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paulsher1oodwhere are we at with reviews on rmaw's big series, and ssam2's config change?08:26
paulsher1oodKinnison: yes. i haven't touched that...08:27
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: I think I have an idea about where is the upgrade failing in your attempt.  Let me take a look at the code08:29
* ssam2 is trying to remember if he finished reviewing Richard Maw's series and failed to sent an email with a response, or failed to finish reviewing it08:29
paulsher1oodpedroalvarez: cool :)08:30
ssam2I think the former08:30
ssam2actually I even sent a response. So I believe Richard can merge that08:31
richard_mawwill do so when I arrive in the office then08:31
paulsher1oodyay :)08:31
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richard_mawover the weekend I had a go at writing a /bin/sh that's minimal enough that it can be built in bootstrap mode to test staging area builds in morph's test-suite08:35
pedroalvarezthat's cool08:37
richard_mawI intend to get rid of build-mode: test08:37
ssam2Kinnison, SotK: does jjardon's 'Update mesa to latest available release' help or hinder any branches you have?08:59
ssam2I believe it's redoing stuff that radiofree did in the baserock/tegra branch that I thought hadn't made it to master.08:59
ssam2but I'm a bit confused about it all09:00
Kinnisonssam2: Neither really.  It'll complicate merge but might make review easier09:00
Kinnisonssam2: I can happily re base on top of it when I'm done09:00
ssam2OK, so no reason to delay reviewing that branch09:00
KinnisonIndeed not, I did say this last week but perhaps to the wrong people in the wrong medium :_)09:02
ssam2I remember you saying that about a different branch :)09:02
KinnisonHe's done more?09:03
KinnisonMeh, I can cope09:03
ssam2previous one was doing stuff to the 'graphics-common' stratum, this one is updating mesa and some xorg stuff09:03
KinnisonWe should be fine with that, the tegra might need a special fork of mesa anyway for now09:04
KinnisonI'm going to have a hard-time of merging regardless09:04
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: I think I found the problem, I'll do some tests to double check the problem and a possible soultion09:04
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paulsher1oodpedroalvarez: cool09:17
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richard_mawper-source building has been merged09:27
paulsher1oodand ssam2's confi fix?09:29
richard_mawno, I backed out of the usr/lib/os-release patch for now09:29
richard_mawI've still got a copy of that patch at on branch baserock/richardmaw-os/usr/lib/os-release09:32
straycatIt might be nice to have a bot to help us monitor the wiki, I know some people might be opposed to this, bots can be annoying, but, I think used sparingly they can be useful.09:50
straycatThere's an rss feed already, but that requires everybody to set up readers and check them.09:51
straycatWhere as most people are already monitoring this channel.09:51
KinnisonI imagine finding a python bot which reads RSS wouldn't be too hard09:51
* Kinnison notes, however, that many of us treat IRC as a mutable and non-history-preserving medium09:51
KinnisonFor those, continuing to use the RSS feed directly would be best09:52
KinnisonHaving both the bot and the rss feeds is, of course, fine09:52
* ssam2 is already a happy user of http://feedbin.me09:52
KinnisonIs that an aggregator?09:53
ssam2I'm not sure. It lets me read a bunch of RSS feeds09:53
ssam2so probably09:54
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ssam2in the case of the updates feed, though feedbin shows the changes as an uncolored diff09:57
ssam2which is pretty hard to review09:57
ssam2where from there is a tiny icon which links to the diff in cgit09:57
ssam2which is colourised and thus easier to review09:57
ssam2wow, the americans are definitely winning the spelling war09:57
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pedroalvarezKinnison: are you suggesting that the bot should send reports to the mail list instead?10:01
pedroalvarezright right, just asking :)11:01
jmacsI've mounted a btrfs root file system on loop and I need to know where to change /etc11:29
jmacsI'm presuming in one of the directories like systems/factory/run/etc11:30
pedroalvarezjmacs: yes11:30
jmacsso... that one?11:30
pedroalvarezthe "run" version is the version that is going to run11:30
pedroalvarezI don't know if factory is the right one11:31
pedroalvarezdo you want to do the changes in a recent upgrade?11:31
jmacsThere's 'factory' and '2014-04-24' and 'default' which is a symlink to 2014-04-2411:31
pedroalvarezThen I assume you want to do the changes in systems/2014-04-24/run/etc11:32
pedroalvarezor systems/default/run/etc11:32
jmacsI don't know where I want to do the changes. What's the difference between factory and 2014-04-24?11:33
pedroalvarezwell, factory is the original version that was deployed, it should be removed but the problem is that you can't upgrade a system which doesn't have a factory version11:35
pedroalvarezIs a known bug, I don't have all the details, though11:35
jmacsOK, then it sounds like I should work on 2014-04-24.11:36
jmacsNo, that doesn't work. I've edited systems/2014-04-24/run/etc/shadow to remove the root password, but when I boot up the system it still asks for one.11:41
ridgerunnerok guys, what does this mean: "ERROR: Are you trying to cross-build? Host architecture is armv7lhf but target is armv7l"12:33
ridgerunnerOr, more importantly, what do I do about it?12:34
richard_mawridgerunner: which system are you building, and is there one with armv7lhf in its name?12:35
rjekridgerunner: Are you trying to build an image for an ARM target using an x86 VM?12:35
richard_mawrjek: no, he isn't12:35
rjekOK :)12:35
ridgerunnerNo, I'm running on the Jetson board. I'm aiming for a system I can build for it. I picked that as one woth "armv7" in its name.12:36
ridgerunner'cause I know I have an Arm v7 on the Jetson board.12:37
richard_mawarmv7l is little-endian soft-float, you have a armv7lhf, which is little-endian hard-float12:38
ridgerunnerAh, I see "devel-system-armv7lhf.*\.morph" in the directory.12:38
richard_mawyeah, build one of those instead12:38
ridgerunnerOIC, I didn't know that. Could  start from one of the armv7lhf and frig it about to make it build for the Jetson, or is there another way?12:39
ridgerunners/Could  /Could I /12:39
richard_mawthere should already be a system for jetson with armv7lhf12:40
ridgerunnerOk, does anyone know where I might find that?12:40
richard_mawany of Kinnison, SotK or radiofree should be able to help you there12:41
ridgerunnerPaging Kinnison, SotK or radiofree ^^^12:41
ridgerunnerAnd thank you richard_maw12:42
Kinnisonridgerunner: there's a system definition in master which should work for you12:42
ridgerunnerKinnison: Thanks, unfortunately I don't know how to act on that informaition.12:43
Kinnisonridgerunner: radiofree might be able to help you out with a deployment morphology, and if he can't, I can try when I've resolved this kernel update12:43
ridgerunnerMeantime, I'll try one of the other ones just to try to see a successful build12:44
ridgerunnerThanks paulsher1ood12:59
* paulsher1ood wonders if upgrading his devel to a gerrit system is a dumb thing to try13:15
* paulsher1ood has seen java running in baserock, at least :)13:15
petefothwhen has that ever stopped paulsher1ood in the past? :)13:15
paulsher1oodno, you're right13:17
paulsher1oodhasn't stopped me here, either. but not clear to me how i would cause gerrit.configure to run for a devel upgrade13:17
paulsher1oodor indeed, if that is safe, given i'll be dropping the gerrit after fiddling with it13:18
pedroalvarezI think that should work13:21
pedroalvarezwell, the gerrit system has to have foundation.morph13:23
ssam2paulsher1ood: you'd have to add 'gerrit' to the list of configure extensions in the devel system morph13:24
ssam2all it does is add a user and some files in /etc, I think13:24
pedroalvarezI thought he was going to buld a gerrit system, and upgrade his devel system with that, not change the devel system to include the gerrit bits13:25
KinnisonI thought the user and /etc files were mostly generated in the system integration phase13:25
pedroalvarezKinnison: is right13:25
ssam2pedroalvarez: oh yes13:26
ssam2Kinnison: oh yes13:26
* ssam2 stops talking to reduce the chance of being wrong13:26
* paulsher1ood confirms he has upgraded a devel to be a gerrit system. it has /etc/systemd/system/gerrit-daemon.service but nothing seems to be running. 13:28
paulsher1oodi'll document this to fran on the list13:28
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: does it have java?13:28
pedroalvarezjava -version13:28
ssam2paulsher1ood: try 'systemctl start gerrit-daemon.service'13:29
paulsher1ood-sh-4.2# java -version13:29
paulsher1oodjava version "1.8.0_20"13:29
paulsher1oodJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_20-b26)13:29
paulsher1oodJava HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.20-b23, mixed mode)13:29
ssam2and 'systemctl status --full gerrit-daemon.service' or 'journalctl --full --unit=gerrit-daemon.service' to see if it worked13:30
petefothstraycat: I have made a couple of tweaks to Please can you check that I have not introduced any errors or general wrongness?13:32
* paulsher1ood goes to see if franred wrote any instructions13:32
ssam2paulser1ood: what happens if you browse in a browser? no Gerrit ?13:34
ssam2things like this seem to appear at port 8080 for reasons I don't fully understand13:34
KinnisonPeople like to put them behind reverse-proxies13:34
Kinnisonand then forget to13:34
petefothpaulsher1ood: email entitled Gerrit configuration steps sent to ct-192-orbit list and cc:ed to you13:34
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: does your system have /home/gerrit2/gerrit/.gerrit_controller ?13:35
paulsher1oodpetefoth: tssk. now you get to sanitize that and send it to baserock-dev :)13:35
straycatpetefoth, Afraid you have introduced errors there.13:35
petefothstraycat: OK - what is wrong?13:36
petefothstraycat: F2F?13:36
straycatThe only problem introduced is your change to the trove-admin key.13:40
petefothstraycat: adding the -N ''?13:41
* straycat nods13:42
paulsher1oodpetefoth: a quick look at that email tells me there's lots more config to do. let's wait until franred returns13:42
petefothstraycat: OK I'll correct that. Hapy with the rest?13:42
petefothpaulsher1ood: OK13:42
* straycat nods13:42
paulsher1oodKinnison: given the fail to add maria from vcs, should we be going for tarballs?14:14
* paulsher1ood wonders how he failed to spot this in the first place14:20
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paulsher1oodKinnison: that git repo clones at 686.2M14:43
rjekThat seems awfully small; are we sure it's not just a tar import?14:44
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Kinnisonit might have a history horizon14:47
Kinnisonlet me take a look14:47
KinnisonNope, seems to have a realistic commit count14:48
KinnisonI wonder how they imported it14:48
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: is that a supported mirror now?14:48
jmacsI've just run "curl -X POST -d '' http://localhost:12765/1.0/stop-queue" and rebooted but there's still loads of lorry-controller and morph-cache-service processes running; is that normal, or have I not actually stopped the lorrying process?14:50
Kinnisonthe processes will be there14:50
Kinnisonbut not doing anything14:50
Kinnisonall stop-queue does is prevent jobs from running14:50
jmacsOK, I will assume it is not lorrying then.14:51
pedroalvarezKinnison: the mariadb github url is mentioned in their webpage:
Kinnisonin that case I feel okay using it14:52
paulsher1oodpls can someone lorry it?14:53
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: do you have a moment to knock out a lorry for mariadb?  (call it mariadb-git to distinguish it from an import of the bzr that we might do)14:54
pedroalvarezKinnison: sure:
Kinnison+2 even14:58
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* pedroalvarez starts looking at how to create a baserock installer image15:28
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richard_mawpedroalvarez: my thoughts on that are that we want a tool that re-uses the logic in rawdisk.write15:47
richard_mawin fact, if you can make it handle an existing disk, then rawdisk.write would do15:48
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: what do you mean with " if you can make it handle an existing disk"15:49
richard_mawas in, pass it /dev/sda, and have it format, mount and install on that15:50
richard_mawrather than trying to create a file called /dev/sda then loopback mounting that15:51
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paulsher1oodpedroalvarez: great16:24
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paulsher1oodbuild-wizards... any thoughts about ?16:48
paulsher1oodthe rest of mariadb seems to build fine16:49
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jjardonHi,Ive modified stuff in foundation and morph is compiling the linux kernel, is this normal? (Im using morph from master)17:38
Kinnisonif the BSP build-depends on foundation then yes20:38

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