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persiaI *really* like system-version-manager sometimes.  Thank you very much for creating it.09:58
paulsherwoodwhat is that?09:58
persiaIt's the tool that lets you select *which* version of a system you want to run by default, which system you are running now, and remove versions you don't need.09:59
KinnisonIt's part of the upgrade stuff09:59
paulsherwoodis it in baserock?09:59
* Kinnison is glad persia likes it09:59
persiaIn normal use, one does an upgrade, and removes the old version.  But if something goes wrong, it's really nice to have the entire system effectively version controlled.10:00
persiaKinnison: Don't think I don't have opinions about the interface, or knowledge of bugs :)  But yeah, the feature it provides is really nice.10:00
persiapaulsherwood: Yes, it's in baserock.  As far as I know, it's not anywhere else: I think it depends on the baserock system structure to work.10:01
Kinnisonit's part of the tbdiff set of tooling10:01
paulsherwoodwould it be possible to have sometging on the wiki, or a video? i seem to have missed this completely10:02
persiaIt is on the wiki: in
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: If you want to make a video about it, I'm sure that'd be okay10:04
persiaSpecifically at the bottom of the section about "Upgrading a Baserock installation"10:05
paulsherwoodah, thank you. i used search on the wiki and it didn't seem to give me results - must be my lack of caffeine10:05
persiaFor video demo, a sensible model would be to download some reference devel image, branch baserock, `git pull` in definitions.git, build the updated devel image, ugprade into it, and remove the old one.10:05
paulsherwoodKinnison: noted :)10:06
persiaUnfortunately, there's a bug in doing this, in that if one messes with the "factory" image, everything falls down.10:06
persia(and all upgrades are against "factory", rather than the currently running or current default systems)10:06
paulsherwoodpersia: isn't the point that one shouldn't ever mess with the factory image?10:07
persiapaulsherwood: I don't understand that point, although that assumption seems to be hardcoded into the implementation.10:07
Kinnisonpersia: yeah, that's some missing config in the ssh-rsync upgrade method I'd say10:08
persiaI really don't care which version of baserock I happened to have installed in my devel machine when I started, and I can't imagine ever caring.10:08
paulsherwoodwell this is 'traditional' embedded practice - factory is immutable, when all else fails you should definitely be able to revert to that10:09
persiaKinnison: Just config?  I don't want to have to think about this: I just want to upgrade, and have that work.  With config, I have to keep track of what I'm doing too much.10:09
paulsherwoodmaybe it's not the right idea here, but i thought it was10:09
Kinnisonpersia: Hmm, perhaps10:09
* Kinnison doesn't want to get into this right now though10:09
* Kinnison goes back to integration code10:10
persiaFor classic embedded, I can see the point, but for modern resource-constrained small-factor computing, I think we're beyond that.10:10
* paulsherwood can't get into it either10:10
* persia happily goes back to the activities for which using system-version-manager was such a pleasant part of the preamble10:11
richard_mawit's technically possible to upgrade an existing (btrfs or ext) filesystem to the layout that Baserock's upgrade tooling requires, but it would be tricky10:15
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tlsacould I get a quick review for ?17:00
tlsait's a --help documentation fix17:01
liw-orcassuming it's correct to use the worker key, then +217:01
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