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richard_mawpaulsherwood: you're on to talk :)12:14
richard_mawAre you sure it's not building the branches where you have a detached HEAD? I've had a look at the code, and it should work, but I haven't gotten around to deep testing of that yet16:49
paulsherwoodi haven't checked that in the last few weeks, but i can do so now...16:57
paulsherwoodi'll try morph master16:57
richard_mawthe current behaviour is older than that16:57
richard_mawyes it's still not building from detached HEADs?17:01
richard_mawhm, it must be more complicated than I thought then.17:02
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: i'm not 100% sure. checking now17:04
paulsherwoodactually, i fear it's weirder than i said in my email17:11
paulsherwood(but it may be me, of course)17:11
paulsherwoodfirst thing i notice is that [Build 484/554] [linux-x86-64-generic-devel] Starting actual build: linux-x86-64-generic-devel 98007cb17:16
paulsherwooddoes not correspond with17:16
paulsherwood/src2/ws-10aug/foo/upstream/linux # git log17:16
paulsherwoodcommit d67a0e110187abd560a1de63fa172894a52839d517:16
paulsherwoodbut then when i check out a detached head, build says ERROR: Ref foo is an invalid reference for repo git://
paulsherwoodwhich is in line with my broad understanding - morph is trying to build the current branch, even though i'm not on it17:18
paulsherwoods/current branch/system branch/17:21
richard_mawhm, can you try building it with --verbose?17:26
richard_mawAHA! I think I found the problem17:30
* paulsherwood cheers!17:31
richard_mawit's made the temporary build branch correctly, so it includes the contents, but it checks HEAD against the value in the morphology, and doesn't include it if they differ17:31
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: reading your email just now, you have a patch to make it remove the existing branch and re-create it with17:36
paulsherwoodthe right commit17:36
paulsherwoodwouldn't that be dangerous? the branch may mean something to someone else17:37
richard_mawI don't think so. This is done by `morph edit`, which is the one to put the repository there in the first place. Nobody should have had time to put the branch in yet.17:38
paulsherwoodi mean 'morph checkout b:b/definitions master; morph edit <chunk>' then accidentally push to master?17:46
richard_mawpaulsherwood: my current thought for fixing your "checkout another branch" use-case is to have morph edit set "morph.chunk" in the config when it clones the chunk repository, and check that against the "name" field of the chunks list in the stratum17:46
richard_mawpaulsherwood: ah, well "master" isn't going to be a problem for most repos, as you won't be allowed to push to most of those beacuse of gitano's rules17:47
paulsherwoodok s/master/any name for an existing tag or branch/17:48
richard_mawyeah, in that case you need either a policy that the branch of a chunk repository is the same as the system branch, so you should name your system branches such that there won't be conflicts17:49
paulsherwoodbut actually, maybe i'm not using gitano - maybe i checked out something from github17:49
richard_mawor have morph edit fabricate a chunk repository branch name that is prefixed by your system branch's name17:49
paulsherwoodwhat's wrong with my suggestion of just getting the chunk repo, in the right state in the directory, and thereafter building whatever the user does in that directory?17:50
paulsherwood(ie no need to create a branch at all, until morp publish)17:51
* paulsherwood knows morph publish doesn't exist :)17:51
richard_mawcurrently edit conflates making the repository available, setting up a branch that you may push and making sure you can build your local changes. I take it your suggestion is to cut the making of branches out?17:52
paulsherwoodas a user i just want to be building my changes17:53
richard_mawthat doesn't prevent the pushing issue unless `morph edit` leaves you with a detached HEAD or something17:54
paulsherwoodi always have to create a different branch when i decide i'm ready to push in any case17:54
paulsherwoodtrue. but i still think it's better, since the chunk branch i'm on is the chunk branch that would be pushed, rather than a branch that happens to be based on my system branch name17:56
richard_mawyou would need to update your morphologies to point to the branch you made when you come to push your system branch though17:58
richard_mawbut I suppose those are details for morph publish17:58
paulsherwoodyes, that's currently my preference - but i appreciate you arguing it out :)17:58
paulsherwoodthis stuff is quite complicated :-)17:59
richard_mawit's software, we live in a world of constantly moving parts17:59
paulsherwoodimagine how dull it would be if nothing moved18:00
richard_mawwell, it's not boring, which is why I opted to work on it a bit this weekend18:04
richard_mawbut I've just discovered my branch for avoiding making temporary branches has broken some old tests, and I need to work out whether the tests are bad and doing something weird, or if I need to rework that18:09
richard_mawand it's stopped being fun, but would be a waste of time if it doesn't work18:10
* richard_maw leaves to eat something18:11
* paulsherwood does the same18:13
richard_mawbah, the test failures for those old tests were because I lost a patch somewhere, I've got an extra patch to add to my branch for avoiding creating temporary build branches when they aren't needed, then there's a fix for number 1 of your workflow issues, and making `morph show-branch-root` useful18:49
KinnisonYou lot do much more useful stuff during your w/e than I do18:55
richard_maw1. vacuum floor 2. laundry 3. opted out of the open register 4. shopping 5. Baserock19:05
richard_mawI guess so19:05
Kinnisonpainted pub, mopped behind bar, played minecraft, decided to buy a corn snake, researched corn snakes, decided to buy after being in the US19:05
richard_mawI still need to get around to doing something useful with my Microserver and do the thing so I can access machines on my home network via my microserver19:07
richard_mawwhy are you buying a Snake?19:07
KinnisonThey're cool19:07
richard_mawKinnison: ?19:08
Kinnisonyeah, so that is larger than a corn snake19:09
Kinnisoncorn snakes grow to maybe 1.5m or so in length19:10
Kinnisonand last ca 15-20 years19:10
richard_mawwell, that's them patches away19:31
richard_mawnight all19:32

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