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* paulsher1ood sees lots of red on both masons... and concludes that he should have tested the latest importer patch08:16
paulsher1oodcurrent build of devel is broken - the above patch fixes that08:25
paulsher1ooderk. it also includes a spurious new morph file, please disregard08:29
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radiofreered.. red everywhere12:29
radiofreeglib-misc is failing12:30
radiofreethe logs on the mason site are pretty useless12:30
radiofreecould i take a look at builds/build-step-glib-misc.log?12:31
radiofreeit was red all day friday, does mason e-mail alerts to people?12:32
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persiaI don't think mason emails anyone.15:06
persiaI think the build logs are on the cache server, but I may misremember.  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an index, so I'm not sure how to construct the right URL15:12
pedroalvarezthe problem with mason-arm is not related to the problem with mason-x86 16:17
pedroalvarezglib is not failing to build. Morph is failing to fetch glibc source code (i believe)16:17
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pedroalvarezthe latest importer tool patch was ok, but I think we merged another version of it16:22
pedroalvarezSince the patch was +2ed, and the merge is incomplete, I'm going to merge paulsher1ood's patch to make it build again16:22
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pedroalvarezbuild logs are not saved when the build fail.16:40
pedroalvarezbut if it builds they are indeed sent to the cache server16:40
pedroalvarezmason provides build logs, though16:40
pedroalvarezsometimes a bit messy, but they always have the error.16:40
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pedroalvarezAnyway, mason-x86 is progressing now to the green, import-tool now builds fine16:42
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pedroalvarezmason-armv7lhf was suffering a problem of corrupted git repo (glib repo)16:42
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persiaWhat can cause the repo corruption?  We ought be able to detect and avoid this sort of thing.16:46
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pedroalvarezI don't know why, but maybe related to the fact that the gits repositories of this distbuild node (of mason-arm) are on btrfs16:53
persiaEven so, the git replication mechanism *should* tell us when a repo isn't consistent.16:56
persiaDo we need additional checks to ensure reliability?16:57
persiaFor example, I've been thinking we should do everything over https, just for checksums, etc.16:57
persiaThat would replicate bad data as well as good (just in a reliable manner), so perhaps we need something else?16:58
pedroalvarezin this case, morph was failing to update the glib repo cause it didn't have any remotes (git remote -v was showing nothing)17:03
persiaHrm.  So the problem was that in the build instance, the git repo was corrupted.  I wonder how we can detect that.17:10
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pedroalvarezit turns out that an empty `git remote -v` doesn't mean git corruption18:05
pedroalvarezsomething else is going on18:05
pedroalvarezhm.. maybe yes..18:06
pedroalvarezI'm tempted to blame, which is the git server that mason-arm/distbuild-arm is using18:07
persiaBlame how?18:10
pedroalvareznot sure yet, I'm really confused18:14
pedroalvarezso the current error that I'm trying to debug is this: "ERROR: Failed to update cached version of repo git://"18:16
pedroalvarezI thought that the repo was corrupted, so I deleted it from the distbuild node18:16
pedroalvarezbut the error is back18:16
pedroalvarezall the repositories cloned in the distbuild nodes doesn't have remote config in its config file18:17
pedroalvarezis weird since I've been looking to another different distbuild network, and they have remote config18:18
pedroalvarezalso weird because is happening in all the workers18:18
pedroalvarez(I think that this 'no remotes' thing is related, of course)18:19
* pedroalvarez is failing to find the problem18:34
pedroalvarezI'll continue the debugging later18:34

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