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* ssam2 opens up Thunderbird to find 3 mails from 'Mason automated test tool'10:03
perrylssam2: the DC firehose machine is at capacity and apparently segfaulting too :(10:04
perrylit's like christmas come early!10:04
ssam2that can only mean fun10:04
ssam2I'll have a look10:04
franredit is segfaulting because of the capacity10:04
franredssam2, vga only has 3 GB space which is completely used, so there are no more space for anything10:05
ssam2right, so we need to delete stuff or expand its disk10:06
perrylexpand disk seems preferable10:07
perryldepends on if 3G is reasonable 10:08
ssam23G seems very small..10:08
ssam2it has a 40GB disk according to Horizon though10:08
ssam2I guess what happened is cloud-init failed to run so its root disk never got resized10:09
perrylssam2: i think it's not expanded, franred mentioned something about requiring cloud-init in the cluster morphology10:09
franredssam2, yes, but looks like when deploy your cluster morphology does not contain: "CLOUD_INIT: yes"10:09
ssam2ah! CLOUD_INIT: yes10:09
ssam2good spot.10:09
ssam2I wonder if we can run it manually now.10:09
ssam2oh, I ran 'btrfs filesystem resize max /' and it now has a 40GB disk10:10
franredssam2, after a segfaulty disk, if you expand the disk do you think it would be ok?10:10
ssam2don't know10:10
perryli'll test10:10
perrylERROR: unknown subcommand firehose. well, that's a promising start to the day10:11 was powered off and none of us know why. It is back on now though.10:18
jmacspdar: Have you ever seen /usr/bin/ceph hang after returning the right result? Seems to only occur on Baserock.10:32
pedroalvarezjmacs: that was a bug  in python IIRC10:33
pedroalvarezin the python version that baserock has10:33
perrylssam2: how long does a commit take to get to testgerrit?10:37
mwilliams_ctFor one's own write extensions, what is the proper syntax to use in a cluster file in order to use them?10:38
pdarjmacs: pedroalvarez: Yep,  a bug in python 2.7.810:39
jmacspdar: pedroalvarez: Thanks, I'm trying to patch in 2.7.3 now and see if that helps10:40
pdarjmacs: there is a patch in python 2.7.9rc110:40
ssam2perryl: should be pretty much instant, I think10:41
ssam2once 'git commit' returns, you should see it in the web interface etc.10:41
ssam2(if you refresh)10:41
ssam2wait, I mean once 'git push' returns ;)10:41
pdarjmacs: ooh, and python 2.7.9 just came out last week too10:42
perryli ran firehose with no errors and got excited but there's nothing showing in gerrit10:42
Krinif anyone has the time, would it be possibl to have a quick eye at the lorry patch i have re-submitted? it's blocking a final touch i would like to make to the zookeeper patch series (that is altering where the zookeeper example programs should be obtained from)10:42
ssam2perryl: can you see the output of 'git push' in a log file anywhere, to double check that the push was successful ?10:42
ssam2if it looks like it was, I guess we can go through the logs on the Gerrit system and check10:43
pdarjmacs: it was a bug introduced in 2.7.8 too so previous python versions should work too. I think.10:43
jmacs2.7.3 matches the ubuntu images I'm using, so I'm trying that first10:44
perrylssam2: i tried again with --verbose and it doesn't seem to be committing or pushing that i can see10:44
perryli'll look into it10:44
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perrylok, so without the change-id fix firehose attempts to push correctly. with it it doesn't push at all. so my way of adding a change id to the commit message is wrong clearly...11:19
jmacsIs there an easy way to get sgdisk in Baserock? It doesn't look like it's present in util-linux.11:39
persiajmacs: You can clone git clone git:// gptfdisk-code, and set up a local chunk definition.11:42
persiaBut if you want to publish something, you'd need to lorry, etc.11:43
jmacsOK, thanks persia.11:48
persiaYou may find some of the patches and/or integration code from useful11:55
pedroalvarezso, the pxeboot.write extension doesn't work if the nfs-server.service is not running. I'm pondering 2 solutions:12:05
pedroalvarez1) check if the service is running in the write extension and start/stop it if needed12:05
pedroalvarez2) check if the service is running in the check extension, and suggest the user to strat it before calling morph deploy12:05
persiaConsider the case where the NFS server is not running on the development laptop.12:06
persiaYou probably only want to check when the cluster configuration specifies local NFS, which may be tricky to determine, depending on how the cluster definition is written.12:07
pedroalvarezactually I think that is easy to determine when it's local and when not12:07
pedroalvarezif PXEBOOT_MODE is "existing-server", then it won't be local12:08
persiaOh, excellent.  In the PXEBOOT_MODE:existing-server case, I think your idea of checking is a good one.12:09
persiaErr, PXEBOOT_MODE != existing-server12:10
pedroalvarezI'll go for the option 2, given that I don't like the idea of starting and stopping services in a write extension12:10
persiaThat seems to follow the guideline of "do one thing, and do it well"12:14
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jmacsLooks like gptfdisk needs uuid-dev... this feels like a rabbit hole12:33
persiautil-linux is in core, so it ought just be adjusting the chunk definition to expose it12:37
jmacspersia: Is that relevant to uuid/uuid.h or sgdisk itself?12:38
persiaDebian's "uuid-dev" package comes from the util-linux source.12:39
persiaDebian's util-linux source comes from
jmacsOK, I will look into that on the next build cycle.12:39
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persiaOur util-linux lorry comes from git://
persiaI don't know, but I suspect that the two sources are at least very similar.12:40
pedroalvarezI do have uuid/uuid.h in my system12:42
pedroalvarez/baserock/util-linux-devel.meta:        "usr/include/uuid/uuid.h"12:43
* pedroalvarez enjoys the combination of `grep` and the /baserock/* metadafa files12:43
persiaAh good, so sgdisk should be simply buildable :)12:45
persia(I still want a better location for the metadata files: /baserock feels wrong, but everything else breaks something)12:46
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perrylfirehose finally pushes!13:02
perryleverything is wonderful at this exact point in time13:02
perryland it's only took me about half a day to get the change ID in the commit ;_;13:03
perrylooh, that isn't good, mason has given a -113:04
ssam2I hope this isn't like introducing two pets to each other and they immediately start fighting13:04
persiaperryl: That is good.  It indicates that the automation is doing things semi-blindly, and the other automation is catching the problems.13:05
ssam2'ERROR: Ref 4237d8e2a7cf5c60e699d9a8194f932136cb6fbd is an invalid reference for repo'13:05
ssam2persia: sadly, it seems to indicate that the other automation is broken :(13:05
* perryl resists urge to pull hair out13:05
ssam2still, is about as close as we've got to having a visibile indicator of how close we are to our goal ...13:06
persiaperryl: Baldness is the new chic :)13:06
perrylpersia: patchy baldness may be less chic :D13:07
ssam2oh, I wonder if the problem is that `morph checkout` can't see branches that have been pushed to 'refs/for/master' in gerrit ?13:09
ssam2I don't know what happens to those commits once they are pushed or how we actually get at them13:10
persiaIf you look at the change in the gerrit web UI, there should be a command explaining how to fetch the HEAD13:27
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persiaOr not :(13:31
persiaI think you want `git fetch refs/changes/73/73/1 && git checkout FETCH?HEAD`13:33
persiaI also think that this should probably be https13:33
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ssam2_seems that the way Mason tries to check out candidates from Gerrit actually works fine14:53
ssam2_the problem with is that it's got completely the wrong SHA1 from somewhere14:53
ssam2_I shall have a go at comprehending the Mason logs14:53
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pedroalvarezSigh.. I'm stuck at trying to fix pxeboot.check. Its logic is a bit complex to understand...15:21
paulsher1oodssam2_: does SotK's mason have a status page?15:35
ssam2_paulsher1ood: it doesn't15:35
* paulsher1ood wonders how it's supposed to work, then?15:36
ssam2_it tests every branch that gets submitted to Gerrit15:37
ssam2_and sets Verified = -1 or Verified = +1 based on whether the tests pass15:37
paulsher1oodok. no verification of anything post-merge?15:38
persiaMason v2 would check master, and report if it works or doesn't work.15:38
ssam2_no, it's pre-merge only15:38
persiaMason v3 checks pre-merge, and only permits merge of things that work, so master is always working.15:38
KinnisonIIRC it prepares the merge and tests that15:38
Kinnisonso it's a pre-merge test of what would be there post-merge IIRC15:38
ssam2_it's super configurable, I'm sure we could get it testing master too if we wanted15:39
ssam2_given enough time to learn how Zuul works :)15:39
paulsher1oodok, that *sounds* safe... will be interesting to see in practice15:39
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: It's a fairly standard pre-merge testing approach15:39
ssam2_Personally, I think it makes sense to keep the old Mason going for now15:39
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: I believe things like PQM etc do similarly15:39
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: except they land commits which pass15:40
ssam2_so we can see if 'master' really does always work15:40
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: where mason will only vote initially15:40
paulsher1oodno possibility of folks merging stuff that Mason votes against?, or doesn't vote on at all?15:42
jmacspedroalvarez: This bug with python 2.7.8 you mentioned earlier - do you know where I could find a description of the bug, or something to google for?15:42
persiaIt would show in the log, and we could be very annoyed at them.15:42
persiaMy preference would be for the gerrit ACL to disallow any pushes not by Zuul.15:42
ssam2_I think we are a long way off that being useful15:43
paulsher1oodwhy, ssam2_ ?15:43
ssam2_Mason only has one or two tests15:43
persiassam2_: Are they not the same tests as Mason v2?15:44
ssam2_persia: yes15:44
franredjmacs, I think pdar has more information about it, he was looking how to solve it 2 or 3 days ago15:44
ssam2_persia: so they don't include all systems15:44
pedroalvarezjmacs: indeed, pdar was looking into fixing that15:44
persiaThat's OK.  It gives us at least as much confidence as we have today, and we have a saner framework to add more tests.15:44
persiaI still think we should disallow anyone other than Zuul merging, because that would open the possibility of merging something that would not pass even the minimal tests we have.15:45
pedroalvarezThis version of mason will be doing verification pre-merge, which is awesome. So we don't have to build anything ourselves when we are reviewing a patch15:48
persiaWell, it would save time to do so.  If something doesn't build, waiting for Mason to tell you can be annoying.15:49
ssam2_one problem I think we'll hit early on with this version of Mason is that it doesn't give any feedback until the test cycle is complete15:49
paulsher1oodneither does the current one?15:50
persiaWhat sort of feedback could it provide before it finishes?15:50
ssam2_I'd prefer it to give feedback in stages, so that as soon as you know it builds, it tells you "this built!"15:50
paulsher1oodah, yes15:50
ssam2_ does this15:51
ssam2_(when the build isn't failing :)15:51
paulsher1oodcan't build be one test, and then tests be other tests?15:51
ssam2_they kind of are15:51
ssam2_but currently Zuul runs them one after the other, and doesn't give feedback till they are all done15:51
paulsher1oodthat sounds like config15:52
pedroalvarezsounds configurable though15:52
ssam2_perhaps we could have the Verified label in Gerrit go +1 for builds, +2 for test passing15:52
franredsounds like a good plan15:53
persiaMight make sense to work with zuul upstream about that: I doubt only we would find it useful.15:53
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paulsher1oodKrin: i saw your branch, and then noticed it's 5 days old. haven't you made some changes since then???16:23
paulsher1oodKrin: normal approach would be to push a -v2 branch with post-review fixes16:23
Krinhuh, i was sure i'd pushed the changes i'v made today... O.o and i did not know that was the usual practice for this kind of thing paulsher1ood, i'll make that branch instead then16:25
paulsher1oodKrin: to be fair, i've force-pushed quite a few branches myself... but -v2 is probably safer :-)16:26
Kringit log16:27
paulsher1oodKrin: and now it seems to be uptodate. maybe my browser, caching16:27
Krindamnit >.<16:27
* robtaylor force pushes his development branches16:27
Krinno, sorry, that was me trying to make a V2, and pushing to the current... 16:27
robtaylorKrin: but given you seem to have a unquie ability to make git go funny, i woudn't reccomend that for you ;)16:28
paulsher1oodKrin: 'un-nessisary' are you doing these on purpose? :-)16:28
* Krin shrugs his shoulders as a 80's style TV show logo reading "thats just Krin" falls around him16:28
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Krinno paulsher1ood i'm dyslexic and the command line does not have a spell checker that i'v found 16:29
paulsher1oodaha. my apologies, then. i meant no offence16:29
Krinif you know of one, i'd be appreciative 16:29
KinnisonKrin: You might want to try fish16:29
KinnisonKrin: It's a scary shell16:29
KinnisonKrin: it practically has spelling correction in16:29
KinnisonKrin: You could sort it out for Baserock if you like it16:30
robtaylorKinnison: surely zsh has spelling correction? =)16:30
Kinnisonrobtaylor: naah, zsh is unforgiving16:30
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Krinand no offence is taken paulsher1ood , long since come to laugh at my own mistakes :) admitting and not getting angry at them is a good way to start sorting them out.16:31
robtaylorsetopt correct16:31
Kinnisonrobtaylor: You have to focus hard before you press <TAB> lest it decide to delete every third file whose name starts with a 'W'16:31
robtayloroh yes16:31
Krini'll have a look into fish Kinnison 16:31
* robtaylor still hasn't made the transition16:31
Kinnisonrobtaylor: and yes, I know about setopt correct, I just try to never think of using it16:31
KinnisonKrin: fish tries to make useful suggestions based on your history, path, etc.  It's quite fancy16:32
* robtaylor likes that one of fishshell's highlighted selling points is "Glorious VGA Color"16:33
robtaylori wonder if it has sane history handling16:33
pedroalvarezKrin: re Zookeeper - do you understand what I am suggesting in the email? Do you need some help with that?16:34
Krinpedroalvarez, I may need some help doing that in an efficient manner, I understand what you are getting at and I do agree. it's a thought I'v had also, but at the same time I'm trying to get this out before year end for a client. and I'm not the greatest with baserock still.16:36
Krinthough i think i misunderstood you in the original e-mail16:37
Krinbut not your most recent follow up16:37
Krinpedroalvarez, ^^16:37
pedroalvarezKrin: yeah, english is not my native language :/16:40
* robtaylor screams in horror at the yocto SDK he's been given for a dev board failing on his system because it thinks gnumake 4.1 is *too old* due to a bad regex16:43
Krinpedroalvarez, it's far better than any other language i speak, so you win there :)16:45
pedroalvarezKrin: I've pushed my suggestion to baserock/pedroalvarez/zookeeper-fixes16:50
ssam2_wow, Zuul is a hard project to search for on the web16:50
pedroalvarezKrin: hang on, I forgot one thing16:50
jmacsYou should try "chef"16:50
ssam2_at least there's only one software project called Chef, I think16:51
Krini'll have a gander at that, i'v just tried changing it myself, which whent a lot faster than i thought it would, i'll see how your's and mine differ then cry over my lack of understanding of the system :)16:51
ssam2_I've found two other Zuuls on github so far16:51
pedroalvarezKrin: it should be easy to understand :)16:52
pedroalvarezKrin: anyway, I pushed what I was missing. That branch should be equivalent to yours16:53
Krinpedroalvarez, where is that branch? I can't find it17:03
pedroalvarezdefinitions.git I believe17:04
paulsher1oodKrin: not sure whether it matters, but i notice that system-version-manager does not appear to work when i try to deploy your zookeeper system as a devel-upgrade17:04
paulsher1ood'env: can't execute '/tmp/tmp.FTWk3D/systems/TEST/orig/usr/bin/system-version-manager': No such file or directory'17:04
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pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: that is because the zookeeper system doesn't have system-version-manager on it17:05
persiassam2_: I think you want git://
pedroalvarezwhich is not needed at all in a zookeeper system I believe17:05
paulsher1oodpedroalvarez: ack. just checking... so this means that zookeeper system would not be updateable?17:06
pedroalvarezKrin: here is the branch:
Krinit's not a devel system, just base. this was one of the corrections made when people pointed out that i did not use any of the devel packages17:06
paulsher1oodKrin: base sysetms are updateable, afaik17:06
ChristmasPresent is now known as genii17:06
Krinhuh ewell being abl to update sounds like a damn useful thing to be able to do, i just followed instructions to make it a not-devel system as best i could, i may well have misinterpretted something17:08
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: that means that you can't "upgrade" a system to be a zookeeper system.17:09
* Krin still feels like he is edging ever closer to actualy having this finished, even if he corrects one thing and has to correct another after, the number of corrections is slowly being wittled down17:09
pedroalvarezKrin: yeah, you are getting there17:10
paulsher1oodpedroalvarez: true. but it would also not be possible to "upgrade" this zookeeper system in the normal baserock way17:10
* paulsher1ood suggests adding foundation to both zookeeper systems17:10
persiaIs the base requirement for self-upgrading documented anywhere?17:10
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: is this a requirement for all the systems?17:10
paulsher1oodi don't know. i'm asking17:11
persiaThat should probably be separated out in definitions, as there are lots of cases where folk would want to upgrade non-devel systems.17:11
franredKrin, you should also check which configuration-extensions you need, you have removed some strata from your strata so some configurations-extensions should disappear, i.e, cloud-init17:12
KrinI feel mighty happy now about my understanding of baserock growing, my own changes after hearing your suggestion are identical to yours pedroalvarez :) yay I'm learning17:12
Kringood spot franred 17:12
pedroalvarezKrin: note that I did 2 commits17:12
paulsher1oodany good reason not to have foundation in these systems?17:13
pedroalvarezthe only good reason is that is not needed at all to work17:13
Krinok, so i'll add foundation back into the zookeeper stratum, remove the excess configurations-extensions, and submit a -v317:13
pedroalvarezif we want it to be upgradeable, then we should add foundation to it17:13
pedroalvarezKrin: that works for me17:14
Krinthen find a corner to curl up into and put ice on my brain17:14
pedroalvarezput bacon, so you can eat it later when is fried17:15
Krinmmm, brain bacon.17:15
ssam2_It seems like the problem with Mason is that Zuul is creating a merge commit locally, then telling it to build that17:19
ssam2_but it's giving it a repo URL in testgerrit, not anything local17:19
ssam2_I guess in the case where the merge is fast-forward, this doesn't break anything, but when it's not a fast-forward merge, the commit is missing17:20
ssam2_I don't know yet if Zuul is meant to push a merge commit to Gerrit (seems weird), or pass a local repo path to the tests...17:20
ssam2_also the Mason instance is very unresponsive, but other machines in the same cloud are fine. And the IO and CPU usage on the Mason are both very low17:21
persiaHow do other Zuul users do it?17:23
bashrc_ is now known as bashrc17:25
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ssam2_persia: I'd like to find that out, but I'm not sure where to start looking17:35
ssam2_at turbo-hipster I guess17:35
persiaI'd ask in #openstack-infra, which I believe to be the upstream channel.  I know it gets used for OpenStack, MediaWiki, and KDE.  Be warned that you might get pointed at some puppet config repos :)17:36
ssam2_thanks, I'll do that if I can come up with a question that makes sense17:36
persiaYou might just ask where to find the configuration, so that you can see what upstream Zuul is passing, and to what it is passing.17:38
persiaI think most of those projects still use Jenkins behind Zuul, which may make a difference.17:39
ssam2_right. I've found which will hopefully clear things up for me a bit17:40
persiaBut note the different git URL I posted earlier: the github is a non-production copy (I think it is refreshed regularly, but I don't know)17:40
ssam2_ah, OK, thanks17:41
Krinhmm, i must admit, Kinnison suggested the deployment split between client and server to me, and i'm not sure i fully understood it. can i specify the location to deploy too? i'm trying to do that but just being told the the failure was "ssh username@HOSTNAME --true" 17:52
Krini have tied " morph deploy clusters/zookeeper.morph"17:53
ssam2_HOSTNAME is a placeholder17:53
Krinahh, but username will need manually replacing?17:53
ssam2_both need manually replacing17:53
Krini mean, can i specify it in the morph command, or do i need to edit the file?17:54
ssam2_but you don't need the '' part17:54
Krinthat part is me trying to work out how to specify with the morph command.17:54
ssam2_yes, and it was a good attempt, but it was wrong17:55
ssam2_try 'morph deploy clusters/zookeeper.morph my-server-system.location=kvm+ssh://mikesmith@...'17:55
Krinhmm, it still says that i'm using username@HOTSTNAME17:57
Krinwould you mind if i IM'd you the full command i'm using ssam2_ ?17:57
CTtpollardssam2, would it be possible to pass me a copy of projects.yaml which I believe gerrit uses?17:58
CTtpollard^ ssam2_17:59
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ssam2_CTtpollard: I'm not sure I've seen a file like that in testgerrit.baserock.org18:03
ssam2_I'll search18:03
pedroalvarezi have just tried `find` to locate it, but I failed18:04
ssam2_me too18:04
CTtpollardhmm I'll get back to storyboard upstream, I got pointed to it as storyboard looks to be able to populate it's project list and groups from it 18:06
ssam2_could depend on the Gerrit version18:06
ssam2_we're using 2.9 I think18:06
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ChristmasPresent is now known as genii18:07
genii is now known as ChristmasPresent18:09
ChristmasPresent is now known as genii18:09
CTtpollardssam2: it could also be specific to openstack gerrit, searching brings up openstack results 18:10
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ssam2_seems like something is very wrong when 'tar' takes 85% of the CPU for 30+ minutes to unpack an 800MB tar file19:08
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