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radiofreemason-arm still red :\09:55
persiaWhy does it keep retrying the same CHA1?10:04
persiaIn any case, needs someone to investigate why glib can't be updated.  Does anyone know if that can be done remotely, or does it require someone from the operations team?10:06
persiaLooking at the log, it seems we ever cache the "SHA1_PREV": does this just not get compared to SHA1?10:07
* radiofree has no idea how any of the mason stuff works10:16
radiofreegit clone  git:// works on my machine though10:17
persiaHmm.  Probably needs operations then :(10:18
radiofreei think everyone is on holiday now10:19
persiaDoes mason being red affect anything other than mason?10:21
radiofreei don't think so10:21
persiaWell, we can hope someone from operations fixes it, but if it doesn't affect anything, I'm not that worried.10:22
persia(well, I am, but more about how we got into this state, and what not being able to clone git implies about the reliability of git transport,than about mason being down)10:22
radiofreeit's impossible to debug without better logs10:23
radiofreeor access to the machine10:23
petefoth2DavePage was visible (having a lonely standup) in #sysadmin a while back10:28
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pedroalvarezok, my debugging foo is finally getting some logs (at least...)12:52
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radiofreeCan you manually clone from
pedroalvarezfrom the same machine and from different machines13:11
persiaDo you have access to the logs from the machine that is resetting the connection?13:13
pedroalvarezI guess that is the git server (
pedroalvarezI was actually doing that. Try to connect to it and get logs13:15
pedroalvarez<pedroalvarez> I'm tempted to blame, which is the git server that mason-arm/distbuild-arm is using13:16
pedroalvarezand here it is:
pedroalvarezthis is what the journalctl shows everythime I run the git command in the previous paste13:20
persiaMight be worth expanding that, but I don't understand why a loose object would cause that.13:23
persiaAre there useful logs for the lorry attempts to update that repo?13:24
pedroalvarezthat would be also interesting to debug13:38
pedroalvarezand indeed, it's failing to lorry, but groff and glib aren't, so I wonder if these are 2 problems instead of one13:41
persiaI thought glib was the problem.13:42
persiaAh, lzo, hrm.13:42
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* pedroalvarez decides to switch to
radiofreewon't that push temporary build branches?15:49
pedroalvarezwhen building things that are not present in g.b.o15:50
pedroalvarezmason only builds master, and also it doesn't have push access15:50
radiofreeah, cool15:54
jmacsHmm, looks like a kernel panic in btrfs16:12
persiapedroalvarez: Does anything else have access to the distbuild cluster you are adjusting?16:17
radiofreeno systemd cache from master :\16:18
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pedroalvarezradiofree: for arm or for x86?18:35
pedroalvarezradiofree: systemd for arm was being built when you said that there wasn't cache for it18:36
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pedroalvarezpersia: I've tried to figure out the details of accessibility of this distbuild network, but the connection from spain to Datacentred is being really sloy today18:41
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persiapedroalvarez: Heh, thanks for looking.  My thought is only that if there is still unauthenticated access permitted to that distbuild network, it could cause commits to land at, which commits we would not want to maintain.19:48
persiaGiven that they all appear in extra temporary branches, we could use low-level git commands to cause them not to exist, but this may involve a repack, which is bandwidth-expensive for anyone mirroring g.b.o repos.19:49
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