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ssam2Since we deployed the 'firehose' machine before Christmas, it has had 86901 attempts to crack the root password09:21
ssam2I'm very glad Baserock defaults to not setting a root password!09:21
ssam2there's actually no need to give this machine a public IP at all, it has one right now just for easier debugging09:21
ssam2seems that we forgot to actually enable the firehose.timer unit, though, so it didn't actually do anything over xmas09:23
paulsherwoodcool :)09:27
paulsherwoodi notice the masons are not finding any connection?09:28
ssam2that's from 29th/30th Dec ... status page is misleading09:28
ssam2 -- a candidate branch with the latest commit of Linux !09:29
ssam2and a bunch of other changes, strangely09:29
ssam2probably stuff that was committed to definitions.git since the last time firehose ran ...09:30
paulsherwoodyup - sounds like a bug - fh should always test off master, no?09:32
paulsherwoodor specified startpoint, at least?09:33
ssam2that's a bug, I think it should be producing a commit that only changes the ref field for Linux09:34
ssam2I shall note this when I get to reviewing it I guess09:34
* paulsherwood wonders what all the | symbols are for in morph logs these days09:44
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ssam2paulsherwood: wow, those are weird09:56
ssam2I never noticed before09:56
ssam2you mean stuff like `2014-12-18 16:00:00 DEBUG [systems/devel-system-x86_64-chroot.morph]# g | i | t |   | r | e | v | - | p | a | r | s | e |   | - | - | v | e | r | i | f | y |   | ' | e | d | d | 1 | 8 | a | 7 | 7 | 9 | 7 | 3 | d | 8 | c | d | 1 | 2 | b | 0 | 9 | b | c | 6 | e | 3 | a | c | 0 | 6 | f | e | c | d | 7 | 2 | a | 7 | e | 4 | 5 | ^ | { | c | o | m | m | i | t | } | '` ?09:56
ssam2hah, that's my fault actually09:57
tiagogomessysroot deployment is missing in morph deploy documentation10:16
ssam2tiagogomes: the deploy docs are still a work in progress10:34
ssam2do you need help understanding it?10:34
tiagogomesssam2 not for that one, because it doesn't do much :)10:38
tiagogomesit seems a bit dangerous though, as it will delete the contents of the directory where the system is going to be installed. Maybe it was better to fail if the destination dir is not empty10:44
ssam2tiagogomes: perhaps, yeah10:48
ssam2when run by Morph the directory will always be a new, empty directory in /tmp10:48
ssam2it's always good minimise the number of ways users can unexpectedly delete files, though !10:48
tiagogomeswill it be /tmp? I though that the destination dir will be the one pointed by the value of 'location' when 'type' is 'sysroot'10:50
ssam2tiagogomes: oh, good point!10:56
ssam2$1 will be the dir in /tmp, $2 will be the 'location' field10:57
ssam2so yeah, definitely better to warn if it's not empty, rather than deleting the contents, I think ...10:57
ssam2do you have time to make a patch ?10:57
tiagogomesI am curious about this, why `find "$1" -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -exec mv {} "$2/." +` instead of `mv "$1"/* "$2"`11:03
ssam2don't know off hand, I think richard_maw wrote that11:04
ssam2may be to preserve attributes, uids etc. ? Although I'd have thought `mv` did that anyway11:04
tiagogomeswell, the former is is using mv as well11:05
ssam2I'd be fine with changing it to `mv`, if there's no explanation of why that more complex command is being used11:08
tiagogomesI think that it could be because find will be faster than expanding the wild cards11:10
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ssam2that makes sense11:12
ssam2maybe add a comment then11:12
* ssam2 looks forward to seeing 'ERROR: Some copyright years need fixing' regularly from morph's test suite for the next couple of months11:16
bashrc_on copyright headers I don't know whether you're supposed to have date ranges, or just the latest year11:25
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ssam2neither do I.11:26
KinnisonCopyright headers should list every year that a change was made11:29
Kinnisonyou can condense sequential years into a range11:29
KinnisonSo you might have Copyright 2011,2013-201511:29
bashrc2ok. Thanks for clearing up a longstanding confusion11:30
Kinnisonthat has some good answers on it11:32
Kinnison(top hit for 'copyright years in source code' on my google bubble)11:32
bashrc2Once lets-encrypt is fully operational I expect that there will be no reason not to have a cert on baserock.org11:44
paulsherwoodssam2: i would more look forward to the removal of that test, since it is a waste of folks' time11:53
paulsherwoodssam2: i've +2 your log change12:23
paulsherwoodis there an easy way to include the output of (successful) build commands in the log?12:24
ssam2paulsherwood: thanks12:27
ssam2paulsherwood: that's possible, but the log files would be enourmous12:27
ssam2I think we should provide an option for writing them to stdout, though12:28
ssam2making '--verbose' cause build output to be written to stdout would suit me12:28
straycatdistbuild already does this, it uses an internal option --build-log-on-stdout12:37
ssam2oh yeah!12:38
ssam2that's super useful, I can't believe I never thought of it!12:41
tiagogomesI can't push to git.baserock.org12:42
straycatnot sure it was intended as a user thing, but *shrug*12:42
tiagogomes ssh whoami shows that I am not in any group, should I be in any?12:43
straycatbaserock-writers if you want to push12:43
tiagogomesah, can someone add me to that group then?12:44
ssam2tiagogomes: just so we are following policy, could you send an email to the list and request access ?12:45
ssam2I know you already had it from a while back12:45
ssam2straycat: would you be happy to +1 tiago's request? I will too12:46
ssam2ok, cool12:46
ssam2tiagogomes: I'll add you to the group now then :) but please send the mail too12:46
tiagogomesssam2, ok12:46
tiagogomesssam2 to baserock-dev I suppose?12:47
tiagogomesI can push now, thanks ssam2 13:43
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paulsherwoodstraycat, ssam2 - the purpose of including it would be so that one could diff build log a vs b to work out what has changed, or what config broke etc13:48
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paulsherwoodssam2: would firehose chunk logically go in build-system?14:10
pedroalvarez_paulsherwood: comparing build logs is already possible but not easy for a human to do 14:11
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez_: how?14:12
pedroalvarezThey are storied in the artifacts folder 14:12
paulsherwoodthey are?14:12
pedroalvarezSo, if you know the cache keys of the 2 builds, you can compare 14:12
pedroalvarezBut as I said, not easy to do14:13
ssam2paulsherwood: build-system would be an OK place, yeah14:14
ssam2theoretically you could make a smaller firehose-system because firehose doesn't actually need to build anything itself, but I don't think that's worth the effort right now14:15
tiagogomeswhat is a mason these days? I recall it was a debian image running Jenkins and some other executable which contacted with the trove14:37
ssam2tiagogomes: it's a work-in-progress14:43
ssam2Adam did some work on it recently and documented his plans in an RFC to the list14:43
ssam2some of that work is now done14:43
ssam2if you look in the baserock-dev archive for '[RFC] Updating Mason to use Zuul, Gearman and Turbo-Hipster' (Nov 2014) and '[PATCH 0/8] Implement Mason with Zuul and turbo-hipster' (Dec 2014) you'll find the relevant info14:44
tiagogomesok, thanks ssam214:45
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