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persia reports 881 lorries.  Is this an accurate count of the number of repositories being mirrored?13:01
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paulsherwoodpersia: i see 885 url fields in local-config/lorries.git/open-source-lorries14:50
paulsherwoodso it's certainly there or thereabouts14:50
* paulsherwood wonders why persia asks14:51
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paulsherwood881 is the real number. my original method was fast but slightly inaccurate16:26
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persiapaulsherwood: I'm just comparing to other source collections.  We've a lot of stuff left to lorry :)21:42
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* paulsherwood wonders if anyone else wants python3 in baserock?22:30
persiaI'd like that.  Extra points for a patch allowing morph to use it :)22:32
paulsherwoodi fear those extra points will elude me22:40
paulsherwoodin passing, this has led me to wonder about resolution of namings. if i say core has python@v3.4.2 which has morph file python3.morph, i expect everyone will be confused22:42
paulsherwoodi guess i would be better just saying core has python3, but that clashes with hard-fought beachhead of chunk@foo 22:44
paulsherwoodanyway - seems to work22:47
persiapython2 and python3 are sufficiently different in a sufficient number of ways that in this specific circumstance, I think naming the chunks "python" and "python3" isn't horrid.22:59
persiaProbably better to cause "python" to be named "python2" as well.23:00
persia(so that individual integrators can choose a value for "python" and dual-install "python2" and "python3"23:00
persiaNow, when python 3.5 is released, it probably makes sense to have python3@3.4 and python3@3.5, as there will be transition pain between these two.23:01
persia(and so reasons why a given system may want to use one or the other, both of which will have bugfix-active stable branches)23:01

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