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paulsherwoodi'm delighted to see lorrying on g.b.o seems to be back in action10:23
paulsherwoodhowever i notice linux hasn't caught up and appears to be bottom of the schedule - has something happened there?10:23
liw-orcI'm amazed that I did some heavy sysadmin stuff yesterday and things didn't break overnight :)10:23
paulsherwoodliw-orc: :-)10:24
paulsherwoodyou da man :)10:24
liw-orcI manually moved delta/linux to the top of the queue yesterday, just to see that lorrying it works; that's why it's moved in the queue10:24
paulsherwoodliw-orc: oh? i think the lorrying missed a bit, then?10:25
franredand it works, procps-ng got lorried10:25
paulsherwoodlots has happened in linus' tree over the last five days :)10:25
liw-orcpaulsherwood, let me have a look10:25
paulsherwoodsorry, i'm sure you have more pressing things10:26
liw-orcmoved delta/linux to the top again, just to see10:28
liw-orchm, it didn't actually get anything10:31
paulsherwoodooh - a mystery :)10:32
liw-orchm, I can't pull via git:// from gbo again -- I'll restart the git-daemon.service10:34
tlsawhat's causing it to break so often?10:34
liw-orcI don't know10:35
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richard_mawtlsa: my bet is the recent change to ls-remote for every build10:35
liw-orcthat'll cause extra load -- I'm worried that it's so much extra load gbo can't cope10:35
richard_mawliw-orc: you could try adding --timeout=3600 to make it timeout any connections that take longer than an hour10:36
liw-orcrichard_maw, que? add that to what?10:36
richard_mawsorry, forgot to write the rest of that sentence; add it to the systemd unit10:36
liw-orcrichard_maw, I'll be happy to let someone else debug that, after I've debugged this missing kernel updates thing10:37
Kinnisonliw-orc: perl and qt5/qtbase still seem to be being lorried which is odd because at least qtbase ought to be git10:39
paulsherwoodin other news, i note php would need some frabbing, if we actually wanted it.
* Kinnison hopes we never want it, but understands that some strange people might10:55
richard_mawI've seen many errors with configure scripts, but that's a new one10:55
liw-orcKinnison, there was discussion of openid providers and I mentioned using simpleid (hosted for my by joeyh) and it's in php10:56
Kinnisonliw-orc: I see10:56
Kinnisonliw-orc: was this in preference to fixing storyboard?10:56
liw-orcKinnison, I don't know10:57
liw-orcI was intensly busy with other things, alas10:57
ssam2paulsherwood: wow11:08
richard_mawpaulsherwood: have you tried upstream:php2?11:09
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: no, i can do11:09
paulsherwoodKinnison: we're looking quite hard into adding kanban functionality to (or alongside) storyboard11:10
paulsherwoodto this end, we think we need an openid solution11:11
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: upstream:php2 looks more promising. but what is it? :)11:13
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: you only have to check the lorry file :)11:13
paulsherwoodoh, i spoke too soon11:13
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i mean, it's a tarball11:14
richard_mawpaulsherwood: they don't follow the DESTDIR protocol then11:16
persiaRight.  Needs an install-commands entry, because it isn't honouring DESTDIR properly11:16
paulsherwoodi can fix that11:17
paulsherwoodif we ever need it :)11:17
paulsherwoodsorry for the noise11:17
persiaPHP is a common tool for web development, so it's probably best to have a known working chunk morphology.11:18
persiaGetting upstream to honour $DESTDIR would likely please many11:18
* paulsherwood doesn't feel he has the expertise or the standing to help with rhat11:19
pedroalvarezmaybe they already did, they are now int php-5.6.011:20
richard_mawpaulsherwood: if not, INSTALL_ROOT is a common alternative spelling of DESTDIR that php obeys11:21
paulsherwoodso here's a conundrum...11:29
paulsherwoodas persia says, it would be nice to have a known working chunk morphology for (say) php... or go, docker etc11:29
paulsherwoodi keep publishing examples that 'work' in branches11:29
paulsherwoodbut could we have some kind of low-friction official place for these?11:30
persiaIs there any reason not to land them in definitions.git?11:31
persiaThe new model seems to encourage strata to exist to hold things, but I don't think there's any expectation or requirement that strata belong to specific systems.11:32
paulsherwoodi would like to see some distinction between reference systems that baserock is actively maintaining, testing, updating etc and examples of things we got working at one point in time11:32
richard_mawIMO we could either say "we're only officially supporting deployments listed in release.morph", or have a contrib subdirectory tree11:33
paulsherwoodi think i'd prefer a separate tree but others may disagree11:35
persiaI don't think any of the reference systems should be described as "supported".11:35
paulsherwoodnot yet, maybe11:35
persiaNo, not at all.  I can imagine there being a definitions.git with a subset of systems with a supportable release branch model.11:37
persiaI'm uncertain if that tree should include the master branch in which we've been landing things.11:38
paulsherwoodok, understood11:39
persiaIn part because the nature of supportable systems means lots of compromises, limiting feature adds, and in part because there's historcially been no effort to close security holes, validate that everything builds, etc.11:39
ssam2good news: I managed to build a chef system with all of the ruby components included directly from git!12:16
ssam2bad news: it contains nothing but chef.12:16
ssam2I see, I don't have the 'name:' field in the system morph for any of the strata except the chef stratum, so Morph silently dropped them from the system12:17
ssam26 of 31 Gems required manual badgering to get them to build. That's not as bad as I'd expected.12:21
ssam2of course, the remainder may not actually function at all :)12:22
liw-orcpaulsherwood, I fixed the lorrying of git: it's another instance of a bug that's fixed in Lorry Controller (so next I'll start a discussion with the relevant people to merge and deploy that)12:40
liw-orcspecifically gbo's version of LC never resets the "kill the job running this lorry spec" so once a job for delta/linux ever gets killed, any new jobs will always be killed as soon as it starts12:40
liw-orcwhich is a bit funny12:40
liw-orcin an annoying kind of way12:41
paulsherwoodssam2: can i try your script?14:52
* paulsherwood would like to run it on hobokan :)14:53
paulsherwoodmaybe gitlab too :)14:53
ssam2it's probably a little too rough yet14:55
ssam2i'll push it though14:55
ssam2paulsherwood: morph.git branch sam/ruby-integration, run 'cd import; python ./ rubygem gitlab' or some such14:58
ssam2it has to be a gem hosted on right now, would be fairly easy for it to take a repo instead I guess14:58
ssam2gitlab's first dependency 'terminal-table' seems to be one of those with a fancy non-standard .gemspec, so the script doesn't get far :)15:02
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thecorconiangood morning. just announcing jte has joined the party.15:33
paulsherwoodit's 16:34 in blighty15:34
KinnisonGood morning thecorconian15:37
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* ssam2 squashes 27 commits into one17:03
liw-orcthat's a lot of commits17:05
ssam2if anyone's curious, the new chef morphs are in this branch:
ssam2everything works from Git except one Gem, 'Erubis', which uses an obsolete and unmaintained build system17:05
ssam2so I guess that's a case where it'll be best to just lorry the contents of the .gem directly17:06
persiaWould erubis upstream be amenable to using a modern build system?17:08
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