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VVIBIN@ssam2/Paul - my mistake,selected a wrong network adapater in VM for bridge.Corrected and baserock eth0 is properly assigned the IP. 04:38
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madhuin the middle of the build, it repeatedly asking for root@localhost password: 05:46
madhused -i "s|^- morph: .*$|- morph: $1|" "$2"05:46
madhumorph deploy --upgrade "$2" self.HOSTNAME=$(hostname) self.VERSION_LABEL=TEST05:46
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:46
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:46
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:46
madhu2014-10-28 05:41:18 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Unpacking system for configuration05:46
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:06 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]System unpacked at /src/tmp/deployments/tmpU9kGHj/tmpf8a9FZ05:46
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:06 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Writing deployment metadata file05:46
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:07 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Configure system05:46
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:09 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Processing NETWORK_CONFIG=lo:loopback;eth0:dhcp,hostname=$(hostname)05:46
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:09 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Writing to device05:47
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:10 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Finding device that contains "/"05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:32 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Creating remote mount point05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:35 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Mounting root disk05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:36 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Creating /tmp/tmp.maTzyi/systems/TEST05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:38 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Creating "orig" subvolume05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
madhu2014-10-28 05:44:40 [systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph][self]Populating "orig" subvolume05:47
madhuroot@localhost's password: 05:47
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paulsherwoodmadhu: that's in the middle of the deploy06:48
paulsherwoodlooks like the ssh-copy-id has not happened properly?06:49
paulsherwoodmadhu: assuming you entered the password (lots of times :-) ) did it finish ok?06:50
madhupaulsherwood, yes, it had completed.06:51
paulsherwoodwoot! :)06:51
paulsherwoodmadhu: so let's fix the password thing06:52
paulsherwoodin your ssh terminal onto the guest, type ssh-copy-id root@
paulsherwoodnow if you re-run the script/ command, the build should skip because it's already cached, and hopefully the deploy will work without all those prompts06:54
madhupaulsherwood, thanks, it worked, I also run the ssh-keygen before ssh-copy-id07:09
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paulsherwoodaha! 07:45
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* petefoth now has plenty of material for the 'Common Errors' page which will exist soon :)07:52
aananthThe step "scripts/ systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph clusters/upgrade-devel.morph" takes too long. My machine is currently at "[Build 89/166] [linux-x86-64-generic] Cloning upstream:linux"07:52
aananthWe have a training session for day 2 in another 30 mins.07:53
aananthIs there a short cut to copy /src contents from some of my colleagues?07:53
aananthBtw, I am following steps in page
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paulsherwoodaananth: it's ok. we'll discuss that, and shortcuts :)08:15
aananthOk *Paul*08:17
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paulsherwoodaananth: is there some meaning to the asterisks? :-)08:29
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pedroalvarezgood morning08:45
Kinnisonpetefoth: for it's the site admins (me, sam and richard_maw effectively)09:11
Kinnisonpetefoth: feel free to put together an editors-help page which might cover things like how to make nicely labelled links etc09:11
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petefothKinnison: I shall do so (and have created a Trello task to remind myself)09:17
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* straycat meows09:47
straycat19:22  straycat$ so probably needs to go in as well09:47
straycatcan i do that?09:47
straycaton top of the other thing09:47
straycatit's almost trivial enough not to bother asking09:47
persiaTo make sure I understand the syntax correctly, that prints the value of original_ref if defined, and otherwise the value of ref?  If I've read it correctly, I concur it to be trivial and necessary.09:50
persiaThen yes :)09:53
ssam2might make more sense to print the sha1, so the user knows exactly what commit is being built09:55
ssam2thus always printing 'ref'09:56
straycatyeah but as you pointed out those shas are temporary09:56
straycatit's not going to be the sha at the repo's head09:56
ssam2oh, that's true if a temporary build branch was created09:56
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straycatwe could also always print the sha, would possibly cause some confusion for newcomers though10:09
persiaHow so?10:10
* persia doesn't think that we can meaningfully hide SHAs from users10:11
KinnisonSeveral of our users want us to10:11
KinnisonOr at least, paulsherwood does10:11
KinnisonWell, he dislikes full shas anyway10:11
KinnisonHe might accept a 7char abbrev-sha10:11
persiaIt's like git.  One can get a short way while pretending everything is short and pretty, and then as soon as one wants to do something interesting, one needs to know the sha.10:12
straycatActually it wouldn't be confusing at all really, "huh? why isn't morph build HEAD. oh, because i have uncommitted changes"10:12
persiaI'm not opposed to abbreviated shortshas, with digit width being the minimum required for unique identity, but that's essentially still SHA.10:13
persiastraycat: That would be my interpretation, yes.10:13
ssam2yeah, I guess once it's clearer about how to get Morph to build the thing you have checked out locally, showing the ref name instead of its sha1 shouldn't be a problem10:19
paulsherwoodi don't want to hide shas from uses. but if tags are available, users will want to use them10:20
paulsherwoodand short shas are easier to grok than long ones10:20
franredgit users would be used to use long and short shas, with long shas you have all the info when short ones doesn't so I don't know why we want to use the short version when on the screen/log are going to use few characters more10:27
straycatIt's also worth pointing out that the build ref for a temporary build branch is much longer than a sha, and that's what we print currently10:30
straycat(if we're building from a temporary branch)10:31
paulsherwoodyes - this information is of no help to a user, afaict?10:31
* paulsherwood would like temporary build branches scrapped :)10:32
straycatI don't know really, I've never paid much attention to it before now. It does tell them the temporary branch which might be more use than a sha.10:33
paulsherwoodif my build works, i don't need that info. if my build doesn't work, i need to get to the failed staging area... in which case i still don't need that info afaict10:34
straycatpaulsherwood, Me too really, but I have to concede that they are useful both for distbuild and for building from your current working tree.10:34
* paulsherwood nods, grumpily :)10:36
straycatI'll just merge the first patch for now, we can change the output later if we're not happy with it10:37
persiaThe problem with the temporary build branches is that is causes all sorts of messiness in the parentage and git history, causing git visualisation tools to give confusing output.10:38
ssam2i'm gonna head to the office, see you in 20 mins10:40
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Kinnisonthe temporary branches are unlikely to show up in history, surely?10:41
petefothSo is the Baserock Trello is set up to automatically archive items once they're moved to the 'Done' lane?10:42
KinnisonI've never known trello to do that, can it?10:43
paulsherwoodBaserock Trello? pardon?10:43
KinnisonPedro set up a trello for tracking his upstream work10:44
Kinnisonothers have chosen to join him on it10:44
petefothpaulsherwood: which some of us are using in the absence of other task trackers10:44
petefothfor people who value the Kanban process :)10:45
paulsherwoodover open source software :)10:45
robtaylormaybe using a free software kanban implmenation would be good? ;)10:45
persiaKinnison: The temporary branches always show up in history, sadly, unless you restrict your history view to that of a single branch.  They exist as branches at commits with timestamps, so wider views show them (confusingly), and some tooling that tries to determine true ancestry through blob analysis gets truly confused.10:46
Kinnisonthey're supposed to be removed by the tooling when builds are completed10:46
paulsherwoodrobtaylor: i believe we even developed one :)10:47
persiaThat has not been my experience, although I haven't tried to use git visualisation tools on definitions in some time (as the output was less useful than had been my experience with other projects).10:47
robtaylorpaulsherwood: indeed10:47
* persia continues to believe that kanban-style systems are inapplicable in environments with elastic resources10:47
robtaylorpaulsherwood: well you and rdale did ;)10:47
petefothpaulsherwood: robtaylor: we've been talking about gettign a public facing task-tracker in place, but we got distracted by trying to make storyboard work *in baserock*. In the meantime, aomething is better than nothing. I'm more than happy to use an open source tool if / when there is one in place10:47
richard_mawKinnison: they're removed from the git server, they still exist locally10:48
robtaylor also looks cool10:48
Kinnisonrichard_maw: aah10:48
persiapetefoth: You should chime in on ssam2's thread about the potential for using non-baserock-hosted tooling as baserock infrastructure.  Deploying something isn't the hard part, it's reaching consensus on the amount of dogfood to eat.10:48
petefothpersia: I'll do that. From my perspective the problem is that the baserock community spend a long time in dicussions ("We could use tool foo", "bar looks really interesting", "wouldn't it be good to get qux working in Baserock") but no *decisions* get made. I would rather spend my time getting on with doing stuff (that I hope will be useful). Contributing to discussions gets old quite quickly when nothing seems to happen as a result.10:52
rdalethe lorried version of the qt3d repo seems to be behind the upstream one and is missing a lot of branches10:53
persiapetefoth: My understanding of the decision process is that of loose consensus, and a two-affirmation requirement.  If ssam2 proposes it, and you and I agree, then we should be good unless someone disagrees, which forces discussion.10:54
petefothThe consensus seems to be to use StoryBoard, but it isn'tin place yet because the prosepective hosting company aren't yet ready. I'll happily migrate to StroyBoard once the public instance is up and running. In the nmean time Trello works for me (and for pedroalvarez  and richard_maw )10:54
pedroalvarezjust to be clear, this trello board is not part of the baserock infra.10:55
persiaI thought the issue was whether it was hosted on Baserock alone, regardless of anything else.10:55
petefothpersia: see above. I think we have consensus to use StoryBoard but it isn;t in place yet (because reasons)10:55
persiapetefoth: So, let's fix that.  Give a +1 to the idea that we can use non-baserock-hosted stuff, and we can do that.10:56
persiaAnd when we have the ability to self-host, we can migrate.10:57
petefothpersia: done. Let we know when it's working :)10:58
persiapetefoth: Thanks for helping the decision process.10:58
franredrdale, are you sure that you lorried the repo that you wanted?10:59
franredrdale, I've cloned the repo and it shows the same tag and branches as g.b.o trove has11:00
madhuhow do I include only selected chunks from a stratum11:01
Kinnisonmadhu: You will need to look at the rules for stratum splitting.  richard_maw may be able to give you hints, otherwise look at the minimal system and work backwards from there.11:02
rdalefranred: ok i'll double check qt3d again11:03
richard_mawmadhu: in the strata list in the system definition (systems/minimal-system-x86_64-generic.morph is an example) you can list the artifacts to include11:03
richard_mawby default every stratum has two variants: -runtime and -devel, -devel includes things like the headers, while runtime has the executables, libraries and default config files11:04
richard_mawyou can define other variants for a stratum by adding a field called products to the stratum morphology (see strata/build-essential.morph for an example)11:05
richard_mawyou can specify regular expressions to specify patterns for which parts of the chunks to include11:06
richard_mawor, in the list of chunks, you can add an artifacts key (see `name: eglibc` for an example)11:06
richard_mawwhich lets you override the regular expression match per chunk, and say that these specific splits go into a different stratum variant11:07
richard_mawthe default rules for splitting chunks up produce -bins -libs -misc -devel -doc and -locale, but you can define your own11:08
rdalefranred: i've cloned the upstreamed qt3d again and now it matches the lorried one. I'm not sure was going on - the old upstream copy of qt3d suddenly became an empty directory11:08
richard_mawyou can look at strata/build-essential/eglibc.morph to see how we've overridden the default ways to split a chunk's build up, and we've added an -nss split11:09
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madhurichard_maw, Kinnison : thank you, I will look at them11:10
franredrdale, no idea what could happen, if everything is ok now is good :)11:11
Kinnisonssam2: Are the issues with your trove fixed now?11:12
ssam2Kinnison: my primary goal was to set up a mirror of git.baserock.org11:17
ssam2so I solved that my having my mirror clone from rather than baserock-clone11:17
Kinnisonssam2: :-)11:17
Kinnisonssam2: is baserock-clone fixed?11:17
ssam2not yet11:17
ssam2i'll look at it later11:18
Kinnisonlet me know if you need more help11:18
* pedroalvarez builds and deploys a base system with glibc :)11:30
pedroalvarezand it works11:31
straycatcool :*)11:31
ssam2I am incredibly impressed ;)11:31
ssam2speaking as someone who got part way through updating just to eglibc 2.16, and gave up due to lack of time11:32
pedroalvarezto be honest, this is being easy11:32
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pedroalvarezlet's build a devel system now11:39
aananthsam: how to check if the is really running. In my machine it stays at "[Build 89/166] [linux-x86-64-generic] Cloning upstream:linux" for the last 3 hours.11:42
aananthI stopped and re-ran, here are the messages 2014-10-28 09:59:28 Deciding on task order11:43
aananth2014-10-28 10:03:40 Caching git repository upstream:gperf11:43
aananth2014-10-28 10:04:59 Caching git repository upstream:linux11:43
aananthNo updates for the last 1 hr11:43
ssam2aananth: ok, seems that it's taking a /really/ long time to download linux.git11:44
ssam2it doesn't give progress info for the download, sadly (it'd be better if Morph did that)11:45
aananth~ 40 KiB/s is my average speed.11:45
aananthThen, It is good to know that it is working!11:45
aananthLet me connect to Visteon network and re-try.11:46
ssam2if you want to double check, you can find the process ID of 'morph' with: 'pgrep -fl morph'11:47
ssam2(do that in a separate session inside the same VM)11:48
madhuaananth, you need to configure proxy if you connect to Visteon11:48
rdalei'm getting an 'internal compiler error' when i build mesa in a kvm with '-m 2048' - would increasing the memory help?11:49
ssam2rdale: is there any C++ in Mesa? if so, perhaps yes11:49
rdalei don't know - i'll try it with some more memory - i assume it isn't an actual bug in the compiler11:50
ssam2Mesa has built successfully many times, so I doubt it11:54
madhudoes baserock generate packages, like rpms, dkgs which we build and install later.11:55
ssam2madhu: Baserock only generates whole systems11:56
aananthmadhu: I hope the environment variable "http_proxy" and "https_proxy" setting should be fine, right?11:56
ssam2madhu: the idea of that is that allowing systems to be customised after they're build introduces a lot of complexity11:57
ssam2it makes sense for a developer desktop environment11:57
ssam2but it doesn't make as much sense for embedded or cloud systems11:57
madhuyes, we also setup corkscrew as we do in Ubuntu, 11:57
madhuaananth, we need corkscrew for accessing git, there was another option with "nc11:58
madhubut I didnt know how to configure nc  with username/password, 11:59
pedroalvarezis g.b.o down? :/12:00
madhucorkscrew is not default in the baserock, so I copied from my machine12:00
ssam2pedroalvarez: I can reach cgit on git.baserock.org12:00
ssam2and git:// works12:01
ssam2so I think it might be you :)12:01
pedroalvarezthen is my connection12:01
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madhussam2, incase if I want to stack trace gstreamer for a crash, I can install the gstreamer dbg package to the system and proceed, I dont need to deploy entire system.12:10
ssam2madhu: the way we do this right now, is that we don't strip any binaries by default12:11
ssam2so you always have the debug info available, unless you explicitly strip things (as you'd probably want to for a final release :)12:11
ssam2there are ways to improve this though, I think separating out the debug info would be quite cool12:12
ssam2and would reduce the download size of artifacts12:12
madhuwhen we share the system image locally here, we give only production image which will not contain debug symbol12:13
radiofreemadhu: submit a patch to add corkscrew to baserock :)12:13
radiofreemaybe in foundation12:13
ssam2yes, that'd be useful, although maybe it should go in 'tools'12:14
madhuradiofree, thanks for the suggestion, :-), does baserock maintain corkscrew sources12:17
ssam2madhu: not right now. there's kind of a two step process for adding new stuff to the Baserock reference systems: 1st you send a patch to add a 'lorry' file to import the sources, 2nd you send a patch to actually built the code12:18
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ssam2you can start step 2 without waiting for step 1 if there's already a Git mirror you can use somewhere12:19
ssam2but seems to only link to a tarball12:20
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franredhi paulk-aldrin12:24
paulsherwoodssam2: +1 to lorry that?12:24
ssam2I was wondering if madhu would want to have a go at writing a .lorry file12:25
ssam2maybe it's easier if we add a lorry so he can try adding to his system12:25
paulsherwoodssam2: alternatively i can put it on github12:25
ssam2I don't know what's best. Corkscrew seems small, and useful12:26
paulsherwoodmadhu: do you want to submit a lorry file patch?12:26
paulsherwoodor we can do it12:26
paulsherwoodnormally i just copy one from
franredpaulk-aldrin, we have built systems for the jetson tegra TK1, I think paulsherwood and radiofree can give you more information about it12:27
ssam2 is a tarball lorry that could be adapted for corkscrew12:28
paulk-aldrinwell, I'm a bit interested in the graphics part12:34
paulk-aldrinI see you have wayland and mesa running12:34
paulk-aldrinthat's nice12:34
paulsherwoodit's a work in progress :)12:35
paulk-aldrinhow hard would it be to have X11 accelerated with glamor?12:35
paulk-aldrinand also, what's the display interface on mainline? DRM/KMS, fb?12:35
paulsherwoodthat's a question for radiofree 12:35
paulsherwoodand possibly jjardon 12:36
ssam2I know kms works, I've seen kmscube running :)12:38
ssam2I believe we've done Weston using the fbdev backend, that might have been unaccelerated though12:39
ssam2I think we've also got accelerated Weston running with DRM, although it took a bit of special patching12:40
ssam2mainly because the Tegra exposes 2 devices for rendering, and nothing really expects that at the moment12:40
jjardonpaulk-aldrin: not difficult, we need to upgrade the xserver we currently build though12:45
madhupaulk-aldrin, ssam2: I am ok if you add corkscrew to baserock, 12:56
petefothssam2: Kinnison: richard_maw: will one of you have time to enable videos on (please)?12:56
ssam2madhu: if I get it into, could you try adding it to your Baserock system?12:57
ssam2petefoth: I'll have a look now12:57
petefothssam2: ta!12:57
jjardonpaulk-aldrin: I actually though about doing it but Ive been more focused in wayland stuff lately. It could be a fun Sunday project though ;)12:58
paulk-aldrinwell I sure will look into it when I get a board12:59
pedroalvarezI want to update the lsof tarball lorry, and I found 2 different urls:13:01
ssam2petefoth: I disabled 'htmlscrubber' on 'video-archive' and it seems to embed the videos now13:01
ssam2what do we currently use ?13:02
petefothssam2: thanks13:02
ssam2pedroalvarez: seems we curently use an ftp mirror from purdue.edu13:03
ssam2which is out of date13:03
madhuI would like to know how do you generate SDK  in baserock,  we provide SDK to suppliers for building their binary deliveries ,13:04
pedroalvarezssam2: yeah, they don't have the latest one13:04
ssam2pedroalvarez: the fedora spec file point sto but not sure if that's up to date13:04
ssam2madhu: we do have a way of doing that13:04
madhucan you share me the link13:05
ssam2there's an example of using the mechanism here:
ssam2I can guide you through how it works, if you like13:06
ssam2the key is that you have two components: (1) the system for your device, and (2) the cross-compile SDK13:08
ssam2the deployment instructions I linked to show you how to create (2), and make it contain (1) so you have libraries and headers available13:09
ssam2in this example, 'devel-system-armv7lhf-highbank.morph' is (1)13:10
ssam2wait, worry13:10
ssam2'devel-system-armv7lhf-highbank.morph' is (2) :)13:10
ssam2no, 'devel-system-armv7lhf-highbank.morph' is (1). I'm confusing myself by using numbers !13:11
petefothI'vce just stumbkled across the 'Baserock Team' page at Is this something we want to keep and maintain?13:11
ssam2I see no harm in it, and maybe some value. Perhaps those who aren't listed can add themselves13:12
pedroalvarezafter updating lsof to latest version, the devel system builds with glibc :)13:17
pedroalvareztime to deploy it and check that lsof works :P13:19
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ssam2madhu: if you're reading, you'll see that I've just sent a patch to import 'corkscrew' into git.baserock.org13:20
pedroalvarezwhat is corkscrew for?13:21
ssam2it allows tunneling SSH through HTTP connections. Handy if you happen to, for example, be behind a mean corporate proxy13:21
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madhussam2, looks good to me, 13:25
pedroalvarezssam2: also to me: +113:29
pedroalvarezgreat, lsof work in the devel system after  upgrading it to the latest :)13:32
madhussam2, can 't I build a sdk for devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph right now13:33
Krinhey all, mind if i ask for an addition to the lorry system? needing the ant build environment, one of the requirements for zookeeper that i'm still working on
ssam2madu: yes, you could do that13:35
Krini'd try myself but i'm scared on using my "this thing breaks now" magic >.<13:35
KinnisonKrin: what's the reasoning for calling it ant_build_environment rather than just ant ?13:35
ssam2madhu: it'll take some changes though, because the current SDK example is designed for cross-compiling to ARM13:36
Krini have come across a few things called ant, some in windows, some in linux, i just wanted to define it incase anyone was looking for the other things13:36
ssam2cross-compiling from x86_64 to x86_64 is not something we needed to do yet :)13:36
Krinone example is ant is also a populat interface building tool for games. 13:37
ssam2Krin: looks good, I wonder if it'd be better to call it 'java/ant' or some such13:37
Krinwould the slash cause issues? 13:37
ssam2Krin: we already have ruby-gems/* and python-packages/*, so it'd kinda follow a pattern13:37
ssam2no, slashes are cool!13:37
* Kinnison thinks java/ant would probably be better13:37
Kinnison+1 for whoever merges it, with the rename to java/ant13:38
* Krin agrees now that he knows the above info13:38
ssam2ok, I'll merge it and rename it13:38
* Krin cheers13:39
ssam2Krin: done, it should appear in this list in due course:
Kinnisonssam2: I responded to your corkscrew posting btw, not sure if you've seen13:42
ssam2I did, thanks13:42
ssam2I didn't realise those fields weren't needed13:43
ssam2I shall merge once it gets another +113:43
* pedroalvarez sends the +1 via email this time13:45
*** hari__ [~hari@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]13:48
ssam2oh, I missed that one before. thanks pedro!13:49
ssam2oh, seems paul merged it already13:49
ssam2and fixed it. thanks!13:50
ssam2I am going to eat some lunch, will be back in half an hour or so13:50
paulsherwoodssam2: i thought my merge had failed13:53
paulsherwoodi'll reply to the list13:53
*** genii [~quassel@ubuntu/member/genii] has joined #baserock14:00
madhussam2, not just for cross compiling, but to be sure you do not link to different version of the library when you build outside.14:12
*** tiagogomes_ [] has joined #baserock14:13
*** tiagogomes [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]14:13
*** thecorconian [] has joined #baserock14:21
*** thecorconian [] has quit []14:21
ssam2madhu: with Morph everything is built in an isolated chroot (except for the bootstrap part)14:26
ssam2so anyone building stuff with Morph doesn't have to worry about linking to wrong versions of libraries, it's just not possible14:27
ssam2but if you have developers who aren't using Morph then yeah, I can see why a 'fake' cross toolchain might be useful14:27
ssam2and an SDK definitely14:27
ssam2I guess we can demo it for you later in the week14:27
*** CTtpollard [] has joined #baserock14:55
CTtpollardWould anyone have a problem with Baserock videos being hosted on Youtube, instead of or as well as Vimeo?14:56
ssam2I think it'd be cool having them on both, as long as they were kept in sync14:57
ssam2as in, there wasn't a random selection of different versions of videos on both sites, but not all of them on either site :)14:58
pedroalvarezI've been uploading videos to youtube in the past14:58
petefothI really think we should pick one, so that we don't have to maintain two sets of links14:58
rdalei watched the two latest, and i thought the sound was fine and didn't notice paul's cold14:59
petefothI don't mind whether it's vimeo, youtube or anywhere else14:59
CTtpollardI thought about this when the email went around the mailing list for Baserock in the community14:59
petefothAre there any video storring/streaming site that ae particularly FOSS friendly?15:00
CTtpollardI'm not bringing this up in relation to which is the better option technically, more in relation to reaching a larger viewerbase 15:00
paulsherwoodiirc i posted the first video, and my weapon of choice at the time was vimeo15:01
petefothCTtpollard: I suspec that most video viewers will come to the videos via the wiki. I'm not sure any will stumble on baserock in either vimeo or youtube15:01
paulsherwoodwhen the possibility of moving came up, it struck me that we'd lose the 'proof' that the original trebuchet demo happened in 201115:01
CTtpollardI tend to agree petefoth, but I have been amazed in the past what I have stumbled on via recommended videos / channels across various parts of Youtube15:02
petefothre: the 'error: Nonexistent host networking interface, name '' (VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR) reported by one of the trainees: can anyone tell me when it was encountered? (my backscroll buffer isn't big enough)15:02
paulsherwoodafter creating the vm, on attempting to boot it15:02
CTtpollardssam2 is crucial though I think, in synce or not all between 2 platforms to avoid confusion 15:04
petefothpaulsherwood: ta!15:04
petefothCTtpollard: +1. And as, if they are on twp systems they *will* get out of sync, we shoulkd only host them on one system (IMHO)15:06
paulsherwoodwell, if someone wants to garden this, i'm ok to go along with it15:07
paulsherwoodi'd recommend youtube since maybe autocaption will work15:07
* Kinnison will pass off the Baserock channel control to someone the project nominates15:08
KinnisonActually, Richard Maw has access to it15:16
straycatssam2, In your distbuild fix, I take it the original_ref field is optional purely to save us having to redeploy existing distbuild nodes?15:18
* richard_maw checks if he remembers the password15:26
petefothI have made quite a lot of edits in the wiki pages in tha last couple of days. I have prrof-read them, and will do do again in the morning, but I *will* have missed some errors. So if anyone fancies doing some checking, that would be great. The pages are videos, video-archive, common-errors, index, guides/no-frills, guides/chroot, guides/vm-setup15:27
richard_mawKinnison: nope, forgotten15:27
* richard_maw checks mail15:27
Kinnisonrichard_maw: see15:28
KinnisonSubject: Baserock YouTube channel15:28
KinnisonMessage-ID: <20130725164542.GX30070@somnambulist.local>15:28
pedroalvarezssam2: 15:30
pedroalvarezoops, sorry15:30
petefothif some does move the videos from vimeo to youtube, please keep me informaed so I can updated the links in the wiki (unless you feel moved to update the wike yourself)? 15:35
aananthpaul | sam: I have flashed Baserock Development Image into Jetson. As per the page, I need to follow "Quick start". But the instructions sounds like "they are for VirtualBox". I hope I can proceed?15:43
paulsherwoodaananth: which page have you followed so far?15:44
*** zoli__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]15:44
aananthpaul: I followed "" for Jetson15:45
*** zoli_ [~zoli_@linaro/zoli] has joined #baserock15:45
paulsherwoodok, so now i think you have a baserock machine on jetson15:45
aananthYes, I am able to log in and change password for root.15:46
aananthMessages from Jetson: Welcome to Baserock!15:46
aananthBaserock is a system and toolset for developing Linux systems.15:46
aananthFor more information on working with Baserock, see:15:46
aananthThank you for trying Baserock.15:46
aananthbaserock login: root15:46
aananthPassword: 15:46
aananthNo mail.15:46
paulsherwoodok, so on quikstart it says vm, but the same instructions should now work on the machine you are in15:46
paulsherwoodeven though it's not a vm15:46
aananthHow about hard disk? Instructions differ?15:46
paulsherwoodwe should think how to fix this to make it clearer15:47
paulsherwoodgood question15:47
paulsherwoodi don't think they do... 15:47
paulsherwoodplease hold15:47
paulsherwoodcan you confirm do you have dev/sdb ?15:48
paulsherwoodaananth: ^^15:49
aananthpaul: I have not yet bought SATA hard disk15:49
paulsherwoodah :)15:49
paulsherwoodthen you don't15:49
aananthI hope I will do it tomorrow.15:49
paulsherwoodyou could maybe use an ssd card?15:49
paulsherwoodradiofree: would the above be possible/15:50
aananthpaul: Can I proceed without hard disk?15:50
paulsherwoodnot really... you don't have enough storage to do morph build.15:50
paulsherwooddf -h15:50
paulsherwoodwill show you how much you have available15:50
aananthOk. Thats clear.15:51
aananth~ # df -h15:51
aananthFilesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on15:51
aananth/dev/mmcblk0p1            4.0G      1.1G      2.6G  30% /15:51
aananthdevtmpfs                849.4M         0    849.4M   0% /dev15:51
aananthtmpfs                   873.1M         0    873.1M   0% /dev/shm15:51
aananthtmpfs                   873.1M    268.0K    872.9M   0% /run15:51
aananthtmpfs                   873.1M         0    873.1M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup15:51
aananthtmpfs                   873.1M         0    873.1M   0% /tmp15:51
aananth/dev/mmcblk0p1            4.0G      1.1G      2.6G  30% /home15:51
paulsherwoodcould maybe use an ssd to act as /src15:51
aananth/dev/mmcblk0p1            4.0G      1.1G      2.6G  30% /root15:51
aananth/dev/mmcblk0p1            4.0G      1.1G      2.6G  30% /srv15:51
aananth/dev/mmcblk0p1            4.0G      1.1G      2.6G  30% /opt15:51
aananth/dev/mmcblk0p1            4.0G      1.1G      2.6G  30% /var15:51
aananth~ # 15:51
paulsherwoodif you have one that's 30GB or more15:51
aananthOk, I will do that tomorrow. 15:51
paulsherwoodor SD card15:52
* paulsherwood keeps getting confused between the different storage things15:52
aananthOk, I will check for SD card also.15:52
ssam2aananth: I'm glad you're getting somewhere, at least!15:52
ssam2when you're pasting more than a couple of lines of text, could you use a pastebin service like in future ?15:53
ssam2otherwise the IRC window gets very full of text!15:53
aananthsam: Yeah, but the VirtualBox is still on stage 106/16615:53
ssam2aananth: oh, probably slow download speeds still ...15:53
paulsherwoodeven after switching to 14.40.1 ?15:53
aananthSorry for incorrect response. I wll check pastebin.15:54
ssam2is it possible to leave it going overnight ?15:54
ssam2hopefully it'll be done in the morning!15:54
aananthYeah, but it is better than the earlier network, which claims 8 Mbps.15:54
aananthYeah, I will do it tonight15:54
ssam2so 1 MB/s ... it'd certainly be finished by now if it was really 1 MB/sec !15:55
ssam2about the Jetson, external hard disk will definitely be best if you can find one15:55
ssam2SD card will be quite slow15:55
aananthsam: Ok, thanks.15:55
*** aananth [~caananth@] has quit ["Leaving"]15:58
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*** zoli_ [~zoli_@linaro/zoli] has joined #baserock16:04
*** zoli_ [~zoli_@linaro/zoli] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]16:08
*** zoli_ [] has joined #baserock16:09
*** zoli_ [] has quit [Changing host]16:09
*** zoli_ [~zoli_@linaro/zoli] has joined #baserock16:09
jjardonHi, Im using "morph edit gtk+" but baserock is picking the gtk+ from the gtk2 stratum instead gtk3 one. How can I change this?16:23
richard_mawrename the chunks in the gtk2 and gtk3 strata to be gtk2+ and gtk3+16:24
jjardonoh nevermind, I should use morph edit gtk3 instead16:24
jjardonis there any tool in baserock to check if any chuck is defined in 2 different places?16:26
straycatgit grep 'name: foo'16:27
jjardonstraycat: that would work if you know "foo"16:37
paulsherwoodjjardon:  'git grep '^name: ' | sort | uniq -c'16:38
jjardonpaulsherwood: thanks! but I think -d is what we want here?16:40
* paulsherwood no entiendo16:41
jjardonoh -c shows the number of occurrences16:42
Krinhey all, is there a way that i can make sure that a command for building is executed in the right spot while making a new baserock build? i'v noticed other cunks have src && <command> in them, but i'm not getting any joy with that one16:42
richard_mawKrin: that's how it usually works, can you pastebin the morphology you're using?16:42
paulsherwoodjjardon: yup:)16:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: btw in this case it would be "paulsherwood no entiende" ;)16:43
* paulsherwood was futzing with unix command line while jjardon was still in daipers16:43
jjardonstill, I think morph should warn about duplicate chunks in your system16:44
straycatIs there any reason we lorry setuptools from ? Current upstream happens in a git repo on bitbucket.16:45
straycatjjardon, that would be nice I think16:46
rdaleif i get a 'Error reading config file' from u-boot is there a way of finding out what is wrong with the extlinux.conf file?16:46
franredstraycat there are a bunch of python packages which changes the place from where we should track like pyyaml or libyaml... feel free to add a new lorry file for yours16:46
franredalthough we may want to label some repos as old at some point16:48
straycatfranred, I'm not sure I follow, you just mean they lorry from old mirrors?16:48
franredstraycat, yes16:48
Krinrichard_maw, i'v had to write that one in manualy, cant copy out of the VM today for some reason >.<16:49
richard_mawok, 2 things16:49
richard_maw1. exports don't persist between different commands, you'd need to put it in the same command, I'll give you an example16:50
robtayloroverleyfs has been merged!16:50
richard_maw2.  I assume the `src::` is a transcription error, and you actually meant `cd src &&`?16:50
Krinrichard_maw, your right on 2, transcript error16:51
richard_mawrobtaylor: about time we had a unionfs in the kernel16:51
robtayloryep :D16:51
Krinwell, no i dont have the cd in there, the others i'v looked at didnt have cd i dont think *looks again incase his brain is playing tricks again*16:51
richard_mawKrin: you can write it like
Kinnisonrobtaylor: wootle!16:52
pedroalvarezI wonder if this script is still valid now that we support hard float platforms:
KinnisonDo we use it?16:52
richard_mawKrin: we tend not to have autocd enabled, if you do find one that doesn't use the cd command, it needs to be squashed with a hammer16:53
pedroalvarezKinnison: if that question was for me: yes, we use it when building eglibc16:53
Krinleave it to me to pick the one thats not quite to standard from a list of a few hundred XD16:53
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: hmm16:53
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: I think we no longer build (or need to build) soft-float16:54
Krinnope, my brain was playing tricks richard_maw, there is a CD there >.<16:54
straycatI have a pretty basic lorry question but I just want to check, I want to lorry from a new place, I take it all the git objects that were lorried in from the previous place will stay around, so people can still build their old systems (assuming their definitions are not floating)16:54
Kinnisonstraycat: assuming their anchored their commits in a baserock/ branch, it should be fine16:55
pedroalvarezKinnison: yeah, but we are also using the  --without-fp flag in hard-float16:56
straycatEven if they didn't, why would the existing objects be removed?16:57
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: Interesting16:57
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: along with the vfpv3d16 arguments?16:57
pedroalvarezKinnison: is the first time I see that one16:58
* Kinnison may be confused16:58
Kinnisonit has been a long time since he looked at build-essential16:58
robtayloroh, sadness. overlayfs only suports 2 layers.16:58
Kinnisoncan you overlay onto an overlay?16:59
pedroalvarezKinnison: no worries, I will investigate16:59
robtaylorKinnison: i think so, but its possible you hit issues. mitgh not be an issue for the staging area build case though17:00
KinnisonMmm :-(17:01
* Kinnison is still thinking that a fuse FS might be best for the staging area17:01
richard_mawor we could knock something together quickly with pyfilesystem, as it lets you export your logical filesystem as a FUSE one17:02
robtaylorwhat does that gain you?17:03
robtaylorthe main problem with fuse is that it will have a pretty constant impact on the build speed itself, not sure to what degree, but i do recall the ubuntu folks dropped the unionfs-fuse approach for live cds as it was way too slow17:05
robtaylorbut i'm interested what you;d do with a more programmatic interface for the staging fs?17:06
jjardonpedroalvarez: kill it! 17:06
jjardonpedroalvarez: still working in the glibc port? ;)17:07
pedroalvarezjjardon: i'm getting there17:07
jjardonpedroalvarez: \o/17:08
pedroalvarezjjardon: I wanted to send some patches today but not sure I'll have the time17:08
straycatpedroalvarez, I know how you feel, yesterday I didn't have time for Sarah & Duck17:08
*** ssam2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]17:09
pedroalvarezjjardon: do you have plans for glibc? i remember that was you who requested the glibc lorry17:09
pedroalvarezstraycat: Sarah & Duck? 17:09
jjardonpedroalvarez: nope, I wanted to fix the coreutils stuff first, then maybe systemd17:09
* straycat nods17:09
* pedroalvarez listens to straycat17:10
*** dutch [] has quit [Quit: Quit]17:10
straycatpedroalvarez, I can pm you some links if you like17:10
*** Krin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]17:11
pedroalvarezjjardon: re: kill it!17:11
pedroalvarezjjardon: are you sure?17:11
robtaylorstraycat: sarah and duck rocks17:12
straycatthis must be safe though, we surely don't need to lorry to a new place everytime upstream moves repo17:12
jjardonjjardon: we do not build no-hard float systems. And I doubt we are going to do it in the future17:12
straycatrobtaylor, :)17:13
jjardonpedroalvarez: ^^17:15
* jjardon should stop talking with himself17:15
pedroalvarezjjardon: I'm confused17:16
robtaylorrichard_maw: Kinnison: is it so we could mount the tars directly, rather than extract them?17:16
pedroalvarezjjardon: ah, double negation. ok17:16
*** Krin [] has joined #baserock17:16
*** zoli__ [] has joined #baserock17:18
*** zoli_ [~zoli_@linaro/zoli] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]17:18
* Kinnison was more thinking from the PoV of rapid construction without the hardlinking, and tracking of changes for system artifact construction17:19
KinnisonAnd you don't mount tars if you want efficiency17:19
Kinnisontars are awful for that17:19
Kinnisonthey lack a central index17:19
robtayloryeh, thats what i was thinking17:20
robtaylorKinnison: but you can just use overlayfs stacked to do the rapid conctruation17:21
KinnisonI worry about having 900+ stacked mounts17:21
robtaylorKinnison: i'm trying to understand what the benefit would be to using a fuse fs17:21
* Kinnison is imagining that you prepre the staging area, make the system integration changes, unmount, and get a tbdiff patch out the other side17:21
robtaylorKinnison: itd need testing yea. I know aufs does it happily, but..17:21
robtaylorKinnison: i'm curious what docker does here, going to go read up17:23
KinnisonAIUI docker has pluggable backends, but I'm not familiar with it17:23
robtaylorKinnison: yeah, worth having a read of the link i posted a little earlier17:23
* richard_maw didn't look at the aufs stuff, but the VFS backend will use `cp -a --reflink`, and the btrfs backend uses snapshots17:24
*** thecorconian [~thecorcon@] has joined #baserock17:24
robtaylorunrelatedley, has everyone intereted in CI seen drone?
*** thecorconian [~thecorcon@] has quit []17:24
* Kinnison adds the link to his to-read folder17:24
KinnisonI saw drone, I saw at least was tied to gihub, I stopped looking17:24
robtaylorKinnison: apparently also does bitbucket and gitlab17:25
robtaylorKinnison: i presume i has to have something that supports pull requests by its nature17:26
KinnisonI believe the Baserock project is looking toward gerrit, as such Zuul is the obvious coordinator/gatekeeper and something based around gearman for the build workers for CI/CD17:27
Kinnisonrichard_maw: did you find the email I referenced earlier?17:30
richard_mawonly just finished writing the mail I was composing17:31
richard_mawfound it17:31
richard_mawit's asked for verification now, because it hasn't been logged into by my browser17:33
Krinhmm, still confused, it seems like the is not being found, though that should be on the top level of ant... confused krin is confused17:34
richard_mawoh, and it's throwing the same verification hissy fit if I try to log into the gmail17:34
Kinnisonrichard_maw: I'll come see if I can help with the verification in a sec17:35
KinnisonKrin: Could you pastebin your morphology and the error?17:36
KinnisonKrin: If for whatever reason copy/paste isn't working from your VM <-> Host, then scp the morphology file out first :-)17:36
richard_mawKrin: is in the top level, so why do you have to chdir into the src directory?17:36
*** franred [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]17:36
Krinrichard_maw, it was something i was trying, as just executing the command alone didnt work, and i was thinking that the cd src && was a step i didnt know about.17:37
richard_maw doesn't say anything about needing to chdir into src17:37
Krinit was something i was seeing in other morphs17:38
Krinhmm, ok, some other change i made seems to have fixed the command not being executed, now it's telling me that i havent exported JAVA_HOME corectly... but it's progress! PROGRESS!17:43
* Krin goes for a cup of PROGRESS tea17:44
jjardonmmm, so if I morph edit a chunk, go to the directory and commit the changes, what its getting build by morph? seems morph builds master instead the generated branch here17:49
straycatCan you rephrase? I couldn't follow that17:50
paulsherwoodjjardon: what was your original morph command? branch or checkout?17:53
jjardonstraycat: what ref is built when I morph edit and then make a change in the chunk?17:54
paulsherwoodjjardon: if you did morph branch foo, it builds whatever it thinks is the foo branch in the repo you created in morph edit17:55
paulsherwoodif you did morph checkout master, it maybe trying to build master. bug17:55
persiaKrin: Re: JAVA_HOME: annoyingly that's something that you'll need to reset over and over and over again.  For building, you can probably hardcode it, but to use it, you may either want wrapper scripts to launch things, or to do interesting things to the user environment.17:55
* paulsherwood abandoned use of morph checkout a long time ago, when he couldn't work out how to get around this issue17:55
jjardonah, ok: I see, morph modify definitions to point to the generated branch in the chunk17:56
* paulsherwood abandoned morph edit more recently, when persia showed him it was unnecessary17:56
straycatpaulsherwood, so you just clone from the trove and edit the ref manually?17:56
paulsherwoodjjardon: see for examples of hacking on morph files directly 17:57
paulsherwoodmaybe not even clone :)17:57
paulsherwoodstraycat: yup17:57
jjardonpaulsherwood: thanks, will do17:57
persiaFor the record, morph edit provides a benefit that not using it doesn't: that being that morph will automatically commit the current uncommitted changes in the working directory for the edited chunk.  At least for me, this is a misfeature, but there are people who want to avoid running "git commit" themselves, and prefer morph to do it for them.17:57
*** mSher [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]17:59
straycatIt's not that it's edited, it's that it's a repo in the workspace with uncommitted changes in it, unless I've misunderstood.18:00
* paulsherwood wants an end to workspaces, too :)18:00
rdaleit is certainly difficult to learn this stuff because 'morph edit' seems to be depracted, but a replacement doesn't seem to be in place yet18:01
paulsherwoodrdale: pls watch the video, let me know if it's still muddy afterwards18:02
straycatit's not deprecated as far as i'm aware18:02
rdalei've watched the two new videos, and they were very good18:02
paulsherwoodbut didn't clear this up?18:02
paulsherwoodstraycat: it is for me :-)18:03
rdalebut the videos didn't show 'morph edit' - you changed tags/branches that pointed to the trove, but that isn't the same as making local changes to checked out stuff from the trove and testing whether they build etc18:04
paulsherwoodrdale: ah, ok.18:04
paulsherwoodrdale: same process. git clone, then edit repo: to be file:///the/local/directory/you/cloned/to18:04
paulsherwoodand of you go. 18:05
paulsherwoodbut i feel another video coming on :)18:05
paulsherwoodi'll get that done soonish18:05
rdaleyes, i can do that sort of thing with 'file://..', but it feels very hand crafted18:05
persiardale: For which feature of morph edit do you seek a replacement?18:07
rdalewell i wasn't an expert in using 'morph edit' in the first place18:07
*** jonathanmaw [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]18:08
rdalethere should be a way of editing the ref that a chunk points to in the lorries, where you could checkout the lorried repo locally and test. then commit back both the change to the stratum you are working on at the same time as commiting back any changes to the lorried repo that they point to18:10
*** Krin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]18:13
paulsherwoodthere is. most of it is git :)18:15
paulsherwoodsorry, it's been a long day... :-)18:15
* paulsherwood drops off18:16
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*** tiagogomes [] has joined #baserock19:01
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* DavePageCT waves19:22
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* paulsherwood waves back, and wonders what's happened to ct irc ...21:17
paulsherwoodDavePageCT: ^^21:18
paulsherwoodprobably offtopic for here, though...21:18
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* robtaylor too21:40
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