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* paulsherwood has spent a *long* time trying to get log4cxx building... :/00:10
paulsherwoodturns out that the git mirrors are not keeping up with their svn!00:58
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Kinnisonpaulsherwood: :-(08:22
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paulsherwoodKinnison: actually, I may be misinterpreting the evidence...09:34
paulsherwoodaccording to (which claims to be a mirror of  git://
paulsherwoodlast commit is
paulsherwoodwhich claims to be equivalent to
Kinnisonsvn trunk is at r162304009:37
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paulsherwoodand notably, the git repo doesn't build - because it's missing a commit from Jan 2014 - r155670909:38
paulsherwoodistm this is quite a serious issue for apache?09:39
paulsherwood(the mirrors being wrong)09:39
rjekHow on do I get a list of pages on the wiki?09:39
paulsherwoodrjek: clone it?09:39
rjekOh, no page on the web site for it?09:40
rjekcloning seems very heavyweight for getting an index.09:40
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: indeed, the official ( mirror is equally out of date, it's not just the mirroring to github which is lagging09:40
paulsherwoodrjek: or;a=tree09:40
rjekAha.  It'd be nice if that were linked somewhere.09:41
liw-orcrjek, click "History" to get to the git repo, then "tree" to get to the source files09:42
liw-orcnot perhaps the most obvious thing, of course09:43
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ridgerunnerOk, questions arising from my initial forays into Baserock:10:31
ridgerunner1. Is there a reason for the installation instructions using a VM?10:31
paulsherwoodridgerunner: maybe send to the list? capturing first time reactions is useful10:32
ridgerunnerok paulsherwood, will do.10:32
paulsherwoodi'm not saying don't ask here, especially if you're blocked10:32
ridgerunnerNo, it's a good point, preparing an email will concentrate my mind.10:33
ridgerunnerAnd I can put "gut reactions" into it as well.10:33
paulsherwoodregarding 1. - being in a VM ensures a known environment, should reduce uncertainty and avoid 'this doesn't work on mydistro version foo' problems10:34
paulsherwoodridgerunner: careful :)10:34
paulsherwoodthere are sensitive souls here10:34
ridgerunnerI'll do my best to keep them positive or, at the least, constructive :-)10:35
paulsherwoodridgerunner: tvm :)10:36
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pedroalvarezhm... questiion: what do we prefer:13:06
pedroalvarez1) Mason always has to be a distbuild controller, and that controller is the one used to build13:06
pedroalvarez2) Allow Mason to not be a distbuild controller but in the case that Mason is a disbuild controler, have duplicated configuration13:06
pedroalvarezI think the latter makes more sense13:06
KinnisonI'm unconvinced that this is relevant because in the grand new scheme, jobs will be initiated by gearman workers (turbo-hipster?) on a distbuild cluster13:07
KinnisonProbably the same distbuild cluster everyone else uses if poss.13:07
pedroalvarezI didn't know about a new scheme13:11
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: I believe the project is expecting to switch to the openstack infra set, assuming we can make it work for us13:12
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: because it gets us a lot of useful stuff13:12
pedroalvarezI understand13:12
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Kinnisonliw-orc:'s lorry-controller timeout... what is it set to?  I have a potential lorry which would take 1h40m to do the initial work for...13:31
liw-orcKinnison, default is 3600 seconds (1 hour), but can increase that13:33
KinnisonCan it be set in the lorry file itself?13:33
pedroalvarezthat would be very handy13:34
liw-orcin lorry-controller.conf13:34
Kinnisonokay, I can change that when I add this lorry then13:34
Kinnisonand we can shunt it back once things have settled13:35
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ssam2I saw this brief mailing list thread on licensing:
ssam2it suggests projects should list all licenses used in their COPYING13:57
ssam2or in some other standardised way13:58
ssam2doesn't really go far, sadly13:59
liw-orcfor that, you're going to have to invent a standard, I fear13:59
liw-orcbut the goal is good14:00
liw-orcI've done a little work in this area: and (the former is actively used in Debian, the latter is used by myself only)14:01
Kinnisonliw-orc: what is the key name and I'll add it to lorry-controller.conf before I commit and push this14:03
liw-orcKinnison, lorry-timeout14:04
* Kinnison proposes
Kinnisoneww indentationcockup14:05
* Kinnison has fixed that14:06
richard_mawKinnison: I'd have given it 3H, but if you think 2H is fine, +114:06
richard_mawI assume we don't care about any other branches of log4cxx?14:06
richard_mawwait, -114:06
liw-orcKinnison, let me check LC parses the 2H form14:06
richard_mawif you're using layout: standard, then you don't want to include the /trunk at the end of the URL14:07
* Kinnison waits14:07
Kinnisonrichard_maw: Oh, git svn init worked with the url with the /trunk14:07
richard_mawdid you pass any extra --layout options to it?14:07
Kinnisonis standard not default?14:07
richard_mawit defaults to just one branch14:07
liw-orcKinnison, use integers, I'll make a note that the lorry-timeout fields needs to be parsed as interval14:08
liw-orci.e., 720014:08
Kinnisonliw-orc: okies14:08
liw-orcKinnison, I think just 7200, not a string value14:11
Kinnisonrichard_maw: is the lorry content okay?14:12
richard_mawit appears to be14:12
* Kinnison pushes14:15
ridgerunnerHelp needed: "If you're running Baserock in a VM, make sure that USB passthrough is enabled." - how?15:00
ridgerunnerAnd why, I guess.15:00
liw-orcwhere is that?15:00
richard_mawthe Jetson page IIRC15:01
KinnisonThis is so that you can pass the bootloader USB device through to the VM so that the braining code from nvidia can run and rebrain the jetson with baserock15:01
ridgerunnerI don't understand that, sorry.15:02
ridgerunner'bootloader' on the Jetson board?15:03
ridgerunnerWhat do you mean by "braining code"?15:04
Kinnisonone of the things you download is some binary-only software from nvidia to write the flash on the jetson using the USB recovery firmware on it15:04
ridgerunnerSorry capslock on by mistake.15:06
KinnisonThe first set of instructions in the jetson -- the second line15:07
rjekridgerunner: I believe to reflash the Jetson with new firmware requires a tool from NVIDIA's website somewhere, and it does this via USB.  So you need to "pass through" USB to your virtual machine.15:07
Kinnisonin the jetson page15:07
* Kinnison strongly recommends remapping capslock as control, or compose, or something equally chordy, so as to reduce the chance of ACCIDENTALCAPS15:08
ridgerunnerNo, that would just confuse me. I don't think I've ever done that before and not noticed before I hit Enter.15:09
KinnisonBut only strange people, such as liw-orc, actually use capslock15:09
liw-orcI made a membership card for a fictitious "CAPS LOCK FAN CLUB" once15:10
ridgerunnerI know several people on Facebook who must be using ASR33s or something because they seem incapable of typing lower case letters.15:11
ridgerunnerCapslock is very useful when you have a cup of tea in your hand and still want to have correct capitalization.15:12
ridgerunnerAnyway, thanks for the help. Moving on...15:14
ridgerunnerAny idea why I "morph branch baserock:baserock/definitions test-branch baserock-14.29" doesn't work? (error follows)15:17
ridgerunnerFailed to fetch tarball, falling back to git clone.15:17
ridgerunnerERROR: Cannot find remote git repository: baserock:baserock/definitions15:17
ridgerunnertar: short read15:17
ridgerunnerA bit of testing shows that I have no external access from the VM.15:18
Kinnisonmake your VM have internet access and then try again15:18
ridgerunnerDNS lookups work but not alot else.15:18
ridgerunnerAgain, how? I've not used VMs in Linux before.15:19
KinnisonI strongly recommend you use libvirt15:19
Kinnisonit will set up a NAT network for you which is very effective15:19
tlsaliw-orc: at what string length do you start using caps lock?15:19
liw-orctlsa, three upper case letters in a row15:19
liw-orcpossibly four, depending15:19
liw-orcit was what my fingers learned when I teaching myself to touch-type (on a mechanical typewriter, no less)15:20
ridgerunnerKinnison: libvirt seems to be an API and library. I'm installing virt-manager, is that what I need?15:24
Kinnisonridgerunner: yes15:24
Kinnisonlibvirt is the underlying framework15:24
ridgerunnerGreat, ta muchly :-)15:24
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ridgerunnervirt-manager whinges "Unable to connect to libvirt". I tried to sudo libvirtd but that failed.15:39
pedroalvarezridgerunner: your user has to be in an special group to be able to connect to libvirt15:39
Kinnisonyou need to ensure your user is in the right group and then log out and log in15:39
Kinnisonthat's the easiest way15:40
KinnisonWhat OS are you running?15:40
ridgerunnerGood-o, what group is that.15:40
ridgerunnerI'm running  Debian (wheezy)15:40
Kinnisonsudo adduser myusername libvirt15:41
Kinnisonthen log out and log in15:41
Kinnisonthat should sort you out15:41
straycatI think there might be an issue with morph edit, but I think this might be known?15:44
richard_mawI know of a few issues with morph edit, what issue are you thinking of in particular?15:48
straycatmorph edit gcc set the ref to master15:51
richard_mawafter a `morph checkout`, then yes, that's a known issue15:53
richard_mawi.e. we have no guarantee that the name of the branch you use for your system branch is valid for the branches for the chunks15:54
richard_mawtemporary build branches mean you should still be able to build your local changes, but you obviously can't push to those repositories15:54
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straycatOh okay16:19
liw-orcpedroalvarez, others: as advised by pedro off-channel, I need to fix the ghost job removal systemd timer unit according to: -- can I get a quick review (I've verified that it fixes the problem)16:21
Kinnisonlooks reasonable16:22
liw-orcthank you, merging htat16:22
pedroalvarezcrap, I forgot to run the morph test suite before merging the last change I did16:28
KinnisonShould run after merge and before push16:29
pedroalvarezalso, I don't know how but my patch was incomplete16:29
Kinnisonso you test what you merged16:29
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pedroalvarezhere is the fix:
Kinnisonthe author line sucks16:34
* pedroalvarez sighs16:34
pedroalvareztoday is not my day16:34
Kinnisonline length, copyright year, I understand.  what's the third hunk about?16:35
pedroalvarezthe write extension was calling a unexistent method16:35
KinnisonI see16:35
pedroalvarezI did test that16:35
liw-orcmention that fix in the commit message as well (nonexistent method)16:36
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jjardonHi, gusb is empty: I took a look to the lorry file and seems correct. Any idea what can be happening?17:07
Kinnisonthe URL it has been given is an SSH type URL17:09
Kinnisonit's exceedingly unlikely to ever be able to clone from that17:09
jjardonyeah, just realize about that. Will send a patch to the list shortly17:09
jjardonKinnison: or maybe you can change it alredy? it should be git://
Kinnisonfixed and pushed17:11
jjardonKinnison: thanks!17:12
* Kinnison is heading off now though, so I can't help more until tomorrow17:12
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