wiki article to the baserock wiki?11:34
jmacsEnter the URL of the page you'd like to create (e.g.
bashrc_maybe create a link somewhere, then follow it11:36
jmacsClick on the red question mark to create the page11:36
mauricemoss_ah didn't notice the question mark was clickable, thanks jmacs :)11:37
straycatyou can clone the git repo for it, details here: someone will have to add your key if you want to push11:38
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jmacsI have a feeling I've asked this before, but how do I find out the source of code that's been lorried to g.b.o?12:09
paulsherwoodor more precisely
jmacsGot it, thanks paulsherwood 12:12
pedroalvarezwow! First Public Baserock meetup!12:15
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paulsherwoodyes. need someone to moderate my email to the announce list :)12:19
pedroalvarezperryl: I've commented in your firehose thread, I'm not 100% of my assumptions, so I'll appreciate a reply to my email :)12:20
DavePage_At MadLab? :)12:20
perrylpedroalvarez: just reading through it now, thanks for your comments!12:24
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bashrc_so I have various open source project badges (or buttons if you prefer). Is there a baserock badge?13:53
pedroalvarezbashrc_: I think that the only "badge" you can get is: get your name in the contributors list (
bashrc_ah, but think about the free advertising14:25
pedroalvarezI think I don't understand the term "badge" here, sorry :/14:26
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straycatWhy aren't build logs fetched to the local cache alongside artifacts?15:03
ssam2it's a bug I think, yeah15:05
* straycat nods15:05
straycatProbably need to modify the grouped transaction in the cache server so that a missing build log doesn't mean failure to fetch the artifact but is transferred if it's present. I guess15:06
pedroalvarezI wouldn't mind if the build log is also fetched if morph doesn't fail / build again the artifact if the build log is not present15:07
pedroalvarezI'll write faster next time..15:08
straycatbuilding the artifact just cause there's no log doesn't make much sense imo, but maybe i misunderstand you15:08
jmalkHi all, I'm attempting to set up baserock in a VM on my laptop. Having problems with ssh - - presumably because I've done this once before on the same port (Kinnison's suggestion). does anyone have time to give me some advice? (output here:
straycatAlso, I don't really understand why I just had to run update-ca-certificates, that seems to get run when the ca-certificate chunk is built.15:09
pedroalvarezstraycat: I agree, with you, I don't want a failure nor a re-build if the build log is not present15:09
Kinnisonjmalk: i suggest 'ssh-keygen -R "[0]:5555"'15:10
Kinnisonjmalk: to remove the offending key15:10
jmalkKinnison: thank you, will try that15:10
ssam2straycat: I've hit that problem before, there seems to be a bug there15:10
pedroalvarezHi jmalk, can  you use a public paste service next time please? like:
KinnisonOooh good point, I didn't notice that15:12
* Kinnison is a bad community member15:12
jmalkpedroalvarez: apologies, will do!15:12
jmacsssam2: straycat: Yes, update-ca-certificates isn't being run automatically. I don't know why.15:13
pedroalvarezjmacs, straycat: we should investigate that. I'd appreciate if any of you can explain how is this happening and how to reproduce the error, etc15:15
jmacsAll I can say at the moment is that if ruby is in your baserock image, then "gem install coderay" won't work until after you run update-ca-certificates15:19
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straycatyeah, it's a bit weird since that should get run anyway when it's installed15:31
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jmacsWhen what's installed?15:31
straycatI'm rebuilding my devel system now and it seemed to run update-ca-certs alright, so i'll deploy that and see how it goes15:32
KinnisonI'd expect update-ca-certificates would best be run during system integration15:32
pedroalvarezKinnison: but IIRC we need to run it before curl is intalled15:32
pedroalvarezinstalled even15:32
KinnisonHmm, perhaps it needs to run once during install-commands and once during system-integration ?15:34
jmacsI don't understand the markup in ca-certificates.morph15:34
Kinnisonother chunks might add certificates15:34
Kinnisonjmacs: it's pretty standard yaml, which bit is confusing you?15:35
jmacsThe need for three sections in post-install-commands15:37
jmacsAdmittedly I don't know YAML either15:37
Kinnisonit's just a sequence of three commands, it could be one command but that might make it harder to debug if one part fails15:37
Kinnisonthe "- |" syntax is yaml for a multiline value whose newlines are not collapsed15:38
jmacsThere are eight commands. Are the three blocks executed in separate bash processes?15:39
richard_mawI think you can do something like "- >-" if you _want_ the newlines to be collapsed, which may be useful if you have a _very_ long ./configure line and don't want to break it up with `\^J`15:40
richard_mawjmacs: correct, except it's likely busybox ash, rather than dash15:40
jmacsAnd are they expected to run with cwd as the root of the chroot, by default?15:41
straycatjmacs, yes15:46
jmacs/sbin/update-ca-certificates doesn't exist in my baserock VM15:47
jmacsIt's in /usr/sbin15:47
straycatthat command is run when the cwd is /usr though?15:47
jmacsYou just said it was /15:47
straycatoh my bad, it's running relative to the chunk dir15:49
KinnisonCWD is likely $CHUNKNAME.build15:49
pedroalvarezand it's running ./sbin/update-ca-certificates, which is in the chunk repo:
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tiagogomessytem-version-manager tells me that the default version is TEST, but in the boot menu the default version is factory16:22
ssam2tiagogomes: there's a long-standing bug which we've never got around to fixing16:24
ssam2tiagogomes: the boot menu doesn't highlight the entry that it's actually going to boot into16:25
ssam2I'd expect in your case that the default version is actually TEST (you can check extlinux.conf in the root subvolume of your root disk, to be sure), but the boot menu highlights 'factory' just to confuse you and be spiteful16:26
tiagogomesah thanks ssam216:31
radiofreeonce you boot in system-version-manager should also tell you you're running test16:34
petefoth2tiagogomes: you wereasking about submitting patches for changes to At the moment, people make and push changes, without review . A few people keep an eye on any such changes and, in principle,  would  revert or fix any 'unacceptable' changes. This process seems to be wroking reasonably well up to now. We did discuss this a while back, and it was felt that submitting patches for review introduced too much friction16:36
persiaSome folk submit patches, but usually only for larger patches with more substantive changes, or if they are uncertain about certain changes.16:37
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straycatOh, all the symlinks in /etc/ssl/certs are broken, that might explain things...18:16
DavePage_c_rehash ?18:16
straycatWell, it's more a case of finding out exactly why they're broken in the first place and fixing it so they get created correctly18:18
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straycatAhh okay, so I think it's because of what we're setting CERTSDIR to in that morph file, it's linking symbolically to an absolute path which doesn't exist on the system18:35
straycatoh but the update-ca-certifactes script also seems to make an assumption that the paths you're linking symbolically to exist at the time you run the script, so I think we should probably run update-ca-cerificates as a system-integration command18:53
straycatOh, I just tried to tab-complete some build command then realised that won't work. SotK, richard_maw is ok to merge? Probably should be rebased before doing so I guess?19:27

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