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KinnisonSotK_: If you were to do that, it'd make sense to start by making Lorry accept YAML10:24
KinnisonSotK_: (checking that the JSON outputted by current l-c can be parsed as YAML obv.)10:25
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* persia has temporarily run out of vitrol, and goes to gain some more before again assulting the baserock-dev backlog16:05
* straycat wonders whether install-files should be documented on the wiki16:48
persiaI'd prefer documentation to be in the development system than in the wiki.16:50
persiaMind you, if we were to create some nice docs in a way that we could autogenerate to a website, I'd be happy with that as well, but I worry that adding lots more docs to the wiki, especially for implementation details ends up being confusing and hard to maintain over multiple revisions.16:50
persiaThat said, I had trouble finding useful documentation for any of the configuration extensions, and having something on the wiki as a start might be a reasonsble thing, as all the better options require more infrastructure.16:51
straycatHrm, maybe we should more clearly document the fact that you can do morph help foo.configure16:52
persiaThat would help, and if `morph help install-files.configure` provides useful information, then perhaps it doesn't need to also be on the wiiki.16:54
persiaDoes morph also have a way to discover the confguration extensions for which help is available?16:54
persiaIf so, that also should be documented, preferably clearly in `morph help`16:54
* persia also wants manpages, and some /usr/share/doc/morph/ content, but wanting random stuff doesn't make it happen16:55
straycatpersia, Exactly, the wiki can just have a section that shows you where to get help.16:59
persiaThat would be lovely.  A page on the wiki detailing how to use the online docs helps folk get the right version of the docs for the version of morph (and versions of any configuration extensions provided externally to morph) correctly.17:00
straycatThere's morph help-extensions, but that doesn't seem to work on my system.17:01
paulsher1oodpersia: i think your email to petefoth was rather harsh? he was only trying to help, i think17:17
* paulsher1ood has been known to be harsh too, of course17:19
* petefoth1 can live with 'harsh', and doesn't take this stuff personally, though he will often respond robustly :)17:32
paulsher1ood'/topic grumpy folks discuss Baserock' :-)17:43
persiaIt was mostly harsh because my first knowledge that something like that was being constructed was an email to an address I don't use for Baserock inviting me to a service I disagree about.17:59
persiaThat I've been fairly clear that I believe such systems are anti-community in the past contributed, I'm sure :)17:59
straycatoh, colours in systemd aren't being displayed correctly19:33
rjekGrumpy old men, eh?19:34
rjekThe colours in systemd's messages are new-fangled, and thus make me sad.19:34
rjekWell, a little sad.  Perhaps disappointed is more the word.19:34
straycathello rjek :)19:36
rjekHi there straycat 19:37
* paulsher1ood discovers that morph already has some kind of conditional processing, since there seems to be a case statement in stage2-glibc19:42
straycatyou mean the cases in the various commands? install-commands? That doesn't strike me as being the same as having conditional inclusion of chunks.19:48
paulsher1oodok, you're probably right19:55
* paulsher1ood seems to have got into an odd state... no space left. morph commands crash21:23
paulsher1oodthis is on a brand new br vm (but with existing /src image)21:24
persiadid you remember to link /src/morph.conf to /etc/morph.conf21:30
* persia often forgets for new development environments21:30
paulsher1oodyes, did that.21:34
paulsher1oodthis issue was present in my main machine. i dropped it, created a new one, same effect21:34
persiaMorph usually doesn't complain at me unless I have < 20G free, so not sure why.21:35
persiaDoes `morph gc` help?21:35
* persia doubts it, but has to ask21:35
paulsher1oodfor all morph commands21:36
paulsher1oodincluding gc 21:36
* paulsher1ood wonders if there's some magic in the /src image he doesn't know about21:36
* persia has never seen that error before21:39
* paulsher1ood neither21:39
paulsher1oodi notice that the thing that's actually full is /run21:40
paulsher1oodand that has udev in it21:40
persiaThat isn't a very informative message then.  Hrm.21:41
persiaFor that matter, /run probably shouldn't fill up, as it generally only contains tiny runtime information, unless something significant changed whilst I wasn't paying attention to the plumbing.21:41
paulsher1oodand i wonder if my previous cyclings into latest systemd could have contributed to this?21:42
paulsher1oodthis would assume that tmpfs is somehow mounted on the /src21:42
paulsher1oodactually /run is 184.0k. tmpfs is claiming 1GB availabile21:45
paulsher1oodso my theory fails21:46
paulsher1oodin /src/morph, git pull gives 'error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: No space left on device'21:47
paulsher1oodso this is looking like maybe something messed up in my /src btrfs21:47
persiaI remember seeing a recommendation earlier not to use btrfs for /src, being as ext4 was preferable.21:49
persiaMind you, this was for data space: for system space, btrfs allows useful nifty tricks (especially with disposable replacable systems where one doesn't care so much about data integrity)21:50
jjardon"Fetching to local cache" <- magic words :)22:24
* SotK_ has seen that error when his btrfs disk has filled up before... df can sometimes report free space when there isn't actually any when using btrfs23:03
SotK_paulsher1ood: may be of some help23:05
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