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* paulsherwood has built a Jetson system with Docker on it... question is how/where to deploy it...12:02
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: don't you have 2?12:40
paulsherwoodnot here. i'm at home12:40
* paulsherwood will probably drive to jetson central soon...12:41
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: afaik Jetson boards are upgradeable. So you could use that to deploy to the same board 12:42
paulsherwoodi've never tried that... i wonder if it's dangerous? :)12:42
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: dangerous enough to have fun ;) 12:43
pedroalvarezI have no idea if it's going to work in your board, sorry 12:43
paulsherwoodthe instructions for how to deploy a self update are on the wiki somewhere, i'm sure of it...12:44
* paulsherwood finds them at
pedroalvarezThere is an cluster example in definitions.git and I believe it has some instructions inside 12:47
paulsherwoodyes. it must be me, but those instructions seem rather unfriendly, and make me fear that i'll kill the machine12:49
paulsherwoodthanks, though :)12:50
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radiofreepaulsherwood: you could upgrade pris from your vm15:16
paulsherwoodi was just thinking about you, radiofree :)15:16
radiofreei sent pedro a cluster yesterday, hold on15:17
radiofreehmm you built it on the board though?15:17
paulsherwoodi'm working on a noddy guide to starting on jetson - could you take a look?
radiofreelooks good15:19
paulsherwood1750073344/4294967296 in 30 mins... the usb flashing is very slow15:19
* paulsherwood hopes it's actually flashing properly15:19
radiofreethat is slow, my machine is a much faster then that oO15:20
paulsherwoodi'm on a mac, vbox15:20
paulsherwoodmy objective is minimal instructions to do this from within baserock if possible15:21
radiofreeoh so you're running the flashing util inside a baserock vm?15:22
radiofreeyou'd be much better off doing this flash
radiofreedirectly to the emmc, with u-boot15:22
radiofreei doubt this one you're about to flash will boot...15:22
paulsherwoodreally? why?15:22
radiofreeevery time you use ./ it will flash the old kernel again15:23
paulsherwoodi guess i can just kill this then :)15:23
radiofreeif you tell it to flash the kernel in this rootfs it won't work either, since it will have a different device tree15:23
radiofreepaulsherwood: you can leave it15:23
radiofreeit's very quick to just flash the kernel again afterwards15:24
radiofreeKERNEL_IMAGE=~/path/to/kernel ./ -k 6 jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p115:24
radiofreefollow the flash step i just linked instead15:24
radiofreethat will install u-boot so you won't have this problem again15:24
paulsherwoodi'll need to digest your instructions - they're still too expert for me :)15:25
radiofreedid you deploy your docker image as a rawdisk?15:27
radiofreedownload into your Linux_for_Tegra folder15:27
paulsherwoodthis is not docker, yet. i'm just trying to solve devel on jetson, no external drive15:27
paulsherwoodno distbuild15:28
paulsherwoodso are you saying i could just use your instead of the nvidia one?15:29
paulsherwoodgiven the rootfs i've stuck in the Linux_for_tegra folder is baserock, how is it going to get the wrong kernel etc?15:30
radiofreeit calls the nivida flashing tool15:30
radiofreefastboot doesn't load the kernel from the rootfs, you flash that to the emmc somewhere (partition 6 i think...)15:31
radiofreewe could package this up i think15:31
paulsherwoodthat's what i'm trying to do :-)15:31
radiofreehmm i wrote some instructions for that15:32
paulsherwoodi don't mean to criticise, but your instructions are too hard for me :-)15:32
paulsherwoodi'm a mac user, after all15:33
* paulsherwood wishes, not for the first time, that our devel images were stripped to be as small as possible15:35
radiofreethis has a few problems, you actually have to build u-boot with this15:35
radiofreehowever it *is* possible to tell tegra-uboot-flasher-scripts to use a pre-built image15:36
radiofreeit would be possible to put these things together and say "just run this command to setup u-boot for baserock"15:36
paulsherwoodcould i follow those instructions in baserock?15:38
paulsherwoodthey mention CROSS_COMPILE15:38
radiofreeyeah that's because these instructions actually build u-boot15:39
radiofreethese are instructions i did for outside baserock, i.e to flash it15:39
radiofreeflash the board15:39
paulsherwoodyes, ok15:39
radiofreehowever you can tell it to use a pre-built u-boot.img, so you wouldn't have to build u-boot15:40
radiofreeu-boot is in the jetson releases /boot folder15:40
radiofreei don't have a jetson so i can't test any of this atm15:40
paulsherwoodok, no problem, thanks for the guidance15:40
paulsherwoodradiofree: i believe it has booted15:54
paulsherwoodnow i just can't log in to the damn thing :)15:54
radiofreeoh yeah, the default fast boot parameters disable the serial login....16:00
paulsherwoodi'm in :)16:06
paulsherwood(hdmi cable and usb keyboard)16:07
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