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paulsherwoodSotK: may be of interest to you?08:58
SotKpaulsherwood: thanks, indeed it may09:03
richard_1aw  /nick richard_maw09:12
* richard_1aw facepalms09:12
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* persia agrees that ' ' is a strange choice for an escape character09:13
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paulsherwoodcan anyone guide me on how to test weston with the genivi baseline? i've built and deployed with jjardon's new patch series, want to try it out10:11
paulsherwoodradiofree, for example? or jonathanmaw ?10:12
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: if you've got a system with weston built in it, probably something like `weston --tty=1` (this assumes your baserock system has a /dev/fb0)10:13
jonathanmaw(also a /dev/tty1, but not having one of those is quite rare)10:14
paulsherwoodXDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set?10:16
paulsherwood(this is a normal genivi-baseline-x86_64 with jjardon's changes)10:16
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: this is what I normaly do10:19
SotKpaulsherwood: are you following the instructions on ?10:19
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to /tmp10:19
SotKpaulsherwood: pedroalvarez's instructions worked for me earlier today10:20
paulsherwoodah, perfect thanks all10:21
paulsherwoodsadly... failed to open frame buffer device10:23
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: can I see your cluster morphology?10:23
paulsherwoodthere are some little blocks around the naming of /dev/fb0 - maybe charset problem?10:24
pedroalvarezright, following the wiki page 9 I think you forgot to add KERNEL_ARGS: vga=78810:26
paulsherwooduser error. i'd never even looked at that page10:27
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ssam2i've not actually done any work in definitions.git for a while11:02
ssam2it's nice that now when you do 'ls' there's 9 lines of content instead of 90011:02
ssam2seems that the 'ERROR: Field system-integration not allowed in morphology strata/virtualbox-guest-x86_64/vboxguest.morph' is still there in morph master ...11:04
ssam2when I run 'morph edit coreutils', I get that error11:04
persiaI think it's a typo or something: deleting the offending line works, but may break vbox deploys.11:05
ssam2it's a morph bug11:06
ssam2pedro has pointed out that it's fixed in master, and I'm using a branch based off an earlier commit :)11:06
persiaWhich commit is believed to fix it?11:06
ssam2vboxguest.morph is for the VirtualBox Guest Additions, which I believe are needed only for Vagrant11:06
persiaThey should be in any vbox deploy, really.11:07
ssam2I don't know which commit it was, but `morph edit` works for me after rebasing11:07
ssam2b3b8cd5c55d608fd0a1262975b7ea3f15344bf10 I think11:08
pedroalvarezI think it was: 461a195b9b3c12c5ebf7051b857196298ef7aaf7 in morph.git11:08
persiaI was able to replicate with 35f3a8779a316ed6a44ce5bb62bea9e2d7c67a16 , which is why I'm suspicious11:09
pedroalvarezI'm now confused11:11
ssam2persia: that's very strange. However, I don't experience the bug with 8c9aea626d1308a876d145d379ac5f23905fa9b411:12
ssam2I did with 794361c6f444487cca501dea6a54f0840e8677d111:12
persiaWhich implies it was fixed by 32936bd5fa1d27260faa8074a80b64287fec90c7 or e86a598553e96dab2dc4111aedefcb6b0a60c50d, or that something odd happened on merge.11:13
* paulsherwood successfully runs genivi weston on x86 with jjardon's tidyup branch11:14
ssam2it wasn't b3b8cd5c55d608fd0a1262975b7ea3f15344bf10, in fact, that fixed only11:14
ssam2paulsherwood: :)11:14
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: great11:14
pedroalvarezI was worried about that11:15
paulsherwoodwould i need to do any magic to run it on jetson?11:15
ssam2persia: I think 461a195b9b3c12c5ebf7051b857196298ef7aaf7 must have fixed the issue, and something went strange with merging11:15
paulsherwood(apart from build it first), of course)11:15
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: well, I think we don't have any system defintion yet for genivi in jetson11:16
ssam2paulsherwood: there's no genivi baseline system for jetson, but making one should be a matter of coping the armv7lhf-versatile system and replacing the bsp with the jetson BSP11:16
persiassam2: Makes sense to me, and the re-merge richard_maw did unbroke the merge issue.11:16
* persia longs for only-fast-forward11:16
ssam2paulsherwood: except, bsp-jetson-devel won't be able to run Weston, I think, and whatever BSP James used for getting the Weston to work doesn't appear to be in definitions.git :(11:16
ssam2bsp-jetson-devel uses the NVIDIA 3.10 kernel so that USB, Sata etc. work11:17
paulsherwoodinteresting... he sent notes to the ml for folks to reproduce11:17
ssam2I believe the necessary stuff may still be in the baserock/tegra branch, instead11:17
paulsherwoodyes - could do with a cleanup11:18
persiaBe nice if the USB, SATA, etc. stuff was brought up-to-date so it could be above 3.1611:19
paulsherwoodthere's a lot of stuff in flight11:19
ssam2persia: yes. my understanding is that there are a bunch of patches in-flight for Tegra that will hopefully make it into 3.16, at which point we can use it. I've not been keeping track myself, but we were invited to hang out in #tegra and follow the progress11:20
paulsherwoodi'm hoping others here get interested in the jeston stuff - radiofree is extra busy these days11:20
ssam2indeed. sadly I'm already interested in ruby and chef at the moment as well as the rest of Baserock development11:21
paulsherwood3.17, ssam2 - where have you been? :)11:21
ssam2kernels of no importance to me :)11:21
jjardonpaulsherwood: good to know! :)11:44
jjardonSorry, i will try to upload the brach somewhere next time11:44
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paulsherwoodno problem11:49
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pedroalvarezI'm currently thinking about how to get mason into openstack, and I found 2 ways:13:59
pedroalvarez  1) Change the kind of deployment in the mason,morph cluster to deploy to openstack. Change the script to auto-instantiate the deployed images (this part can be hard). 13:59
pedroalvarez  2) Find a way to deploy a generic Mason. Mason is composed by  a Trove and a distbuild-node running a script. The Trove can be deployed as generic, but not the distbuild-node.13:59
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ssam2pedroalvarez: generic distbuild would be awesome, though :)14:01
ssam2then we'd be able to deploy distbuild to openstack easily, too14:01
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pedroalvarezssam2: yeah, I was thinking about that. Imagine how easy can be deploy 10 workers and a controller14:03
pedroalvarezalso, the current deployment of a distbuild-node assumes that the machine from where you are doing the deployment has access to the trove that the distbuild-node is going to use14:09
pedroalvarezdistbuild.configure at the bottom: ssh-keyscan -t dsa,ecdsa,rsa "$TROVE_HOST" >> "$1/root/.ssh/known_hosts"14:10
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SotK`morph deploy --upgrade` doesn't work for the genivi baseline systems... that is a shame :(14:35
ssam2so, missing rsync in the baseline14:37
radiofreegenivi baseline, with wayland would need a different kernel, version of libdrm, more up-to-date mesa (+ dependencies) build with the nouveau drm drivers, and a patch to weston14:40
ssam2radiofree: I guess if we wanted a quick way of getting a Jetson GENIVI Baseline we could just bring the baserock/tegra branch up to date and add a genivi-baseline-system to that branch14:45
ssam2it'd be better to merge baserock/tegra to master, but that requires a bit of work to ensure that nothing breaks in other systems after the merge14:46
ssam2and in general merging system branches with changes to several chunks is hard in Baserock at the moment, in my opinion14:46
radiofreeit's also dependent on a lot of baserock/james branches14:47
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richard_mawliw-orc: re: [PATCH 0/2] Use a better fake git server in yarns; I don't have any other mails from you to that thread16:24
richard_mawwait, nevermind16:24
richard_mawit just showed up16:24
jjardonhey richard_maw , thanks for the reviews. I actually didnt modify any morphology, only moved things around. So maybe we can merge these patches and fix the issues you pointed out in another series of patches?16:29
richard_mawthe majority are little formatting errors, which would be easy to fix at merge time16:31
richard_mawI'd be most displeased if that garbled wayland.morph was merged in its current state though16:31
richard_mawhow did it end up like that anyway?16:31
jjardonrichard_maw: you mean weston.morph? I think because I used a olf morph when running the script to convert the stuff. I will certanly fix that16:33
richard_mawI'm ok with the rest of the formatting being left, you get a +1 from me if you fix the formatting of wayland.morph16:34
ssam2+1 from me too, people seem happy with it :)16:35
jjardonrichard_maw: ok, I will fix the weston one and fix the little formatting errors in different commits and resubmit the series16:35
richard_mawI wouldn't bother re-submitting16:35
richard_mawthey're little tweaks that we're usually happy with them being done at merge time16:35
richard_mawthough, if you're not in a good position to do the merge, a new patch series is convenient to apply16:36
jjardonrichard_maw: I do not have commit rigths so no problem at all from me to resubmit the stuff16:39
* richard_maw is looking forward to having a patch tracker16:41
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paulsherwoodbased on the new policy doc, i propose jjardon be given commit rights17:03
paulsherwoodi'll do it on the ML17:03
paulsherwoodjjardon: if a few committers +1 my email, maybe you'll get rights before you've resubmitted :)(17:14
richard_mawthe linked policy implies it takes 3 days to process17:18
persiaIndeed: that would have to be a slow and lazy resubmission for commit rights to happen before resubmit :)17:27
jjardonpaulsherwood: oh, thanks for that! I didnt request commit access before as i wanted to exercise how a external contributor would deal with submitting patches. But if you think my contributions are relevant enough ping me and i will send my public ssh key17:45
persiajjardon: You aren't required to accept commit access just because you were nominated: if you really don't want it yet, just reply explaining why, and you may fail to be approved.17:55
persiaBut now that we actually have a policy, rather than it being just by happenstance, I'd be happier if you were willing to be granted access, just because it exercises the policy, and helps us identify any outstanding issues.17:56
persia(and, selfishly, provides an example of the sort of discussion involved in these approvals, so I have some idea what to expect if I ever seek to gain commit acceess).17:56
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paulsherwoodi might suggest modifying the policy, already, to say that if 3 existing committers all +1, adding new committer could be expedited19:41
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paulsherwoodbut then, rushing decisions like that is probably unnecessary19:45
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