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jannispohlmannHi folks!10:06
rjekhi jannispohlmann!  How's stuffs?10:07
robtaylorjannispohlmann: hey! how are you!10:07
jannispohlmannI'm good, thanks! How are things over there? I'm about to set up a new laptop. After having spent a few months away from any programming at all, I recently got back into helping out at Xfce again. Yay!10:09
jannispohlmannApart from that I'm still in a hiatus somewhere between not working, setting up my own business or looking for a job. Weird at times, good at others. Festivals and music keep me busy enough so far. :)10:12
robtaylorjannispohlmann: sounds like a good time :)10:13
robtaylorjannispohlmann: did you record your album?10:13
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jannispohlmannrobtaylor: Nah. :) I did record 2 1/2 new songs (the latest is still in the making) but I'd have to sit down, nail the sound and then not change it for a while. And I'm still experimenting too much to settle on one that I can use to record the whole 8-10 songs. I might go for a 3-song summer EP, that should be doable in about two weeks. :)10:14
robtaylorheh, the joys of having no constracints ;)10:16
jannispohlmannYeah. It's nice and a lot of fun, but you can get lost easily as well if you don't focus at all :)10:17
robtayloryeah, that's the benefit of constraints ;)10:17
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jannispohlmannrobtaylor: How's little Sam? Not so little anymore, I imagine? ;)10:21
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jannispohlmannHi ripsum10:21
ripsumHi jannispohlmann!10:21
robtaylorjannispohlmann: indeed, not quite walking yet, but getting there, and a lot of 'dadadada' and 'mmmmmmmm' =)10:23
jannispohlmannrobtaylor: Hehe. Does he allow you a decent amount of sleep?10:24
robtaylorjannispohlmann: we moved back to bamford, which is nice. Working 2 days a week at home.10:24
jannispohlmannrobtaylor: Oh, sweet!10:24
robtaylorjannispohlmann: yeah, he actually sleep trained really well. generally doesnt wake us until he's heard our alarm go off!10:25
robtaylorjannispohlmann: yeah, apparently there's a place here where kids can start learning to climb when they're 18 months old. I think he'd like that10:25
* robtaylor gets climbed on a lot10:26
jannispohlmannAt 18 months only? Wow, that's amazing10:26
ripsumliw-orc, It looks as though the lorry controller ghost stuff is still in the pipe, is that correct?10:27
robtayloryeah. It makes sense though, they are like little monkeys ;)10:27
jannispohlmannSo you can take him to Stanage Edge and go top rope climbing when he's 2. All he'll need is a couple of sandbags to hold you up when you fall ;)10:27
robtayloryeah =)10:28
robtaylori think it'll be VS and below for quite a while..10:29
jannispohlmannWhat filesystem would you guys recommend for a new laptop?11:11
paulsherwoodget a mac :)11:11
jannispohlmannIt's an SSD drive to be used for Linux obviously. I used to go for ext4, is that still a good option?11:11
jannispohlmannpaulsherwood: :P11:11
Kinnisonjannispohlmann: I use ext4 over lvm for the most part on SSDs11:11
Kinnisonjannispohlmann: modern enough kernels handle the passthrough for discard etc so it works nicely11:12
jannispohlmannOk, that was my plan anyway :)11:12
KinnisonIf anyone here does get a mac, I strongly recommend you partition it so that you can have macos on a case-tolerant FS and then your work on a case-sensitive FS11:13
KinnisonMacOS's HFS+ default is "case-preserving but tolerant"11:13
Kinnisonwhich results in very very great confusion11:13
liw-orcripsum, I don't remember the status of that11:13
jannispohlmannOkey dokey, I'm off to put something sensible on this11:14
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Kinnisonliw-orc: by the look of it you had two +1s and one -1 and an intention to update the series11:15
liw-orcyeah, found the card eventually in our internal Kanban11:16
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* persia is reminded of the need for a patch tracker11:57
paulsherwoodpersia: you mean patchwork, for ecxample?12:01
persiaIf you mean GNU patchwork, not at all :)  Something more active.12:02
persiaRather, some way to be able to track submitted patches, so liw-orc doesn't need to maintain a separate internal system12:03
paulsherwoodpersia: maybe i meant quilt. i can't remember12:05
paulsherwoodwha would you recoommend?12:06
persiaI don't know.12:06
persiaI like gerrit, but folk here have previously pointed out several technical flaws, and the gerrit web UI, which most people consider the regular UI, is best avoided for users actually wishing to interface with the software.12:07
ripsumA patch tracker would be cool, I know I have 2 unmerged things.12:09
ripsumOr possibly just one...12:10
* rjek hides.12:10
paulsherwoodGitLab :)12:11
persiaThat patchwork might work.12:12
ratmice__i just wish there was just a better way to do tag sharing with notmuch mail or whatever12:12
persiaI have issues with mail-based approaches anyway (as previously detailed in the mailing list).  The largest being that I live in a country where port 25 is not available except by special arrangement.12:14
* petefoth worked on gerrit once in his early years at Codethink and still gets occasional emails about 'Topic Branch Support'12:14
persiaWhat I really want is an evolution of , but that doesn't exist today12:14
paulsherwoodlots of people have issues with mail-based approaches, but many of the projects we integrate work that way, and won't change12:15
ratmice__yeah, i'm not really fond of mail based either, but I could tolerate it with tag sharing12:15
robtaylormail has the benefit of being very little setup and no extra infra requirements12:16
ratmice__but imo mail > web12:16
persiaI don't see how it matters what other projects do: as long as we're using git, we can support arbitrary review policies.12:16
robtaylori not that gitano's pull idea would also have thar requirement :)12:16
persiaThere will *always* be projects that have something different than baserock.12:16
persiarobtaylor: Except for me: I need to arrange an overseas machine or a license to send mail (infra + setup).12:16
persiaratmice__: I agree mail > web, but I assert git-review > mail12:17
paulsherwooddoes ">" in this conversation mean "better than" ?12:18
persiaI should note that for all I like gerrit, I'd be perfectly happy if the standard gerrit UI was not web-accessible to anyone.12:18
ratmice__true true, I suppose i'm coming from a perspective of where I can't get everyone to opt in to the patch review system but e.g. reviewers can coordinate and share tags12:19
persiaThat's the nice thing about git-review: when someone provides a patch in some other way, one can usually git apply or git am it, and then share it with other reviewers in git.12:20
persiaThat it is tied to gerrit, and gerrit has issues with commit mangling makes it not perfect.12:20
petefothrjek: s/totally broken/works wuite well for most peoiple, but has some significant security holes, that lead people who know lots about securrity to call it 'totally broken'/12:26
petefothapologies - wrong widow :)12:26
rjekpetefoth: Wrong window, dear.12:26
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jjardonHi, I didn't have internet connexion the other day and I couldn't compile my system. Is there any way to say to morph to download the needed stuff so I can use it when I know I'm  not going to have internet?15:55
rjekYou have a local Trove that only lorries when you're online, IIRC15:56
richard_mawwe used to have a morph subcommand that you could pass a (repo, ref, filename) of a system to, and it would fetch all the sources of that system16:03
richard_mawand then you could put no-git-update in your config, and it would work without using the internet16:03
SotKmorph update-gits?16:04
paulsherwooddoesn't it still work?16:04
SotKI think it does, yes16:04
paulsherwoodjjardon: probably worth trying that, then :)16:05
KinnisonI thought we eliminated it16:05
SotKyep, doesn't seem to be there anymore... I used it not too long ago16:07
richard_mawI think I removed it because it was in the way of fixing up various other parts of morph, its interface was archaic and I didn't think anyone would miss it. I was clearly wrong about that last part.16:07
Kinnisons'easy enough to simulate16:07
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Kinnisonmorph build --git-resolve-cache-server=http://some-non-existant-host:1234/somewhere-noone-knows/ mysystem16:08
Kinnisonthat'll force it to cache everything16:08
Kinnisonthen you can run builds --no-git-update16:08
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paulsherwoodcould we trivially make 'morph build --git-resolve-cache-server mysystem' do the same thing?16:16
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: no, because git-resolve-cache-server is a string setting so it needs an argument16:17
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Kinnisonpaulsherwood: ='' is possible, but I think then it'll get filled out from the more generic cache-server setting16:17
jjardonwould it be possible to add a new command option for clarity?16:26
KinnisonWhat form would it take and what would it mean?16:27
jjardonDo not mind the form, but Id like a way to keep building/hacking even if I do not have internet connection. Maybe --store-cache-locally or something like that?16:29
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persiaEverything is cached locally anyway: if the user isn't pulling new upstream, offline should just work without any special command to do anything about it.22:14
persiaFor getting everything before one disconnects, starting `morph build` is the easiest interface (as this validates both the git repo cache and the artifact cache).22:15
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