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radiofreeis there a script to petrify links in a stratum?00:41
radiofrees/links/chunk refs00:41
KinnisonWe used to have morph petrify08:41
KinnisonThat ought to still work08:42
pedroalvarezI wonder why we try to get the fqdn of the workers in a distbuild network, and if this patch makes sense:
pedroalvarezit doesn't make sense. with this patch the log shows the ip addr13:48
radiofreepedroalvarez: i built a master jetson system the other night17:52
radiofreeand the nouveau-drm modules apparently took 1 minute, which is clearly wrong17:52
radiofreethe resulting system only had the kernel modules in17:53
pedroalvarezradiofree: i assume this was a genivi based system. 18:11
radiofreepedroalvarez: yeah18:12
pedroalvarezHm.. Then we I did something wrong following the instructions to integrate them :(18:12
pedroalvarezAt least now we know where to look at to fix it 18:13
radiofreewell i tested violetas system after a boot, and weston launched, i took a look at the the chunks and they look the same18:13
radiofreethe basic test should be i) boot with an HDMI monitor attached ii) login iii) run "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp weston" 18:15
pedroalvarezThen, have you already spotted the difference? 18:15
radiofreeif you're running from serial/ssh it's "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp weston --tty=1"18:15
radiofreepedroalvarez: no, i'm not sure why it's not building and installing them18:15
radiofreei need to check a more recent kernel as well, some of this stuff might have been merged there already 18:16
pedroalvarezVioleta's branch should be around I hope18:16
pedroalvarezradiofree: btw, adding "cma" to the kernel args of the devel system (kernel 3.10) was causing problems when booting. 18:21
radiofreenice catch18:22
radiofreeso it boots with latest u-boot without that?18:22
jjardonHi, is there a way to configure morph to not build all the dependency chain when some repo changes?18:25
radiofreeKinnison: regarding morph petrify, i think i tried that... but i'm probably wrong (was late)18:26
paulsherwoodjjardon: not yet18:35
paulsherwoodjjardon: unless you want to add a duplicate chunk with the new repo, for testing, then rebuild all when you're happy?18:36
pedroalvarezradiofree: i tested also with latest uboot and it didn't work 18:39
radiofreehmm we really need to upgrade that kernel18:40
jjardonpaulsherwood: yeah, that works but only when you upgrade only one chunk, or a couple of them. But in my case the stratum Im working on tracks master in all the chunks (I do not want to waste time putting all the sha of each component)18:58
jjardonso it would be cool to deactivate the rebuilds as I know I do not want to rebuild18:59
radiofreejjardon: try using morph petrify for now19:00
jjardonradiofree: thanks, I will look at that19:06
jjardonOther question: What is the reason we need a chroot/virtual machine to run morph?19:06
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paulsherwoodbecause it nees to be root, and i Kinnison recommends that should be contained20:02
paulsherwoodi think20:02
radiofreejjardon: --enable-wayland-backend *and* --enable-x11-backend?20:28
jjardonremove it20:28
radiofreeit will build both then?20:28
jjardonit will build both by default20:28
radiofreeare you sure about that...20:28
radiofreeso gnome.morph doesn't need to build-depend on x-common, x-generic, graphics etc because that gets included via gtk3 right?20:31
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