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thecorconiangood evening/morning. just announcing that jte is in teh room.02:48
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paulsherwoodthe corconian picks the strangest times :)07:43
rjekPeople are strange.07:44
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paulsherwoodtakes one to know one08:18
rjekI am a person, it's true.08:24
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ridgerunnerI'm having trouble with installing baserock on my laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X201) followingthe instructions at
ridgerunnerFirst five steps go fine10:03
ridgerunnerFinal step "kvm -hda..." blows up10:03
rjekCan you pastebin the output?10:04
Kinnisonridgerunner: if you're not averse, we strongly recommend you use libvirt rather than raw kvm10:04
rjekYeah.  Or use virt-manager (GUI wrapper around libvirt)10:05
ridgerunnerKnowing naff all about the subject I will bow to authority :-)10:05
rjek(Saying that, when virt-manager screws up, it can be difficult to work out why)10:05
rjekridgerunner: What is the error you're getting?  The same issue might befall libvirt, too10:05
ridgerunnerHang on a mo, it was yesterday, I'll do it again.10:06
ridgerunnerNow I don't understand. I had to sudo it but then it worked :-)10:07
liw-orcridgerunner, are you in the kvm and libvirt groups?10:08
ridgerunnerI'm sure I didn't do anything differently yesterday. Oh well, sorry to bother you all10:09
liw-orcrichard_maw, check by running the command "id" (no arguments)10:09
ridgerunnerI followed the instructions and added myself to the kvm group10:09
liw-orcdid you log out and back in again? :)10:09
rjekridgerunner: When changing group memberships, you'll need to log out and log in again for them to take effect.10:09
rjekOr, you can try to cheat by doing "sudo login" :)10:10
ridgerunnerThe image is belongs to root. I must have been in a root shell when I moved it.10:10
ridgerunnerliw-orc: yep.10:10
ridgerunnerWell that was a bit disconcerting. The QEMU box grabbed the focus and wouldn't let it go. No cursor visible. I had to give it the three finger salute to get control back.10:12
Kinnisonrichard_maw: qemu gives it back if you press and release ctrl+alt10:13
Kinnisonrichard_maw: ?10:13
Kinnisonridgerunner: ^^^10:13
liw-orcridgerunner, ctrl-alt (no other keys needed) will tell qemu (and virt-manager's simulated console) to grab or ungrab focus10:13
* liw-orc channels Kinnison, it seems10:13
ridgerunnerok. is that written down anywhere likely to be read by sane and sensible people?10:14
liw-orcI got it from the window title10:15
* Kinnison nods10:15
Kinnisons'where I got it from10:15
ridgerunnerI see that now. A bit of forewarning might help avoid a few panicky moments for users.10:16
ridgerunnerRight, after all that fun I've forgotten what I was trying to achieve. Where's the wood? All these trees are blocking my view.10:17
pedroalvarezliw-orc: thanks for waiting, I've sent a review to your ghost-jobs patch series.10:24
liw-orcpedroalvarez, gracias10:24
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thecorconiangood morning. just announcing jte in the room12:19
pedroalvarezthecorconian: good morning!12:20
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* Kinnison wonders who jte is12:34
Kinnisonand why it warrants announcements12:34
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KinnisonI have been away for a while (2 weeks or so) and have only just caught up with baserock-dev12:47
KinnisonI was interested to note the proposal for jjardon to be given push rights to git.baserock.org12:47
KinnisonI wonder if we should be widening the scope of people committing to before we get a gatekeeper in place12:47
Kinnison(I believe we're working on getting the Openstack infra (gerrit/zuul/gearman/turbo-hipster/et-al) in place, which would be useful before we widen the input scope)12:48
liw-orcI'd widen the scope now, since it's not going to be many more people, and because transitioning to new tools always seems to a long time12:49
KinnisonFair enough12:49
KinnisonI just wanted to raise it as a possible point to consider12:49
* Kinnison is not opposed to allowing jjardon access, since he had access before, but didn't want to risk this opening the gates before we have support in place to prevent more committers being a burden12:50
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franredgerrit "proof of concept" morphology is now under revision13:02
richard_mawthat's a weird way of saying sent for review13:03
franredrichard_maw, :)13:05
pedroalvarezfranred: revisioned!13:10
pedroalvarezI mean, reviewed!13:10
pedroalvarezI just made a comment, I didn't vote13:11
petefothme too13:11
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ridgerunnerHm. has a Big Friendly Box telling one "If you're running Baserock in a VM, make sure that USB passthrough is enabled." A bit more detail would be helpful.15:17
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pedroalvarezridgerunner: many differents virtualization software15:33
pedroalvarezridgerunner: which one are you using? livbirt? virtualbox?15:33
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paulsherwoodridgerunner: all that means is, if you're in a VM, your VM needs access to the real USB port you connect your jetson to17:33
paulsherwoodridgerunner: btw  i wrote that. i believed it to be beyond our scope (and my expertise) to explain to VM users how enable USB in their virtualization tool of choice17:35

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