IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2014-08-02

straycat_ is now known as straycat10:00
straycatradiofree, Ahh sorry I missed your diagnosis the other day, I'm going to modify the "using latest morph" page, we've seen this error before and discussed that we shouldn't suggest using time in that way.10:49
straycatCould we suggest using something like instead?11:22
paulsherwoodas a replacement for the script at ?11:49
paulsherwoodstraycat: ^^11:49
paulsherwoodworks for me11:51
paulsherwoodshall i fix it, or will you?11:53
straycat(w.b.o) ?11:53
straycatAhh, well I don't have push access from here, so if you're happy with it then sure11:54
paulsherwoodanyone can edit via browser, though? but ok i'm on it11:55
straycatAhh true11:57
paulsherwoodam i right there's no longer the need for the note about special cliapp?11:58
paulsherwoodgiven your script works, i'm assuming so :)11:59
straycatI think that was needed back when we updated morph to use some feature in a newer cliapp, I don't recall why exactly, but yeah shouldn't be needed anymore.12:00

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