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richard_mawpaulsherwood: also, filesystems tend to reserve a certain % of their disk capacity for the root user, so you can get -ENOSPC with GiBs free. Which is better than the alternative for btrfs where it gets completely stuck when it runs out.08:23
pedroalvarezI agree with that,  but it seems to me that a 20% of diskspace is too much08:24
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ssam2I'm seeing Git connections dropped due to 'too many children' on git.baserock.org09:24
ssam2is there a known way to fix this?09:24
richard_mawrestart the git daemon09:25
richard_mawthere's a couple of ways to mitigate it, but I was hoping we could work out why it was happening first, since the mitigation either involves allowing unbounded git subprocecces on, or setting a timeout that may break valid connections09:26
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franredummm, do we use forks or main projects? I've been looking to add procps to baserock to update ps/pstree/kill commands and I've found that there are a mainline called procps: and its fork used by Debian, Fedora and openSUSE: procps-ng:
liw-orcfranred, I'd say it depends on a case by case basis11:42
radiofreefranred: if debian, feodra and openSUSE are using it i'd say "use the fork, luke"11:42
franredthe lorry file will be like this: <-- could someone review it?11:56
persialooks reasonable to me11:58
pedroalvarezlooks ok to me, but I'm not sure about the "-ng" 11:58
pedroalvarezbut if persia likes it, then +111:59
persiapedroalvarez: You suggest we ought declare it to be "procps"?11:59
* persia tends to stick with upstream naming convensions, or sensible derivatives thereof (ii-esu being the most deviant I've not complained about)12:00
pedroalvarezI was thinking that maybe some people think that we ought to12:00
persiaHmm, indeed, it seems to be given this name by some projects (e.g. Debian).12:02
persiaAs long as we never expect original procps to be used, I'm happy with calling it procps.  If we want flexibility, I'd prefer procps-ng.  Mostly, I'd prefer if the upstreams were collaborating, rather than there being a distros fork.12:03
pedroalvarezfranred: then procps-ng is ok12:04
franredpedroalvarez, persia thanks, I will merge it12:06
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franredI've try to add procps-ng in the tools morphology but when I deploy the image Im not able to log into it...15:17
persiaDoes systemd's journal have a configuration that lets you spam the console with all the messages?15:18
* persia was going to suggest reconfiguring syslog, but realised that's probably not where the errors are put15:18
franredpersia,  not sure if Im able to check the journal without log into my VM15:19
franredwhich is not possible15:19
persiaI don't expect you can: rather I thought you might be able to deploy a similar image and use file injection to cause it to configure the journal to print to console, so you can observe it.15:20
persiaThe alternative is attempting to find some way to mount the virtual disk in some other environment, where you can log in, and inspect it, but getting that working probably involves quite a bit of yak shaving.15:21
franredpersia, I was wrong, what is cause the login error is something that I've done in my morphology when I installed java15:51
franredI've removed the java chunk and it works with procps. it still not replace the busybox ps but this is another step. I will continue investigating what Im doing wrong when I install java15:53
pedroalvarezfranred: so, after removing the java-gerrit chunk, you can login?15:55
franredpedroalvarez, yes, and I can see the procps-ng version of ps in /usr/bin/15:56
franredI imagine that I will need to do some configuration extension if I want to /bin/ps to point to /usr/bin/ps, am I wrong?15:57
pedroalvarezfranred: so then, yes, the problem is with the java-gerrit chunk, I'd suggest you to look at the content of the artifact, and see if it is installing something strange15:57
franredpedroalvarez, yes, I will do, thanks :)15:57
pedroalvarezfranred: can't you install the new ps in /bin?15:58
pedroalvarezso it overrides the previous one?15:59
franredpedroalvarez, ummm, yes. There is a way to tell in chunk that it should use / rather than /usr to install the chunk without rewrite all the autotools commands?16:02
pedroalvarezfranred: we do it in build-essentials.morph stratum16:05
pedroalvarezwhere we put some things under /tool16:06
pedroalvarezIt will work, if the autotools commands of the ps chunk use $PREFIX, afaik16:06
persiaIf it doesn't work perfectly, one can always use mv as part of install-commands16:08
franredtesting now16:09
franredpedroalvarez, persia, it works. Also I hava java working. So the only remainig piece where the loggin error can be is in the gerrit configuration-extension.16:18
franredlooking at it now16:19
pedroalvarezheheh, the probem was small, but funny16:30
pedroalvarezthe configuration extension was creating a symlink from /bin/sh to nothing16:31
persiaAnd $SHELL was set to /bin/sh?16:31
pedroalvarezor maybe was a symlink from /bin/bash to nothing16:32
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franred:) happy - all chuncks ready to test tomorrow gerrit :)17:04
pedroalvarezfranred: well done17:04
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paulsherwoodw00t :)17:20
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jjardonHi, I was trying to compile a system some minutes ago but seems there is some problem fetching from g.b.o, is this a known issue?19:44
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paulsherwoodsadly, yes.19:58
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paulsherwoodwe are in the process of spinning up new instances. maybe you could try using in the meantime?20:01
paulsherwoodjjardon: ^^20:01
paulsherwoodactually, that probably doesn't work, now i'm trying it20:05
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* paulsherwood tries g.b.o and finds that it's working for him, but slow20:16
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jjardonpaulsherwood: thanks, will check again tomorrow20:47
jjardonInteresting proposal, with some similarities with baserock:
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paulsherwoodsadly he failed to actually mention baserock :/22:17
paulsherwoodbut yes, it's interesting22:17
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