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* ssam2 is just finishing up talking in "The GENIVI Baselines" webcast:
ssam2there's another one at 15:00 UTC if anyone is interested07:59
ssam2wait, 16:00 UTC07:59
ssam2timezones are hard07:59
paulsher1oodhow did it go?08:00
ssam2first question: ""Native-compile only (right now)" -- any tentative timeline we can expect a cross compilation?"08:01
paulsher1oodwho asked that?08:01
ssam2went well though I think, about 15 attendees08:01
ssam2one of the attendees08:01
paulsher1oodwhat did you tell him/her?08:01
ssam2I said we don't have a timeline at this point08:01
ssam2although we're interested in it08:01
paulsher1ood'when hell freezes over, and the moon falls fron the sky'08:02
ssam2you never know :)08:02
paulsher1oodi replied to anand. i'm slightly worried that his patch didn't apply cleanly08:02
ssam2Thanks for that08:03
ssam2were you applying on rc3 or rc5 ?08:03
ssam2hmm, weird. could be that his patch is against the btrfs-next tree or something08:03
paulsher1oodmaybe. hopefully he'll notice the difference in my reply08:05
pedroalvarezhi all08:17
pedroalvarezyesterday I finally found the problem with delta/gusb08:17
pedroalvarez(is not lorrying08:17
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pedroalvarezIs failing in this assert:
pedroalvarezand I think I know why and how to reproduce it08:19
KinnisonOh, did it splorf during initial clone?08:19
Kinnisonmariadb seems to not have completed either :-(08:20
KinnisonDespite completing its conversion08:20
pedroalvarezKinnison: we were trying to clone it with an ssh url. So the repository was created but empty.08:23
pedroalvarezthen we fixed it:
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: Hmm08:23
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: it can be fixed by a trove admin, but bleurgh08:24
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: Do you want to fix it or shall I?08:24
pedroalvarezHm.. I'm not sure about how to fix it. Delete the repo?08:24
Kinnisonin the lorry working area, yes08:25
KinnisonAlso, that assert is probably removable08:25
pedroalvarezis what I was going to suggest.08:25
Kinnisonit seems over-pernickety08:25
pedroalvarezIf there is not source code, why do you want to do a backup?08:26
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ssam2what is going on with ?08:40
ssam2seems to have encountered a reproducible error in definitions ref 0a8fa2da3197a43a220e8d68a3287a66f90b210408:40
ssam2but then the build failure has magically fixed itself08:40
ssam2without the definitions ref changing08:40
* ssam2 very much hopes this is a parallel make issue08:42
KinnisonQuite probably08:43
Kinnisonthose kinds of failures in the past tended to be parallel build issues08:43
persiaEven so, if the build process isn't behaving deterministically, it bodes ill for reproduciblity08:43
ssam2persia: agreed.08:44
ssam2I'm not sure what we can do, other than either force 'max-jobs: 1' everywhere08:44
ssam2or stress test all of the chunks so that we discover any broken makefiles08:44
ssam2perhaps fixing up these errors as we see them will be enough08:44
Kinnisonpersia: s'a missing build-dep in the makefile08:44
paulsher1oodssam2: well in this case, force max-jobs for the breaking chunk08:44
ssam2or fix the makefile, yeah08:45
Kinnisonmax-jobs 1 will potentially help08:45
Kinnisonfixing the makefile is the right approach08:45
ssam2but the general problem is 'something that built successfully once may not build successfully again'08:45
KinnisonThere's nothing we can do for that beyond either forcing non-parallel builds, or fixing the issues as we find them08:46
KinnisonIt's very sad, but many upstreams simply don't care about making their makefiles robust08:46
persiaAnother alternative is patching make to accept an input file describing the specific acceptable parallelism, but that's likely to be more painful.08:47
Kinnisonpersia: the issue is a missing dependency08:48
Kinnisonpersia: the acceptable parallelism in any missing deps situation is, erm, one at a time08:48
persiaWell. no.08:48
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persiaIt really depends on how fast things take: if something is slow, and other things happening theoretically later have missing deps, the build fails.08:48
persiaIf it's fast the next time (using ccache, for example), then the build succeeds.08:49
KinnisonIn this case, I think ccache exacerbates the issue08:49
persiaAlthough it can also happen as a result of changes in build hardware (more cores, faster cores, etc.).08:51
persiaFor the mechanism that populates the artifact cache: is there a facility to stage chunk artifacts in such a way that it is possible to test if they misbuilt, or built significantly differently?08:53
* persia is pondering building everything a few times, and using consensus to determine which is "correct"08:53
KinnisonUnfortunately unclear08:54
Kinnison(how to achieve that)08:54
KinnisonWe don't have any useful bit-for-bit comparison stuff yet, so how would you determine if two chunks are equivalent in any automatic way?08:55
persiaYou just build it several times, and compare the results: the content that matches the plurality of builds is probably correct.08:55
KinnisonThat'd slow distbuilds down somewhat08:56
persiabit-for-bit fails.  Capture the list of build artifacts, and some relevant aspects of them (symbols definitions for binaries, text match for text, etc.)08:56
pedroalvarezdelta/gusb fixed08:56
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: cool08:56
pedroalvarezjjardon_: ^08:56
persiaBy at least a factor of the number of builds participating in consensus, yes.08:56
persiaBut if a given definitions may build or not build non-deterministically, it's one way to deal with that without actually fixing the problem.08:57
ssam2for e2fsprogs, seems to fix the issue08:57
ssam2so we just need to upgrade the version in use. I'll do a patch08:57
Kinnisonssam2: yep, that should fix it08:58
Kinnisonssam2: specifically the inclusion of prof_err.h in the deps08:58
ssam2sadly that commit doesn't seem to be in a stable release tag yet08:58
ssam2no, I'm lying08:59
ssam2(confused by 1.42.12 being sorted before 1.42.9 :)08:59
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ssam2 says that one needs latest Morph to build the x86_64 GENIVI baseline. I think that's no longer true. Anyone know for sure ?09:46
ssam2also, I guess we can replace the deploy instructions on that page which give an explicit cluster with 'morph deploy clusters/release.morph genivi-baseline-system-x86_64-generic'09:47
pedroalvarezssam2: hmm,,, I think you are right about the "latest Morph"09:48
ssam2did 14.29 support chunks in definitions? I forget now !09:48
ssam2morph NEWS is only up to date for 14.28 anyway09:49
ssam2I guess we should still recommend to use latest morph, then09:49
franredssam2, I think you need the latest morph to build anything from morph in definitions09:50
ssam2right :)09:50
ssam2someone asked the disk space and CPU requirements for building the baseline too, so I'd like to put that on Any rough guesses? I'd put 4GB RAM, 20GB disk space and at least 1GHz CPU, as a best-guess09:50
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richard_mawyou probably won't need a full 4GB, since it's possible to build a 32-bit baseline09:56
Kinnisonssam2: Is there a branch somewhere with the fix for the 3.17 btrfs issue which I could use to test on my Jetson?10:02
ssam2Kinnison: I don't have one, paulsherwood may have10:07
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: ?10:08
ssam2do we have a public artifact cache I can use? I remember there was one, but I forgot the link10:28
ssam2an artifact cache with up to date builds of master, I mean10:28
pedroalvarezssam2: yeah!10:29
persiaCan that be added to DNS?  e.g.
persiaAnd can morph default to that?10:29
rjekI put an http in your http.10:29
pedroalvarezto use it, add the follwing in morph.conf10:30
pedroalvarezartifact-cache-server =
ssam2persia: that might be a good solution10:31
persiaSaves everyone trying to remember annoying numbers10:31
pedroalvarezpersia: I had that suggestion in my notes10:31
ssam2I think we've always thought that should be doing that job, but the current system at doesn't have enough disk space to contain continuous builds of the artifacts10:31
ssam2if we had a separate subdomain for artifacts, we could be a bit more flexible10:31
persiaI'm not convinced I want the same backing hardware for git repos and an artifact cache.10:32
pedroalvarezI agree with persia 10:32
ssam2i've been brain damaged I guess, because 'everything in one box' is convenient for a developer10:33
persiaAbsolutely.  Makes code easy.  Causes extreme stress to sysadmins.10:33
ssam2the artifact cache isn't working, sadly, and Morph doesn't give me sufficient output to diagnose why10:34
ssam2I could have given it the wrong URL or whatever. I'll see about improving the error logging to find out why.10:34
persiaWhat do you mean by "isn't working"?10:34
ssam2ah, perhaps it is working10:34
pedroalvarezpersia: the thing is that this artifact-cache server may be temporary, and redeployed10:35
ssam2the problem is actually that the CI isn't building the GENIVI systems, so I have to build them locally10:35
persiaIsn't it behind NAT anyway?  Can't the NAT be adjusted?10:35
persiassam2: Yeah, I think we need elastic build workers before we can build all systems defined in definitions.10:36
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jjardonpedroalvarez: thanks! and sorry for sending the incorrect url the first time10:38
tlsassam2: I did leave a mason instance building GENIVI systems, and uploading artifacts to ct-mcr-110:41
tlsassam2: only for x86-64 though10:41
paulsher1oodtlsa: that's a private trove10:42
tlsait was tlsa-controller on ct-stack-210:42
tlsaoh, I see10:42
tlsayes indeed10:42
ssam2I've switched http:// to building release.morph so we can publicise GENIVI artifacts10:42
ssam2I guess this means feedback might be slower.10:43
ssam2but more valuable, as we'll notice if GENIVI breaks :)10:43
persiaMy worry is that it might miss a commit.10:43
ssam2how does including the GENIVI system make it possible for it to miss a commit ?10:43
persiaBut then again, it's better to miss some commits than all of them (which was the case before that was present).10:44
tlsamaybe that mason instance could be redeployed with several distbuild workers10:44
tlsato speed up cycle time10:44
persiaUnless I missed something in the backscroll I have yet to process, there's a timed poll, so that if two commits to definitions.git happen in sufficiently close succession, one may be missed.10:45
persiaSlowing down the build time increases the window of time in which this can happen.10:45
tlsapersia: that's correct10:45
persiatlsa: What happens if the prior build isn't yet complete when the next poll occurs?10:45
persiaOr does it only poll when it's not building?10:46
tlsait doesn't poll until a cycle is complete10:46
pedroalvarezpersia: hm... the same think will happens when we add tests for the deployed image in mason10:46
persiapedroalvarez: yes.10:46
pedroalvarezI wonder if we can force mason to just pull one commit10:46
persiaThe solution to these problems is to do things elastically: deploy separate build and test nodes for each commit.10:46
persiaWhich means decomposing the current solution into a controller and workers (each of which workers manage several build/test workers, etc.).10:47
paulsher1oodpersia: with docker :)10:49
* richard_maw grumbles about buzzwords10:50
persiapaulsher1ood: Why?  I'd use a cloud, personally.10:51
petefotheringhamI thought our preferred eventaul solution involved workers registering with the controiller and saying 'Gis a job!'10:57
paulsher1oodpersia: maybe i'm over-optimising :) i was imagining cloud vms with docker containers :)10:57
persiaAdding more levels of virtualisation is rarely described as "optimisation"10:58
persiapetefotheringham: That's even better :)10:58
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* petefoth wonders where the petefotherignam came from!10:59
* paulsher1ood notices an odd message during a `morph deploy` -
richard_mawpaulsher1ood: that's new from Lars' work to reduce the amount of data transferred when uploading images11:04
paulsher1oodis it a bug?11:05
richard_mawI'll let you know after I've investigated mroe11:06
* paulsher1ood updates morph in the meantime11:06
richard_mawthat won't fix it11:06
richard_mawin this case, it's because the mktemp on your mac behaves differently to those available on Linux11:07
paulsher1oodurgh :/11:07
richard_mawthe filename template is optional on Linux, but mandatory on a Mac11:08
persiamorph runs on a mac now?11:09
richard_mawno, the replacement for rsyncing data across runs a shell script on the remote end to convert the input stream into a disk image sparsely11:10
paulsher1oodas justin said on the ml, probably we should try to fix rsync?11:10
persiaAh, yeah, that needs to be POSIX clean, because we never know what lives on the other end.11:10
persiapaulsher1ood: How is a userspace tool supposed to know how the OS decided to represent a file?11:11
richard_mawI fear the dd command is the show-stopper for Mac support11:12
persiaOr is the suggestion that rsync grow a flag to cause a written file to be sparse?11:12
persiaOh, heh, yes, that would be a bug :)11:13
* paulsher1ood is a bug magnet11:13
paulsher1oodso this deploy is just sitting there. i guess i need to rollback morph to before th sparse changes?11:15
richard_mawif the dd command on your Mac supports iflag=fullblock, then it's possible to fix the script, which would be better than rolling it back11:16
pedroalvarezpaulsher1ood: `dd --help`11:17
paulsher1oodno help on mac :) it has man, though11:17
richard_mawno mention of iflag11:18
paulsher1oodrichard_maw beat me to it :)11:19
* pedroalvarez wonders what happens if the host is running windows11:20
richard_mawnot a lot11:20
ssam2presumably there's no ssh server running on Windows anyway, unless the user has Cygwin11:20
persiarichard_maw: Shouldn't `...conv=sparse...` do the right thing?11:20
pedroalvarezssam2: true :)11:21
richard_mawpaulsher1ood: in which case the simplest thing would be to either roll back, or try `git revert -m1 ef6a4743aaaada781685ed6988917f299dbcfcda`11:21
persiassam2: There are other ssh servers for windows, but most windows doesn't have the POSIX compat stuff loaded, so can be safely ignored.11:21
richard_mawpersia: coreutils dd doesn't have conv=sparse, and it doesn't help having to send a long sequence of 0s in the input11:22
persiarichard_maw: my install of coreutils contains a dd.1.gz that claims to have conv=sparse11:23
persiaIt's 8.2011:23
richard_mawah, I've got 8.2011:24
richard_maw8.13 I mean11:24
persiaYou're certainly not alone: I suspect that (or older) to be installed for many folk who don't upgrade often.11:25
richard_mawI'm on Debian Wheezy11:25
persiaWhich is a sensible place (current stable).  Ubuntu 12.04 is also 8.1311:28
richard_mawfixing rsync would be the most useful solution, but I have no idea what would be involved, and I don't have time to look at it11:28
richard_mawI just remember being terrified the last time I looked at rsync's codebase11:29
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: meh, we sent almost the same reply11:38
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: I like your "*64" suggestion.11:39
richard_mawI'm not sure I do, but I can't adequately express why.11:39
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: what about `uname -m` vs $MORPH_ARCH11:41
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: thanks for the linux link11:43
paulsher1oodKinnison: yw11:44
paulsher1ooddoes it work?11:44
KinnisonI thought you'd tried it11:45
paulsher1oodnot on jetson11:45
* Kinnison is still trying to work out if 3.17 will work on the K111:45
paulsher1oodit works on x8611:45
KinnisonIt seems to have stuff targetted at K111:45
Kinnisonbut I'm unsure if enough of nvidia's stuff is in11:45
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: btw, Codethink is cited on
KinnisonThere's no mention in mach-tegra on master of the GK20A family of SoCs11:47
Kinnisonso I'm guessing it's not merged up yet anyway11:47
Kinnisonwhich makes me super-sad11:48
franredpedroalvarez, richard_maw, thanks for the fast review, Im trying the "*64" and "$MORPH_ARCH" version of the case statement (this does not include aarch64 yet, tough)11:51
Kinnison*64 is probably not good enough11:52
Kinnisongiven it'll likely be aarch64le if we do it11:52
persiaIsn't there already ppc64?11:53
paulsher1oodKinnison: check state of play  in #tegra?11:54
Kinnisonpersia: Yes, we have ppc6411:55
KinnisonI'm just downloading the current tegra kernel source to see how it manifests in there11:56
franredKinnison, ok, then I will leave it as richard_maw's 1st suggestion x86_64|ppc64) and when aarch64 comes we can modify or I can add *64*) but I think this is very weak regular expression11:56
KinnisonIt's a shell case pattern, but yes :-)11:57
Kinnisonradiofree: Okay, I give up, what's your recommendation for Tegra kernels then?12:03
Kinnisonradiofree: because you have 3.15 and 3.16 branches, but nvidia seem to be shipping 3.1012:12
paulsher1oodKinnison: we should aim for mainline, with minimum patch set, i believe12:13
paulsher1oodradiofree had things working on 3.16 but compilations were unstable iirc.12:14
* paulsher1ood hopes things have improved in the intervening time12:15
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: I am, of course, aiming at mainline, but I'm having difficulty tracking everything, I've found a git tree to poke, but if I get completely lost I'll probably go chat to #tegra12:15
KinnisonSpecifically I'm just poking through
KinnisonHmm, the tegra 124 family might be the k112:26
KinnisonI hate marketing terms vs. engineering terms issues12:27
KinnisonOkay, I'mma try paulsher1ood's branch, with radiofree's kernel config12:30
Kinnisonlet's see how explodey this is12:30
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* paulsher1ood crosses his fingers12:44
KinnisonToday I have very little brain12:46
Kinnisonit's running again with a defconfig and dtb which might actually exist :-)12:46
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KinnisonDoes morph deploy not update git repos if it needs to?13:14
KinnisonBecause I had an odd issue13:14
paulsher1oodwhy would it need to?13:14
Kinnisonwhere a ref was on my trove, and distbuild could build with it, but it wasn't in my local git cache13:15
Kinnisonso when I ran deploy, it failed because the ref was "bad"13:15
SotKI'm pretty sure that deploy never updates git repos now13:15
ssam2that's a bug introduced when we made `morph deploy` never update git repos13:15
KinnisonRight, well that means I ran face-first into an obvious workflow issue13:15
paulsher1oodnor should it, imo. it should only deploy a built system?13:15
ssam2we should revert that change now that Morph doesn't blindly update every ref on each run13:15
ssam2*every repo13:15
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: You're missing the point, *I* didn't build system system, distbuild did13:15
Kinnisonand I never had that SHA locally because I never needed it locally13:16
persiaWhy do you need it locally at deploy time?13:16
Kinnisonpersia: because morph needs to calculate the artifact IDs, and to do that it needs tree SHAs etc13:16
Kinnisonpersia: and if we have a repo locally, we use that rather than take network time to talk to the trove13:16
Kinnisonpersia: but we're missing a fallback to say "if the ref isn't in the cache, and I've not tried updating the cache, {update the cache and retry,use the remote git resolver}"13:17
persiaWhy does it need to calculate any artifact IDs other than that of the system being deployed?13:17
paulsher1oodi disagree, i think. morph shouldn't need to be calculating all the time. distbuild di the calcualtion already, can't morph deploy benefit from that?13:17
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: that calculation happened on the distbuild controller13:18
paulsher1oodKinnison: i know13:18
Kinnisonpersia: erm, to calculate the system artifact needs all the strata artifact ids which needs all the chunk ids13:18
Kinnisonpersia: it's a heirarchy13:18
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: My point is, without examining the graph to know if anything changed, deploy cannot know if it's the same artifact graph as distbuild built anyway13:18
paulsher1oodKinnison: the output of the calculation is auseful articatc - we could just publish/cache it?13:19
persiaNo, Kinnison is right here.13:19
paulsher1oodbah. typing13:19
paulsher1oodi still disagree.13:19
persiaThe alternative is to never build anything that isn't committed, at which point we can rely on the definitions tree ID to confirm things haven't changd.13:19
persiaBut that's not how morph works.13:19
ssam2we could potentially cache the cache key of each system morph in a given SHA1 of definitions13:20
Kinnisonpersia: *iff* all the refs happen to be SHA1s13:20
ssam2I think it'd be more trouble than it's worth, and calculating the build graph only takes seconds anyway13:20
Kinnisonwhich, in a tree where I have run 'morph edit' is current not the case13:20
persiaAh, right.13:20
paulsher1ooddistbuild only works on committed stuffs13:20
ssam2it'd be much faster if we batched requests to the remote git cache, too13:20
Kinnisonssam2: I believe we modified distbuild to batch some operations.  we could batch more13:20
Kinnisonspecifically the "are these artifacts built?" query is batchable I think13:21
ssam2Morph resolves refs one by one13:21
Kinnisonthose could usefully be batched13:21
paulsher1oodssam2: yes. but why do we do it every time?13:21
ssam2paulsher1ood: if it took a second, why wouldn't we?13:22
Kinnisonbut it'd require a reasonably large rework of the graph walker iirc13:22
paulsher1oodit takes minutes13:22
* Kinnison would much rather make it fast to calculate, than add another potentially out-of-date cache13:22
ssam2paulsherwood: Not for me. There may be some other performance issue on your system, or an existing performance problem is greatly exacerbated for you13:22
ssam2so we should fix that, not add extra code to cache stuff13:22
persiaThere are already so many caches that there is a significant performance impact maintaining cache consistency13:23
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: fyi that kernel and dtb built, I'm just waiting on my superslow laptop drive to deploy it :-)13:40
* ssam2 worries that the build instructions for the ARM Genivi baseline begin: "wget"13:42
ssam2any thoughts on what we should change this to?13:43
ssam2maybe '1. Buy a Jetson' ?13:43
paulsher1oodKinnison: i wonder whether the whole process would have been faster using a jetson  as devel, and upgrading self13:43
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: possibly, but then I wouldn't have my comfortable dev environment13:44
* Kinnison is odd13:44
pedroalvarez"buy a jetson board"13:44
Kinnisonit'd be faster if my laptop had an SSD :-)13:44
* pedroalvarez is lagging13:44
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straycatIs there an analogue of ATTACH_DISK for openstack deployments?14:06
richard_mawstraycat: no14:07
pedroalvarezstraycat: also, the openstack deployment only creates the image. To attach a volume (disk) is at instantiation time.14:08
straycatI was going to ask what might be involved in writing an analogue for ATTACH_DISK, but I guess for now it's a case of running the right commands when you instantiate the thing.14:10
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: Can I use then "if [ $DISTBUILD_GENERIC = True ]", or would you prefer to stick with  "if [ -n $DISTBUILD_GENERIC ]"14:10
pedroalvarezhm... Am I the only one who doesn't like "openstack-app" for the name of the stratum that only has gerrit at the moment?14:15
richard_mawpedroalvarez: so long as you quote $DISTBUILD_GENERIC in the code, I don't mind whether you compare it to True or or check whether it's set14:17
* persia thinks gerrit ought be in a "gerrit" stratum, unless there's some strong expectation to deploy systems containing gerrit *and* something else.14:18
petefothpersia: what an *odd* idea :)14:20
* franred though that we aim to add gerrit + zuul + turbo hipster + storyBoard... but maybe Im wrong14:21
franredpetefoth, persia, pedroalvarez ^^14:22
persiafranred: Wouldn't one typically deploy those as separate systems, rather than trying to stuff it all in one place?14:22
paulsher1oodfranred: persia is probably right. he often is :)14:23
persia"often" is an operative word here: it's typically a good idea to validate my claims, rather than just believing them as gospel :)14:23
pedroalvarezjust to validate persia's claims: I raised the point because I had the same opinion14:25
petefothMy dfeeling is that these apps should be in sepearate chunks whcih can b combined in differet ways into different systems14:25
petefothSo our CI Pipeline might consist of a number of co-operating systems. Others might mak a systme where all of the tools are in the same system14:26
pedroalvarezpetefoth: did you mean "separate strata"? </google>14:26
petefothpedroalvarez: I almost certainly did :)14:26
* petefoth is not yet fluent in the Baserock language14:26
franredok, I will change the name of the stratum from openstack-app to gerrit14:27
paulsher1oodcan we set a standard for naming of stratum 'foo and its dependencies' - i for one would rather not have it called just 'foo'14:29
franredpaulsher1ood, this stratum only depends on itself - the system which includes this stratum is called gerrit_x86_64.morph and its cluster openstack-gerrit.morph14:31
persia" and its dependencies" is long though, and some strata may sensibly only contain a single chunk.14:31
paulsher1oodi wasn't actually suggesting that as a name, just noting the use-case. what about 'gerrit-stuff' as a specific example14:32
persia"-stuff" is less bad.14:32
Kinnisonrichard_maw: can we stop morph doing the disk space check on distbuild operations, it's very annoying :-)14:33
paulsher1oodgerrit-set ?14:33
franredwhat stuff means in this case?14:33
persia"gerrit" is actually bad, because it causes name collision (same name for chunk and stratum).14:33
paulsher1oodthat's why i raised this14:33
* paulsher1ood is obvbiously not making much sense today14:33
franredchunck is called gerrit-installation-binaries14:33
persia"patch-manager" might also work, where gerrit is one chunk needed, but others may be useful.14:33
franredso no collision in this case14:34
persiafranred: Yes, but the chunk should be called "gerrit" once it is being built from source.14:34
richard_mawKinnison: I guess14:34
franredpersia, code-review-manager?14:35
persiafranred: That also works, although less terse.14:36
* persia fails at grammar14:36
franredpersia, ok, patch-manager then14:37
franredpedroalvarez, ^^ any thoughs against patch-manager?14:38
persiaeither is fine.  It's not like it's something that gets typed often, and it tab-completes now14:38
pedroalvarezfranred: better :)14:39
rjekMinix is now cross-buildable from Linux.  Here's a Debian package definition for it:
rjekIt could be an interesting thing to build with Baserock instead, given its aim for high-reliability embedded systems.14:40
rjek(It also now has a working ARM port)14:41
richard_mawrjek: ARM for which hardware?14:45
rjekA8 and Beagle* boards atm.14:45
petefothI'm concerned that the name 'patch-manager' is too generic. 'patch-manager-gerrit' makes clear this is a specific patch manager14:46
ssam2paulsherwood, persia: interesting point about stratum names14:49
ssam2petefoth: I think you've just described the systemd unit naming policy, too :)14:49
petefothssam2: is that a good thing?14:50
ssam2I think it's sensible, yeah14:50
ssam2"Unit files should be named after the software implementation that they support as opposed to the generic type of software. So, a good name would be apache-httpd.service and bad names would be httpd.service or apache.service as there are multiple httpd implementations and multiple projects produced by the apache foundation."14:50
persiaIn classic distros, one only needs a few systems, expecting users to customise to needs.  For a Baserock distro, one ends up wanting a system for every intended use, which can lead to some confusion when also wanting somewhat generic strata.14:51
persiaEspecially in the case of application-centric systems: as an example, what might be sensible strata/system names for a nagios controller?14:52
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straycatGood news, you can format ephemeral disks when you create an instance16:35
straycatBad news, you can't specify a volume label16:36
straycatGood news, you can attach a volume when you bring up an instance instead16:36
straycatBad news, gbo is 500 again16:36
straycatDoes anyone have any more of an idea what's up with it, I noticed on the weekend that one of the lighttpd services was using around 5GB of memory.16:37
straycatWe can just restart the process again, but that doesn't help us much in the long run.16:39
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straycatFor the sake of the docs it's probably simpler not to use labels.16:56
pedroalvarezfranred: wrt gerrit, my previous +1 is still valid16:59
persiaLabels are useful in a libvirt environment where one is sharing volumes between VMs, but not so much in other contexts16:59
richard_mawis it safe to have multiple VMs use the same volume?16:59
franredpedroalvarez, cheers, I will merge into master16:59
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: I think is not allowed17:00
persiarichard_maw: Yes, if they aren't running at the same time.17:01
persiaIf you need consistency between two hosts, you need another layer of abstraction.17:02
persiaErr, two concurrently running hosts, that is.17:02
richard_mawprobably in the form of a networked filesystem with good locking semantics17:02
persiaThe other common solution is the object store abstraction, without traditional FS semantics17:03
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pedroalvarezurgh... I wonder if we broke this with the automake upgrade;;
persiaDoes it build correctly if you reset automake to the old ref?17:13
radiofreewon't that require a rebuild of most things?17:14
pedroalvarezno if i have all the artifacts cached :)17:14
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pedroalvarezreverting automake, libevent built19:00
pedroalvarezreverting the automake upgrade19:00
pedroalvarezhm.. upstream has fixed the problem but there are not stable releases with that fix on it19:09
pedroalvarezthis is the fix:
tlsacan you cherry pick it?19:12
pedroalvarezgiven that is the makefile of the 'test' folder I was wondering if I can disable them19:12
pedroalvarezso I don't have to create a branch for it19:13
pedroalvareztlsa: but yes, that is also a good idea19:14
pedroalvareztlsa: git cherry-pick worked. I'm going to opt for that solution.19:23
paulsher1oodgbo is down...20:24
straycatLooks like the same problem20:32
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