IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2014-09-07

paulsherwoodworking nomust have been me07:07
paulsherwoodnow :)07:07
radiofree"Troubleshooting is not rocket science. For all issues you may blame yourself"10:22
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jjardonHi, compiling latest systemd Im getting this error: wonder if someone here have seen something similar before?22:28
Kinnisonlatest release, or master?22:41
jjardonKinnison: master22:42
KinnisonMight be a master bug, try lastest release first?22:43
jjardonKinnison: trying now. But master is being builded in gnome-continuous ( without aparently any problem22:47
jjardonKinnison: same error with v216 tag22:47
KinnisonI can't find anything obvious23:06
KinnisonI'll look again tomorrow23:06
Kinnison'tis late23:06

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